I’m the owner and creator of Homeschool & Humor and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a single mom of 3 kiddos that I love and adore – Daniel (12), Zoey (11), and Scout (4). I’m able to work at home online and homeschool them, so I know how #blessed I am. I praise GOD and worship Him every day all day. He’s the reason for the season of the pleasin’. It’s my hope that you find delight from my words, treasures within my posts, and camaraderie in #MomLife.

Food Coloring Activities for Toddlers

Explore Colors With Food Coloring Activities For Toddlers

Who said learning can’t be colorful and fun? It’s playtime! Dive into our vibrant food coloring activities for toddlers and watch them learn about colors in the most amusing ways. These easy and engaging activities will keep them busy and stimulated. Let your little ones’ creativity shine! Plus, grab these free cute food coloring pages printable (40 pages), all kawaii-style! You’ll leave with amazing food coloring crafts to do and a free printable for coloring with your tot! Win-win!

Teach 100 Common Spanish Words For Beginners + Free Flashcards!

Teach 100 Common Spanish Words For Beginners + Free Flashcards!

Want your kids to learn some basic Spanish words? Start your kids’ journey to learning a new language with this essential list of 100 Spanish words. These words are perfect for beginners and will help them get started in their language learning adventure. With this list is are a few ideas to teach your kids these beginner Spanish words through games and movies. Plus, included is a free printable cheat sheet!

Beginner Spanish Verbs SER and Estar + Spanish Verbs Conjugation Chart

Mastering SER and Estar is essential for anyone learning Spanish verbs. Here are tons of examples and their different uses to help you communicate effectively in Spanish. Whether you’re new to the language or just looking to brush up on your skills, this guide will help you become a pro at using Spanish verbs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your Spanish language skills to the next level! Plus, grab the free Spanish verbs conjugation chart!

Play Word Games With Vocabulary-Boosting 5-Letter Words That End with E

Play Word Games With Vocabulary-Boosting 5-Letter Words That End with E

Unleash the fun of word games with these 5-letter words ending in “E”! Ignite creativity and learning with five letter words ideas perfect for kids of all ages and learn more games to play using these words. When your child dives into the world of five letter words, it continues to foster a love for language and it expands your child’s vocabulary. Don’t miss out – grab this cheat sheet and word search game today while seeing other word games you can play!

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