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Richie Soares
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The mom behind Homeschool and Humor

You made it here! And that means you have an interest in homeschool and travel, or maybe just homeschooling, or just traveling. For whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here. 

My name is Richie – it’s not short for anything. I have no idea what influenced my folks to name their baby girl “Richie” but since I’ve had it all my life, I’m cool with it. 

I’m just a traveling homeschool Christian mom who wants to be the best mom possible for her kids. Additionally, I want to help other traveling families and homeschool moms. My primary goal is to share our family experiences with you to serve as a resource and inspiration for your family traveling adventures along with your own homeschool journey. Not only will you experience our life through the lens of a traveling homeschool family, but you will also discover many resources and tips along the way.

Why did I make Homeschool & Humor? 

Because when I first began homeschooling + traveling I couldn’t hardly find anything of USEFULNESS to help me figure out how to travel while homeschooling. Sure, there’s a few traveling families out there, but we don’t need to know what Paris is like nor the best tips on singing kumbaya with the natives while rain dancing on continents 2-7. 

I just really needed to know, as a beginner travel and homeschooler, ideas on how to structure my homeschool day in a hotel room, how to best ship textbooks with the best shipping rates/boxes/shipping companies, how to organize your homeschool space within a small area, how to treat your new local scenery as homeschool field trips, and so on. Basically, I wanted some insight on how to be a domestic traveling family who also homeschools. But finding any tips on what I needed help with along those lines were virtually impossible (virtually…haha, get it?). 

Not anymore! You will be able to dive into all of the answers to those questions I just outlined above, along with many more homeschool tips, traveling hacks, meal planning shortcuts for traveling families, inspiration for the homeschool mom, and so much more.

In the last few years of travel+homeschool, I learned a few tips and tricks and hacks along the way. I can pack a car in 2.6 seconds like a Tetris game, like second-nature to me. I know how to save money on meals and cool those delicious meals in tight kitchens, how to budget travel, plan for field trips, and shopping expenses, how to go on vacation even while traveling, how to raise a toddler when you’re on the road, how to best travel by car or airplane with a toddler and children, and much more.

I decided to help other moms out there and serve as not only a homeschool resource but also a traveling homeschool resource. Thus, Homeschool and Humor was born.

Why the name Homeschool & Humor?

Because life is just better with a bit of humor, don’t you think? Humor is a smile, a life, a chuckle. It’s a light-hearted moment. Seeing things on the bright side. Smiling in the face of math problems. Laughing when you’re drowning in laundry. Eyes sparkling as you look around at the beautiful mess your family’s made.

That’s humor. And our life – and your life – is filled with homeschool and humor

Smiling and laughing through your homeschool LIFEstyle.

And I’m so glad you made your way here and found it! I am continually adding new articles, tips, information, hacks, destination attributes, homeschool inspiration, #momlife love, and much more on a daily basis. Be sure to sign up for a newsletter somewhere (one is below) to get the best of the best right to your inbox. 

And make sure you join the lovely Homeschool & Humor Tribe! Enjoy!

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A little bit about me: I have 3 children and one amazing Honey. Daniel is 10, Zoey is 9, and Scout is a busy toddler, 3. 

About 50% of the year we travel from coast to coast within the USA, following my Honey (Aaron) and his job. Due to the nature of his job, 100% travel, we could be somewhere for as little as 2 weeks or as long as 1+ year. Usually, though, me and the kids travel back to homebase in Texas a few times a year to take care of business and visit family. 

We’ve been to many states, such as Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia, California, Washington state, Massachusetts, California, and the list goes on. Although our temporary home may be in one state, we often travel around doing homeschool field trips, so our states list is actually quite long.

If you ask me and Aaron what our favorite city is, we would say Boston, Mass. If you ask the kids what their favorite state is, they would answer New Hampshire or Maine. 

Although there is something majestic about Hawaii.

The first year homeschooling was also the first year traveling. So I had to figure out a lot, and fast! About 3 months in, we found out we were pregnant with Scout. At 36 weeks we left NH and traveled to Hawaii, where Scout was born. That first year was jam-packed with new challenges. As a homeschool mom, I definitely learned a lot, trial and error, and kept what I liked and threw away what I didn’t, and simply learned my lesson on what didn’t work. But at the end of the day, I learned how to homeschool while traveling!

It’s still a homeschool-work-in-progress, because each year brings on a new adventure, new sights to see and places to live, and just new seasons of life. But the structure and organization and planning? It only improves. It’s legit. 

The family life? We thank our Father in Heaven everyday for the opportunity of living this beautiful life.

Pic of Richie

The Homeschool Mama: Richie

"I like romantic walks on the beach... haha just kidding! Although I do like romantic walks on the beach with My Honey. I love traveling + homeschooling. Together, it's the greatest!”

Fun Fact: Photo taken at homebase in Texas.

Photo of Aaron

The Fun Dad: Aaron

"My greatest joy is seeing my family happy. I travel 100% of the time and I'm fortunate (& very thankful) my family can be with me. Wouldn't trade it for the world It's been a ride!”

Fun Fact: Photo taken while sailing at Boston Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts.

Photo of Daniel

The Gamer: Daniel

"Zelda is the best game of all time. My favorite subjects are math and science. I love being a big brother. ”

Fun Fact: Photo taken in on top of Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California.

Photo of Zoey

The Sass: Zoey

"I think I'm the funny one in the family. My middle name is Joy, so that makes sense. I love Art and History. I want to homeschool my kids when I grow up.”

Fun Fact: Photo taken on whale tail at a park in Virginia.

Photo of Scout

The Tornado Tot: Scout

"Mama! Dada! Uh ohhh. Foot.”

Fun Fact: Photo taken on top of The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.


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