Discover 20 fun and educational indoor games for teens that boost problem-solving skills, ideal for homeschooling. Perfect for rainy days and family game nights!

Top 16 Indoor Games for Teens That Won’t Turn Your House into a War Zone

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There’s no denying that indoor games for teens can be a lifesaver for us homeschool mamas, especially on those rainy days when outdoor games simply aren’t an option. Or maybe your teen doesn’t want to go outside all the time to look around in nature or build imaginary sand castles anymore. Nothing wrong with that. Times change. Their likes and dislikes also change. But they need to do something. This list of 16 fun and unique indoor games should keep your teen entertained while also helping them develop important skills and keep their minds engaged.

Discover the ultimate guide to keeping teens entertained indoors and transform your living space into a fun zone with these 16 indoor games for teens! Perfect for those homeschool days or boredom buster breaks, these fun games for teens indoor will have your teens have a grand time, all while sharpening their thinking skills. Choose from 16 of the fun games to play with teens indoor, along with step by step instructions.  | indoor games for teens at home | indoor games for teens classroom

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Escape Room Challenge

Set up a DIY escape room with puzzles, clues, and a mystery to solve. Transform your home into an oasis of suspense and mystery. Prepare for an adventure where every clue brings your teen one step closer to unraveling the enigma within the escape room! And get ready to witness their excitement and satisfaction as they conquer each challenge and emerge victorious!

  • Transform a room in your house into an immersive escape room experience that will challenge your teen’s problem-solving skills.
  • Create a captivating storyline with a mystery to be unraveled.
  • Strategically scatter a series of puzzles and clues throughout the room. Integrate puzzles that require logical thinking, observation, and collaboration to unlock the next clue.
  • Incorporate hidden messages, coded symbols, and locks to add complexity. Utilize the power of technology by incorporating QR codes, interactive websites, or even augmented reality elements to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Consider introducing a time limit to heighten the adrenaline and sense of urgency. However, be sure to strike a balance so that the challenge remains enjoyable and not overwhelming.

The thrill of piecing together the puzzle and the satisfaction of finding the solution will keep your teen pretty engaged and definitely entertained! With a touch of creativity and planning, you can create an unforgettable experience right in the comfort of your own home as you implement these indoor games for teens.

Cooking Competition

Turn your kitchen into a bustling culinary battleground and watch as aspiring teen chefs unleash their creativity and showcase their culinary skills! Have a friendly cooking contest where teens can show off their culinary skills. Here’s how to turn your kitchen into a culinary battleground and let the aspiring chefs unleash their creativity:

  • Provide a selection of ingredients and let them create a masterpiece from scratch.
  • Encourage them to experiment with flavors and techniques and to think outside the box. Tell them not to be afraid to incorporate their own personal flair into their dishes!
  • Set a time limit to add an element of excitement and challenge. A ticking clock adds an exhilarating energy that will motivate them to push their limits.
  • To make the competition official, prepare a judging panel, which can consist of family members or friends, to evaluate the dishes based on presentation, taste, and creativity. Got a chef friend? Invite him or her over!
smiling man standing and mixing near woman in kitchen area of the house

Emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship and encourage participants to support and appreciate each other’s culinary creations. This competition is not just about winning but also about fostering teamwork and a love for cooking.

The cooking competition will not only ignite their passion (or peak their interests) for the culinary arts but also develop essential skills such as time management, creativity, and the ability to work under pressure. It’s an opportunity for them to display their talents, try new flavors, and learn from the feedback of the judging panel.

May the best dish win!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Next up is the classic scavenger hunt. Usually, a scavenger hunt is a game where the first player starts with a piece of paper listing different places or things they need to find. It’s a fun indoor game (or even an outdoor one, really) that can be tailored for older kids or even small groups. 

The goal of the game? Be the first person (or first team) to find everything on the list! Here’s how to pull it off:

  • Create a fast-pace adventure within the confines of your home when organizing your elaborate scavenger hunt.
  • Begin by crafting a series of clever clues that will lead your teen from one hiding spot to another, gradually unraveling the mystery.
  • Incorporate riddles, wordplay, and puzzles to challenge their problem-solving skills.
  • Hide treasures, like small trinkets or treats, at each location to serve as rewards.
  • To make it even more exciting, create a time limit or add a competitive twist by having multiple participants racing against each other.

