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Fun Indoor Activities For Teens and Tweens – Rain or Shine!

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As a parent of a teenager or tween, you might be on a constant lookout for activities that not only keep your older kids engaged but are also something to do when it’s rainy outside. Because screentime can only take them so far, maybe you need a refreshing list of ideas to present to your kiddo. Did you know that rainy days are the perfect excuse to do a big project indoors that you’ve been putting off? It can also be a good time to bond with your kiddos with some much-needed quality time. Here are a handful of exciting indoor activities for teens ideas you can use the next time it’s raining at home!

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Indoor Games for Teens

Of course, board games are an old school way to get all family members involved, the younguns and the older ones, and to sit down and engage in friendly competition. Games like Scrabble offer a good dose of word play, while strategy games like Settlers of Catan can help develop problem-solving skills.

The goal of the game may vary, but the end result is the same: a great time spent with loved ones. If you’re looking for some new additions to your game night repertoire, here are some affiliate links to the best board games suitable for kids of all ages.

Video Games: Beyond Screen Time

Yes, screen time can be a contentious topic among parents of teens. However, video games can offer more than just passive entertainment. Opt for games that require collaboration and strategy, turning gaming into a fun activity that fosters good relationship skills and teamwork. With the right choice of games, a video game night can become a family activity that even the older kids will look forward to. So, don’t be afraid to embrace the world of gaming and use it to your family’s advantage. Definitely count it on the list of indoor activities for BORED teenagers!!

Escape Room Challenges at Home

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular, and for a good reason. They offer an adrenaline-pumping, problem-solving adventure for a group of friends or family. You can either visit an escape room in your community center or set one up at home with different puzzles and clues. It’s a fun way to challenge your teens and their friends, honing their skills in a thrilling setting.

Card Games for All

From classic games like Poker and Rummy to modern hits like Cards Against Humanity (for older teens, of course), card games offer endless possibilities. They’re easy to set up, portable, and offer a perfect opportunity for quality family time. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a way to pass the time, dealing a hand can turn into a night full of fun and laughs.

Party Games: Turn Up the Fun

Looking for a bunch of indoor activities for teens? Party games can be an excellent choice. From charades to Pictionary, these games are best enjoyed with a group and can often be adapted for younger siblings too. They also make for great ice-breakers if your teen is hosting friends for the first time.

Scavenger Hunt: Indoor Edition

Who said scavenger hunts are only for outdoor fun? Create a list of items for your teens to find around the house, or make it more interesting by setting clues that lead to the next item. Not only is this a fun activity, but it also keeps everyone on their toes. You could even time the teams to add an extra layer of excitement.


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Time Capsule: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Creating a time capsule can be a meaningful and much fun activity for teens. Encourage them to include their favorite book, photos, or any other memorabilia. Decide on a date to open it together in the future, creating an event that the entire family can look forward to.

Indoor Sports: Laser Tag, Rock Climbing, and More

Many community centers offer indoor versions of popular outdoor games, like laser tag or rock climbing. These can be excellent options for burning off energy while having a great time. Some places even offer special events or teen nights, making it one of the best indoor activities for high-energy young adults.

Book Club: For the Love of Reading

Starting a family book club is a good idea for indoor activities for teens for multiple reasons. It encourages reading, offers an avenue for intellectual discussion, and can be adapted for kids of different age groups. Pick a good book that interests everyone, allocate time for reading, and set a date for discussion.

Dance Party: Why Not?

Turn up the live music and let loose with a family dance party! It’s a fun way to be active and share some laughs. Whether you follow along with a choreographed dance on social media or just freestyle, it’s guaranteed to be a good time and probably one of the better indoor games for teens!

Jigsaw Puzzles and Cup Stacking: Mind and Body

From jigsaw puzzles that take weeks to complete to the fast-paced fun of cup stacking, these activities are not only enjoyable but also offer a different kind of challenge. Both are suitable for small groups and can be enjoyed by younger kids as well.

Movie Nights: More than Just Watching

Movie nights are a classic family activity. Make it more interactive by watching cooking shows and then trying to recreate the dishes. Food Network, anyone? Or choose a movie series like Harry Potter and watch it over several weekends, complete with themed snacks and costumes.

indoor activities for teens

Virtual Field Trips and Interactive Exhibits

Many museums and educational sites offer free virtual tours. Make a day of it by exploring different exhibits and discussing them afterward. This can be particularly useful for parents who homeschool, offering a fun yet educational experience for teens.

DIY Obstacle Course and Other Creative Ideas

Old clothes, paper airplanes, or even furniture can be turned into a fun obstacle course inside the house. If you have younger children, get them involved by allowing them to help design the course. Or how about creating vision boards, making it both a creative and aspirational activity?

Teen Activities Beyond the Home: Community Center and Volunteer Work

Sometimes the best thing for a bored teenager is a change of scenery. Many community centers offer a range of activities from art classes to basketball. Some even have special events just for teens. Additionally, volunteer work can offer a new perspective and a sense of achievement, making it one of the best things your teen can engage in.

Online Courses: Learning Made Fun

While not strictly an activity, online courses can be a pretty decent way for your teen to pick up a new skill or hobby while staying indoors. From cooking to coding, the options are endless and can often be done at their own pace. This is not only a productive use of time but also adds an extra layer of enrichment to their routine.

Some online courses can be classes like Simply Coding, which offers coding lessons for homeschoolers of all ages that are designed to be fun and easy! You can tell they strive to make learning interesting and accessible because their courses provide engaging activities and even inspiring mentors! Your kids will be inspired to explore the world around them through technology — from building websites to designing games. They can even create their own Minecraft mods, or learn the basics in keyboarding. OR…learn all about Microsoft Office tools and/or Adobe products! It’s pretty cool.

Another online course is more like a music class from Music In Our Homeschool. They offer tons of courses that center around different types of music, from American music to the Classics to Charlotte Mason inspired!

Super FUN Card Games For Teens!

There are plenty of card games that definitely qualify for indoor games for teens! From classic card games like Uno and Go Fish to more complex strategy games like Magic: The Gathering, teenagers can have hours of fun with a deck of cards. With an ever-growing library of available card games at, there’s something for everyone! Some card games your teens can play are:

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Fun Indoor Activities For Teens and Tweens – Rain or Shine!

The best part about all these activities? They’re not just for teens. These can be adapted for younger kids, making them perfect for family time. So next time you hear the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored,” you’ll be armed with a multitude of great ideas to ensure that everyone has a great time.

I sure hope you find these at-home activities for teens helpful for the next time you’re looking to engage your family in fun and meaningful ways. Whether it’s a rainy day, a quiet weekend, or you’re just looking for some quality time with your kids, these activities are sure to make it memorable.

Fun Indoor Activities For Teens and Tweens

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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