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I’m always on the hunt for useful homeschool teacher resources for homeschool, aren’t you? Ever since I got selected to review My Teaching Library, I couldn’t wait for the moment I could write and post about it. My Teaching Library has got to be one of the fullest libraries for teaching resources for homeschool on the internet – or at least it’s extremely competitive against other teaching resources for homeschool I’ve found!

The Download Club has so many homeschool educational resources for all grade levels, it’s unbelievable. When I search for anything that pops in my head, literally, something always comes up! And that ‘something’ is usually what I have in mind – or better! It’s crazy!

What My Teaching Library Includes: Homeschool Educative Resources

My Teaching Library includes so many homeschool educational tools in its library. Primarily, they have the resources organized first by grade, by subject, and then my miscellaneous. By Grade, they have resources for all grade levels, from baby/toddler through 12th grade. You’ll find resources for all subjects and not just your core subjects. Not only do they include science, math, history, and language arts, but they also include several resources for life skills, character education, games, puzzles, PowerPoint instructional videos, complete interactive notebooking resources, bundles, monthly themes, seasonal and holiday resources, and SO. Much. More.

You will see the primary selection of homeschool educational resources right here in the image below, but when you hover over each resource you will get another dropdown menu and those resources are even further categorized. Yes! My Teaching Library is seriously a one-stop-shop for all your downloadable teaching resource needs!

All the teaching resources for My Teaching Library by grade level and resource type. This is a great example of the teaching supplies and homeschool tools you'll find! These are great teaching resources for homeschool

Because I have a toddler and two elementary-aged kiddos in the house, I usually hovered over the categories 0-PreK, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th. When I do, I’m faced with all the different subjects that are included in each grade level selection.

For example, when I hover over 2nd-3rd grade, I see:

My Teaching Library Grade Levels. This is a great example of the homeschool teacher resources, even for a kindergarten homeschool curriculum!
  • Arts
  • Character Education
  • Language Arts
  • Languages
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Thematic Unit Studies

By Resources, they have your subjects categorized in order also with a dropdown menu for each even further categories. Say you need some science resources for your upcoming science lessons. Just hover your mouse over “Science” and you’ll see a dropdown menu with different resources for you to choose from. Do you need a science textbook? Some classroom helpers? Basic science information? Instructional videos?

You can easily plan your entire homeschool year using just My Teaching Library alone with all the teaching supplies and homeschooling magic you can make! These are the only homeschool educational resources you need – really! Especially if you like to create your own homeschool lessons.

All the teaching resources for homeschool inside of My Teaching Library by grade level and resource type. Easily find and build yourself a kindergarten homeschool curriculum.

As you can see, several options popup when you hover over the Science subject. If you hover over the Language Arts subject, you will see several resources pop up that meet all of your Language Arts standards and concepts!

All the teaching supplies and homeschooling resources for My Teaching Library by grade level and resource type

I love the Grade Levels and the Subject categories. They’re filled to the brim with teaching supplies and homeschooling resources! However, I especially love the Miscellaneous section. This is where I find those additional fun activities for all sort of subjects outside of our core subjects, like Life Skills, holidays, monthly topics, instructional videos, interactive learning with notebooks and lapbooks, puzzles, games, PowerPoint lessons, and many, many more resources for you to choose from.

All the teaching resources for My Teaching Library by grade level and resource type
All the homeschool educational resources you'll need for My Teaching Library by grade level and resource type. Great for a kindergarten homeschool curriculum or a homeschool curriculum for 1st grade or 2nd grade - all of the grades!
All the teaching resources for homeschool for My Teaching Library by grade level and resource type

My Teaching Library Review: Thousands of Homeschool Educational Resources

When you click on the teaching supplies and homeschooling resources on the page inside of My Teaching Library that you want, a page will load with plenty of homeschool teacher resources within that one selection. You’ll find teaching tools and homeschooling resources listed out for all grade levels, and I be you could even create your entire homeschool curriculum with all of My Teaching library resources!

For example, I clicked on 2nd-3rd grade, and pages and pages were loaded for all kinds of resources. I didn’t select the subject for the grade because I wanted to see how many resources came up. And as you can see in the video below, there are 591 results for 2nd-3rd grade resources.

So, as you can see, you can very well create a full homeschool curriculum for all grade levels. Have a kiddo in kindergartener? Boom – there’s your kindergarten homeschool curriculum right there.

When I clicked on the Days of the Week, I then went into the Downloads Page with my My Teaching Library account. There, you’ll find all of the teaching supplies and homeschool tools you’ve ever downloaded with your most recent download conveniently at the top. Click to download and voila! You have your new resource ready for personal use!