This indoor scavenger hunt guarantees entertainment, exercise for the brain, and a sense of accomplishment when the final treasure is found. Get ready for an adventurous and immersive experience right at home!


Improv Night

Let your teen unleash their creativity through improvisational acting! A key aspect of improv is to embrace the “yes, and” mentality, where participants build on each other’s ideas. This mindset enables them to expand on the narrative, creating a cohesive and entertaining experience. In addition, improvisation enhances their confidence, communication skills, quick thinking, adaptability, and the ability to work together as a team. Here’s what you do:

  • Transform your living room into a stage and encourage your teen to explore the world of spontaneous performance. Dim the lights, create a welcoming ambiance, and let the magic of improv begin.
  • Create a variety of prompts, such as character scenarios, where they embody a specific role, to imaginary situations, or even unusual settings, to inspire their improvisation skills.
  • Diversify the activities by including solo, duo, and group improvisation exercises. Solo activities allow the teens to shine individually, showcasing their ability to think on their feet and create characters on the fly. Duo activities foster collaboration, as they must build upon and respond to their partner’s ideas, co-creating hilarious and engaging scenes. Group activities encourage teamwork, as the teens collaborate to create improvised skits, stories, or even full-blown productions.

Don’t forget to emphasize the importance of supporting and embracing each other’s contributions. Improv thrives on collaboration and a supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable taking risks and exploring their creativity.

Improve nights are unique indoor games for teens that will not only nurture their creativity but also boost their confidence, communication skills, and teamwork. Get ready to witness the raw talent and imagination that flourishes when given the freedom to improvise!

Board Game Extravaganza

Let’s start with a classic game that’s a great way to engage your teens – board games. Whether it’s chess, Monopoly, or Scrabble, these games are a great time for everyone, from kids of all ages to high school students. Plus, they’re perfect for smaller groups and can be a fantastic tool to hone problem-solving skills. Here is what you do:

  • Gather a collection of board games for a marathon game day that promises endless fun and friendly competition.
  • Set up a dedicated space in your home with tables, chairs, and snacks for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Select a diverse range of board games for teens, including strategy, trivia, wordplay, and cooperative games, to cater to everyone’s preferences.
  • Encourage your teen to invite their friends over to join in on the excitement. 

From classic favorites to modern gems, the board game extravaganza will offer hours of entertainment, strategic thinking, laughter, and memorable moments. Get ready to experience the thrill of victory and the anticipation of each roll, draw, or move!

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DIY Science Experiments

Encourage scientific curiosity with a series of hands-on experiments that will ignite your teen’s passion for discovery on the days you’re looking for indoor activities for teens to do. 

  • Set up a dedicated area in your home for scientific exploration, complete with safety measures and necessary materials.
  • Curate a collection of exciting experiments that cover various scientific disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. (Maybe a few of those past science experiments you never got around to doing!) From creating chemical reactions to constructing simple machines, each experiment will provide a valuable learning opportunity.
  • Encourage your teen to observe, hypothesize, analyze, and draw conclusions from their findings. 

This DIY science adventure will be entertaining, sure, but (more importantly, I think) it will boost their critical thinking skills and their love for the wonders of the world around them!

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Looking for a new way to teach science to your middle school kiddos? Check out these project-based learning ideas for middle school science the entire family will love doing together. You can also make project based learning lesson plans for each one with these suggested extension activities included!

Virtual Museum Tour

Go on a captivating journey through the world’s art and history with immersive virtual museum tours! There are so many out there, did you know that? Utilize this fabulous technology to bring renowned museums and galleries from around the globe directly to your living room! 

From the Louvre in Paris to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, introduce your teen to diverse cultures, artistic movements, and historical artifacts. Each virtual tour offers a rich learning experience, which allows your teen to admire masterpieces up close and gain valuable insights from expert narrations. 

Encourage them to engage with the exhibits, ask questions, and delve deeper into their favorite pieces. This virtual museum adventure is a window into the past and an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and significance of human creativity throughout history. Get ready to be amazed!

