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Affordable Fun Brain Game for Toddlers To Build Logical Thinking Skills

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The older I get, the more I realize the importance of building logical and critical thinking skills for my toddler. To do so, I hunt for critical thinking activities and brain games for toddlers, specifically, more than I ever have with my older two kids. It’s vital to have some form of brain development games for toddlers around your house and even do a few specifically designed critical thinking activities for toddlers to incorporate into a loose toddler curriculum or preschool curriculum, along with other toddler activities, for a solid and well-rounded learning experience.

One of my favorite logical thinking games for toddlers is from Timberdoodle called Day & Night. This fun wooden block game is undoubtedly one of the perfect brain development games for toddlers I’ve discovered recently that does some serious brain-boosting of those rapidly-developing toddler problem-solving skills. I’m thrilled to share all about how this fun and affordable brain game for toddlers will increase your tot or preschooler’s logical and critical thinking skills. Let’s jump into it!

Day and Night build logical and critical thinking skills
brain game for toddlers: card game and wooden block game to build logical and critical thinking skills
Day & Night helps build brain development games for toddlers and preschoolers and is one of the best brain games for toddlers I've found. Logical thinking games helps the brain grow in several areas.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a 50% discount in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated any other way. Read our terms and privacy policy here.

How Day & Night Helps Logical and Critical Thinking Skills

Day & Night makes a great brain game for toddlers, as I seem to keep saying! When your tot is playing Day & Night, he’s building massive logical and critical thinking skills by mirroring scenes from the included Day & Night cards. For instance, when you pull a card, your child will begin this logical thinking game by building the blocks to match the card.

If your child needs more challenging cards, that where the Night side of the cards comes in. The Night cards are simply silhouettes of how the finished look should be, removing the color altogether. Because of the Night side, I think Day & Night is one of the most perfect brain development games for toddlers as well as preschoolers to use for logical thinking games and for growing logical reasoning skills. They recommend this game for kids ages 18 months to 4 years.

More About Day & Night: A Perfect Brain Game For Toddlers Among Toddler Activities

As one of Timberdoodle’s critical thinking activities for toddlers, Day and Night focuses on developing your child’s visual sequencing and spatial problem solving. When received it in the mail, right off I loved the quality of the wooden blocks. It comes with some seriously high-quality wooden blocks that almost looks hand-painted, but I’m not sure if it is or not.

The Day & Night game comes with:

  • 48 two-sided multilevel puzzle cards
    • Kids can start off with an easy card and progress to more challenging cards
    • One side is Day (in detail) and the other side is Night (silhouettes/outlines)
  • Wooden card stand
  • Wooden block stand with 3 long pegs to place the blocks on
  • 10 beautiful, colorful wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes
I loves critical thinking activities for toddlers. Scout loves playing with Day & Night, which in my opinion is of the best logical thinking games for toddlers and preschoolers out there of all the toddler activities available that build logical and critical thinking skills super well!

We Love All the Critical Thinking Activities for Toddlers By Timberdoodle!

Since Scout’s 3rd birthday was right around the corner when I received this game, I decided to wait to give it to him when we got it in the mail. I wrapped it and gave it to him as one of his birthday presents, and ever since that day, we’ve been having a blast playing this game. In fact, in my personal opinion, it’s one of my favorite logical thinking games among the vast array of toddler activities available!

Oftentimes, he’ll play this logical thinking game solo and request the cards and try to mirror the cards himself. But most of the time I like to sit with him so I can teach him important concepts along the way. But what impresses me most is hearing him think it through out loud when he’s building his blocks. He knows to put the focus card in the wooden card stand, set it up in front of him, and then take off all the blocks from the previous time.

I’ve worked with him on going in an order from top to bottom because he was doing it backwards. He initially started putting the block that should be on top (and place last) as the first block on one of the towers. But when he’d do that he’d recognize that it doesn’t look quite right when comparing it to the card. So teaching him the process of going from bottom to top in a sequential order was the first focus I wanted him to master. And master it he did.

Nowadays, he’ll apply what he learned from Day & Night and build other masterpieces in certain orders properly. He’ll declare that something “goes right there first” and he’ll follow that up with “and then you do this.” I credit Day & Night for this and for strengthening his spatial problem-solving skills, which is what it was designed to do. I know there are plenty of other brain games for toddlers available for tots, but this particular brain game for toddlers is probably one of my favorites, to be honest.

Go ahead and check out this video from Timberdoodle on how to play Day & Night. I found it very comprehensible for you to understand how it works and why you should add it to your arsenal of toddler activities.

Why Are Logical Thinking Games For Toddlers So Important?

Logical reasoning games for toddlers (or brain development games for toddlers as they’re sometimes called) build cognitive skills that tots will use and continue to develop through their adolescents. So how can you improve your toddler’s cognitive skills? By using logical thinking games and critical thinking activities for toddlers, of course!

Logical and critical thinking skills are an important part of a toddler’s brain development and as he or she grows, so shall the brain. So it makes sense to include brain games for toddlers when you’re on the prowl for toddler activities because these games help them think in a process (such as step 1, step 2, step 3, etc) which also helps them in life as they determine how to fix things, build things, modify things, and so on.

When a toddler continues sharpening his or her logical and critical thinking skills, reasoning skills are strengthened which serves them in multiple areas. These skills are vital to learning because it plays a huge part in life, from making a sandwich to creating Lego masterpieces, all the way to tying their shoes. Brain development games for toddlers help with these types of skills, which helps them further when they’re in school and even later as adults.

One of the Fun Brain Games for Toddlers By Timberdoodle That Builds Logical And Critical Thinking Skills

It’s important to build logical and critical thinking skills for your tot, many of which can be through brain games or other kinds of toddle activities. Day & Night is one of these brain games for toddlers and it delivers what it was designed to do: focuses on enhancing your child’s visual sequencing and spatial problem solving skills,. These types of logical thinking games for toddlers are fundamental in building all sorts of cognitive skills in your little thinker. I’ve witnessed the difference of using brain games for toddlers with Scout versus not using many of these toddler activities with my older two (I was a single mom working full-time when my older two were preschool aged).

Timberdoodle’s Day & Night is available by itself as well as included in the 2021 Preschool Curriculum Kit and the Nonreligious 2021 Preschool Curriculum Kit. If you’re considering getting a curriculum for your preschoolers, I’d highly recommend getting the kit. And no, it’s not rigorous worksheets making your preschooler sit still all day! The kits contain multiple items like the Day & Night game and the previously mentioned similar Bunny Peek-A-Boo game.

To check out the Day & Night game for your special tot or preschooler, click on this link for one of the best logical thinking games of all brain games for toddlers you’ll find!

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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