Days of the Week MTL, a great example of the teaching supplies and homeschool tools you'll find!

My Teaching Library Download Club Membership For All Your Teaching Supplies and Homeschooling Needs!

By now, it’s not hard to conclude that I am a huge My Teaching Library fan. I will always be a member of their Download Club because they offer so many great teaching resources for homeschool!

My Teaching Library offers two different memberships. They have three (3) options available to use their homeschool educational resources:

  1. No Membership: You can purchase each resource individually without becoming a member. This will add up if you want to get many resources from them.
  2. Annual Download Club: You can download unlimited teaching resources for homeschool all year long
  3. Lifetime Download Club: You can download unlimited resources forever with a one-time payment
All the teaching resources for My Teaching Library by grade level and resource type

To learn more about the Download Club Memberships, click here or check out this video:

How We Use My Teaching Library In Our Homeschool

Through the download membership club, I have my entire homeschool year fulfilled with activities out the wazoo for all of my children, including my toddler, my 9 year old, and my 10 year old. But my excitement didn’t begin there, although I realized this not too soon after I received this membership that these teaching resources for homeschool can span across several subjects!

My excitement began when I decided to use My Teaching Library history / social studies resources to create my very first interactive notebook. I’ve never created one before but, oh how I do love them, and my kids love them too (as long as I’ve done the cutting first! ha!). So, for My Teaching Library, I decided to download a lot of social studies resources in order to build an interactive notebook throughout the year.

Since I’m no history teacher and I manage to get many historical events, people, and places all mixed up, I needed something to help me make this interactive notebook.

Enter: My Teaching Library.

I searched both the 2nd-3rd Grade Section as well as the 4th-5th Grade Section. When I hovered over these grades, it gave me different subjects to choose from, so I chose Social Studies for both grade levels. For just 2nd-3rd grade alone, there were 156 pages of social studies/history resources available – and for both American History and World History.

But since I was specifically looking for explorers, like the Vikings, and perhaps ol’ Christopher Columbus, and other explorers, I knew what to look for. So I saved a few items I found and decided to look via their thematic unit selection in both 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th. I found a lot of president information, themes in various topics, and also A Day In History information (which I made note of for later use!).

I found many resources for my History Interactive Notebook, including a few entire themed units of just Explorers! Through these informational texts, I decided to teach my children about these explorers for a few weeks, and then after we learn about them, we’ll make the interactive notebooks. (Interactive notebooks are harder than I thought too build!)

Explorers Unit within MTL
Explorers Unit within My Teaching Library

I also found some awesome alphabet printables for my toddler:

Alphabet lapbook within MTL
Alphabet lapbook within MTL
Alphabet lapbook within MTL

It is through My Teaching Library that I was able to create my lesson plans for my history curriculum and even throw in some learning lessons for my toddler too!

On top of creating a history curriculum, I also used My Teaching Library to create Bible lessons! I found a People of the Bible Notebooking Bundle with more than one bundle and more than one volume! So I downloaded volumes 1 and 2, although there were a few more volumes I could have grabbed!

Bible resources in MTL
Bible resources in MTL
Bible resources in MTL

Through this Bible Notebooking bundle I taught my kiddos about different people in the Bible. They would research in the Bible about this person in various books in the Bible and write down different things we talked about and also some interesting verses the Bible said.

Then the LORD’s anger burned against Moses and he said, “What about your brother, Aaron the Levite? I know he can speak well. He is already on his way to meet you, and he will be glad to see you.

Exodus 4:14

The kids and I enjoyed learning about Aaron, both because he was a prophet and also because that’s their Dad’s name! 🙂

Daniel looking through the Bible researching about the prophet Aaron

A Library Full Of Homeschool Teacher Resources: My Teaching Library

There’s so many ways you could use My Teaching Library as your “go to” for homeschool teacher resources, it would be impossible to list them all. But you have the resources for all ages for whatever does come to mind! You have plenty of teaching supplies and homeschooling tools at your fingertips here. Seriously – when I think about a new activity to do with the kids, My Teaching Library is always the very first place I look for these resources, and they usually have something I’m hunting for.

Read other reviews on My Teaching Library by going to the Homeschool Review Crew blog or by clicking on the banner below!

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Tired of creating all those teaching resources for homeschool yourself? My Teaching Library is a one-stop-shop for thousands of teaching resources! It's my Go To place for homeschool resources! Read the review. #homeschool #teachingresources #homeschoolresources #myteachinglibrary
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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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