Here are a few Virtual Museums you and your teen will love:

  1. Start your virtual museum tour at the Louvre in Paris, where you can explore its vast collection of iconic artworks. Visit the Mona Lisa, marvel at the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and wander through the grand halls filled with centuries of artistic brilliance. 
  2. Next, transport yourself to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where the digital platform invites you to witness a fascinating blend of cultures and artistic movements. Roam through the Egyptian wing, meander through the European sculpture galleries, and soak in the splendor of Renaissance masterpieces. 
  3. Travel across the pond to London, where the British Museum offers an immersive virtual tour showcasing its vast collection that spans thousands of years of human history. Explore ancient civilizations, discover the Rosetta Stone, and uncover the artifacts that have shaped our world.
  4. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into the world of modern and contemporary art at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Delight in masterpieces by renowned artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Warhol, and gain a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving art world.
  5. For a unique experience, venture into the depths of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Explore fascinating exhibits on prehistoric creatures, ancient civilizations, and dazzling gemstones, discovering the wonders of our natural world.

These virtual museum tours offer a rich learning experience that allows your teen to intimately engage with world-renowned collections, explore diverse cultures, and appreciate the beauty of human creativity throughout history. The wonders of art and history are just a few clicks away on the days you’re looking for indoor activities for teens to do. Get ready to be amazed and inspired by the wealth of knowledge and beauty that awaits you!

Film Festival

How about creating an unforgettable cinematic experience? Start by organizing a film festival curated by you or your teen! You can have it indoor or outdoor! Cool, right?!

Open air summer cinema with drinks and snacks in evening Summer cinema in the home garden.
  1. Set up a cozy viewing area with comfortable seating, dimmed lighting, and movie snacks for an authentic theater atmosphere.
  2. Encourage them to select a variety of films that reflect their interests and cater to different genres.
  3. Provide time between screenings for discussions, debates, and sharing thoughts on the films. 

From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, each movie choice will contribute to a diverse lineup of indoor fun for teens as well as the whole family. You can even “theme” your film festival day by watching all the greats or the classics! Or maybe all the movies about sharks or all the movies about forgiveness. 

This film festival will spark critical thinking, artistic appreciation, and creative discussions. Get ready for a memorable journey through the world of cinema (led by the choices and passions of possibly your teen). Lights, camera, action!

Make A Home Movie

That’s right! Give your son or daughter permission to create a movie by recording all kinds of things throughout the day. Then, put it all together and have them edit it.

This will teach them hands-on skills they couldn’t get any other way, and they’ll benefit from this experience for the future, since we all know where the future is leaning towards…more technology!

And you never know, this could open up a door to the start of something beautiful.

DIY Crafts

Engage their artistic side with a plethora of DIY craft projects that allow for self-expression and creativity. 

  • Set up a dedicated crafting area stocked with various materials like paper, paints, fabrics, beads, and more.
  • Explain different ways to use these materials with your teen, like different techniques such as painting, origami, jewelry making, or even upcycling items.
  • Provide project ideas, but also allow them the freedom to come up with their own unique creations. 
sliced lemon beside pink flowers

The process of transforming ordinary materials into something extraordinary will inspire their imagination while also adding problem-solving skills and attention to detail to the mix of skills practiced. 

Karaoke Jam Session

Similar to your improve sesh, transform your living room into a stage and set the tone for a fun-filled musical evening by setting up a karaoke machine. I purchased this one for my daughter that wasn’t very expensive, especially considering everything that comes with it. Jam sessions on karaoke make amazing indoor games for teens as well as the whole family! (Just be sure to purchase some ear plugs for the croakers…!) (What? Not every is gifted in that department, right?)

  1. Create an atmosphere of excitement as your teen (and their friends) unleash their inner rockstars!
  2. Prepare a wide selection of popular songs spanning various genres and eras.
  3. Have everyone to take turns showcasing their vocal talents and stage presence.
  4. Provide props like microphones, wigs, and costumes to enhance the performance experience. 

It’s not just about the singing…it’s about camaraderie, laughter, and building confidence. This karaoke jam session promises an unforgettable night of entertainment and memories that will last a lifetime. It’s time to turn up the volume and let the good times roll!

Dance Party

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? These exciting indoor activities for teens is not only a great way for indoor games for teens but also a perfect way to incorporate the whole fam and get them moving! With a few simple preparations, you can create a lively atmosphere and ensure a memorable time for everyone involved.

Clear an open space in your living room, backyard, or any other area suitable for dancing.

Curate a playlist of energetic songs, possibly some that cater to different musical tastes and generations. For instance, include a mix of popular hits, classic tunes, and dance anthems. You can also ask your teen and family members to contribute their favorite songs to make the playlist more diverse and inclusive.

Consider adding some festive decorations, such as colorful lights, disco balls, or a DIY photo booth area, to enhance the “dance party” ambiance and create a lively atmosphere.

When the music starts, encourage everyone to let loose and showcase their individual dance moves. No judgments, just pure fun (unless you want to include a judging panel!)! Experiment with different dance styles like hip-hop, salsa, freestyle, or even create your own unique moves. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the music and letting go of inhibitions.

If you want to take it up a notch, introduce friendly dance competitions, where participants can show off their best moves or create group dance routines together. This will add an element of friendly competition and encourage teamwork and cooperation. Ideas include freeze dance (where participants have to freeze when the music pauses), dance-off battles, or even dance-themed charades.

Don’t forget to capture the special moments! Assign someone to be the designated photographer or set up a tripod with a self-timer to take group photos and capture the joyous atmosphere.

And of course, hydration and snacks are essential to keep the party going. Prepare a refreshing beverage station and offer light snacks like fruit, chips, and finger foods to keep everyone energized.

Remember, the main focus of a dance party is to have fun and foster a sense of togetherness. The dance party is an opportunity to create lasting memories and bond over music and movement. So turn up the volume, let your inhibitions go, and dance like no one’s watching!

Card Games

Card games are a timeless and versatile form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages but especially as indoor fun for teens that we’re aiming for here. With a deck of cards and a few simple rules, you can dive into a world of exciting gameplay and friendly competition.

When playing card games, the first thing you want to do is choose a selection of card games that suit the preferences and ages of all players involved. It could be your teen and their friends or it can be the whole family at play here. 

Consider having a variety of games to cater to different skill levels and interests. There are countless options available, ranging from classic games like Poker, Rummy, and Crazy Eights to more contemporary ones like UNO, Exploding Kittens, or Sushi Go. 

Gamewright - Splurt! - Portable Party Card Game - Think Fast. Say it First!,Pink
SUSSED The Wacky ‘What Would I Do?’ Card Game - Social Fun for Teens, Boys, Girls - Gift for Kids & Adults - Great Travel Conversation Starter - Cool Blue Deck
Hasbro The Game of Life Goals Card Game - Quick-Playing Family Game for 2-4 Players Ages 8 and Up

For older players, strategy-based games like Bridge, Euchre, or Hearts can provide a more challenging experience. If there are younger children involved, you can introduce them to simpler games like Go Fish or Old Maid, which focus on matching and memory skills. 

Before starting, make sure everyone is familiar with the rules of the chosen games. If needed, provide a brief overview or have a rule book handy for reference. 

When playing, encourage players to develop strategies. Card games often create opportunities for laughter, suspense, and unexpected twists, making every round unique and exciting.

To add an extra layer of excitement, consider keeping score or having small prizes for winners of each game or a “grand champion” for the ultimate winner of the gaming session. This can encourage friendly competition and heighten the sense of achievement.

Don’t forget the importance of snacks and refreshments to keep everyone energized and satisfied during the gameplay. Consider having a spread of finger foods, snacks, and beverages nearby for players to indulge in between rounds.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even create your own variations of well-known card games or invent entirely new ones. This adds a personal touch and allows for creativity to flourish!

Card games provide an excellent opportunity for cognitive development, social interaction, and problem-solving skills. They promote critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and mathematical abilities, all while fostering meaningful connections and creating lasting memories.

So, gather around the dining table, shuffle the deck, and let the card games begin! It’s a simple and enjoyable activity that brings people together across generations and provides endless entertainment. Get ready for unforgettable moments and friendly competition that will keep everyone coming back for more.

Hula Hoop Contest

A hula hoop contest is an exciting and entertaining game that requires minimal setup. And if you think about, like really imagine your kids hula hooping in a contest, then you can see how this will bring laughter and joy! All you need is some open space and hula hoops, and you’re ready to go!

The objective of the game is for each child to be the last one standing with their hoop still spinning!

  1. To start, gather the kids in a designated indoor area, whether it’s a living room, basement, or any part of the house with enough room to move around freely.
  2. Lay out the ground rules, ensuring that everyone understands how the game is played.
  3. Each child starts with their own hula hoop.
  4. On a signal, they simultaneously begin hula hooping, trying to keep the hoop spinning around their waist as long as possible.
  5. To add an element of excitement, you can introduce variations to the game. For example, you could have a “Simon Says” twist, where a designated leader calls out commands for the contestants to follow while hula hooping. The commands could include silly actions like hopping on one leg or spinning around while keeping the hoop up.
  6. Another idea is to incorporate music into the contest. Play lively and upbeat songs to get the kids moving and grooving while they hula hoop. You can even introduce a freeze dance element, where the music stops at random intervals, and the kids have to freeze while keeping their hoop spinning.

Remember to provide support and encouragement to all participants, emphasizing the fun and enjoyment of the game rather than focusing on who wins or loses. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to develop their coordination, balance, and gross motor skills while having an absolute blast.

To make the hula hoop contest truly memorable, consider having small prizes or certificates for every participant as a token of appreciation for their effort and enthusiasm. This will help generate a positive and inclusive atmosphere where every child feels recognized and celebrated.

The hula hoop contest is a fantastic indoor game that keeps teens – all kids of all ages! – active, engaged, and entertained. It encourages laughter, physical activity, and friendly interaction, so grab those hula hoops and let the giggles and joy begin!

Video Game Tournament

Video games are popular indoor activities for teens, and hosting a video game tournament can be a great way to engage them. It provides an opportunity for friendly competition and allows teens to showcase their gaming skills. Whether you choose a sports game like FIFA or an action-packed game like Fortnite, the objective remains the same — to earn the highest number of points and emerge as the champion.

To organize a successful video game tournament, you’ll need the necessary gaming consoles, controllers, and the selected game installed and ready to go. Here’s what else you’ll need to do to prepare for your tournament:

  1. Create a tournament bracket or schedule that outlines the matches and progression of the tournament. Depending on the number of participants, you can opt for a single-elimination format or a round-robin style tournament where everyone competes against each other.
  2. Consider establishing some ground rules to ensure fair play, such as setting time limits for matches or determining specific gameplay rules.
  3. Create a dedicated gaming area with comfortable seating, snacks, and refreshments to enhance the gaming experience and foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.
  4. Awarding prizes can add an extra incentive for participation. Consider providing small trophies or certificates for the top performers, or even a special prize for the winner. Remember, the focus should be on the enjoyment and thrill of the tournament, rather than solely on winning.

Let me speak from experience here…this video game tournament will be even more memorable if you play, Mom! When I play with my son, they absolutely love it. In fact, it’s what really opened our relationship up when my child went from small kid to gangly teenager. 

Play video games definitely has its good points about it and it teaches you so many skills! It helps your kiddo engage in strategic thinking and problem-solving, at minimum. So, get ready for an exhilarating gaming experience and may the best gamer win – you included, Mom!!

Wink Murder

Wink Murder is a beloved classic to add to our list of indoor games for teens that never fails to bring laughter and excitement. Ever heard of it? Well, the objective of the game is pretty simple: identify who the ‘murderer’ is before they eliminate all the other players. It’s an easy and entertaining game that encourages observation and interaction.

Your teen won’t be able to play this one by himself, so make a family night out of this one, or have some of their friends come over for a game night.

How To Play Wink Murder

To start the game, all participants sit or stand in a circle, and one person is secretly chosen as the ‘murderer.’ You can have everyone pick a piece of paper out or draw straws.

The ‘detective’ is also selected, but their role remains unknown to others. You can do the same as the ‘murderer’ by having everyone pick a piece of paper out that has Detective or Murderer written on it, or just simply draw straws, or some other way to secretly pick a murderer and detective.

When the game begins, everyone closes their eyes, and the ‘murderer’ silently chooses their first victim by making eye contact and winking at them.

The victim, upon being winked at, must dramatically ‘die’ by falling to the ground or making an amusing gesture, signaling that they are out of the game. The detective’s task is to observe the interactions and try to unravel the mystery by deducing the identity of the ‘murderer.’

The game continues with the ‘murderer’ eliminating players one by one through winks, while the detective attempts to guess the ‘murderer.’ If the detective correctly identifies the ‘murderer,’ the game ends, and a new round can begin with new roles assigned.

To add variation to the game, you can introduce additional roles, like the ‘Guardian’ who can protect one player from being winked at, or the ‘Silent Killer’ who eliminates players without winking. These variations add intrigue and complexity, making each round unique and unpredictable.

Here is a YouTube video (4 minutes or so long) that will show you how to play in a real life example!

Remember to prioritize safety and set boundaries, making it clear that players should be gentle with their gestures and avoid any behavior that may cause harm or discomfort.

Wink Murder is a timeless game that transcends age and guarantees an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. It does well with fostering social interaction, heightening observation skills, and encouraging acting and improvisation. 

Unsolved murder mystery game - Cold Case Files Investigation - CRYPTIC KILLERS - Detective clues/evidence - Solve the crime - For individuals, date nights & party groups - Murder in Miami

Balloon Games

Who doesn’t like balloons?! I think we all do, no matter the age! Balloon games provide a fun and interactive experience that can be enjoyed, especially as indoor games for teens. With just a few balloons, you can create a world of excitement and laughter right in your own living room! Here are a few games you might like:

One classic balloon game is “keep the balloon up.” The objective is simple: the players must keep the balloon from touching the ground by hitting it into the air with their hands or any other part of their body. This game promotes coordination, motor skills, and teamwork as children work together to keep the balloon afloat for as long as possible.

Another engaging balloon game is “balloon pop.” Set up a safe area and scatter inflated balloons around the room. The children then race against the clock to pop as many balloons as they can by sitting on them or stepping on them. This game adds an element of excitement and competition while allowing kids to release their energy in a controlled and enjoyable way.

To make the balloon games even more entertaining, you can introduce variations like “balloon volleyball,” where children hit the balloon over a makeshift net using their hands or a modified balloon tennis game where they use paper plates as paddles to keep the balloon in play.

You can include educational elements, such as adding letters, colors, or numbers to the balloons. As the kids play, they can shout out the letter they touch or the color they see, enhancing learning while having fun.

macro shot of toy balloons

Remember to ensure a safe play environment by removing any sharp or fragile objects and keeping the area free from obstacles. It’s also essential to supervise the younger brothers and sisters of the teen during the games, because you know they’ll want to be in on the fun too. Don’t want no one getting hurt, after all.

Besides all that funness, did you know that playing balloon games provide numerous developmental benefits, including physical coordination, social interaction, and sensory stimulation? How cool is that! 

Grab a few balloons, create lasting memories, and let the laughter and energy flow with these exciting balloon games for younger kids.

Top 16 Indoor Games for Teens That Won’t Turn Your House into a War Zone

These are just a few of the countless fun indoor activities for teens that you can incorporate into your homeschooling routine or add to your homeschooling “indoor days” for your teen lot. Go ahead and try out these games, and don’t forget to share your experiences with me at @homeschoolandhumor on Instagram! After all, the best thing about homeschooling is the community we build along the way. Happy gaming!

Discover the ultimate guide to keeping teens entertained indoors and transform your living space into a fun zone with these 16 indoor games for teens! Perfect for those homeschool days or boredom buster breaks, these fun games for teens indoor will have your teens have a grand time, all while sharpening their thinking skills. Choose from 16 of the fun games to play with teens indoor, along with step by step instructions. | indoor games for teens at home | indoor games for teens classroom

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