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Perfect Memory Card Game! The Astute Goose – A Brain Game to Improve Memory

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My kids love playing games. They play board games, card games, and video games. One of their favorite game types is trivia or memory type games. While I’m happy to indulge them in this area for now, it gets expensive buying all the different types of cards and boards they want to play with each time we go on a trip. The Astute Goose is a memory card game that offers an affordable solution as a fun brain game to improve memory in kids that has enough variety to keep my kids entertained for hours! 

memory card game: The Astute Goose
brain game to improve memory

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Timberdoodle in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated any other way. See our disclosure policy.

About the Astute Goose from Timberdoodle

The Astute Goose is a compact memory card game for kids (perfect for traveling!) that helps build memory skills, along with tons of other skills, like math skills, logical and reasoning skills, comprehension, and more.

To play, your child basically just needs to find the burglar who is hiding in the crowd. They will ask questions about the burglar’s clothes and what animal he is with. If they can answer them correctly they can claim that card for themselves! Whoever answers most of the questions correctly wins! It only takes a few seconds to play so it’s great for brain breaks!

I’m sure your child will love this brain-boosting game. They can play with friends or family, and help brain development at the same time! It’s truly an awesome way to spend some quality brain break time together.

How to play the Astute Goose: A memory Card game for Kids

The Astute Goose is a great brain game to improve memory. There are really only two ways to play Brainwaves: memory and guesswork. In memory mode, each player must memorize all of the different characteristics on one card before it is turned over. Once the card is revealed, each player takes their turn by rolling the dice and trying to guess which burglar matches that description.

To begin, you’d first select your level of difficulty for The Astute Goose. Before they are placed face down, all players have a chance to inspect them. You must memorize the characteristics of the burglar, such as their shirt color, what kind of animal they have, and if they have a scarf or tie.

Each player will roll the dice. One die has the number of the burglar, and another die has an attribute. The player will take a card if they guess correctly. If they do not guess correctly, each other player in turn has a chance to guess. If someone guesses correctly, then that person must keep the card. If no one guesses correctly, then you go to another round until everyone has had a chance to guess.

The player who has collected all of the burglar cards is declared the winner! You can also play in teams or with unlimited players if you have more than four people playing.

memory card game for kids

The story of the Astute Goose: A Brain Game to Improve Memory

The way this game works is very interesting. Some scientists in Germany wanted to see which parts of the brain were used or needed to play The Astute Goose. The study found that playing the game exercises three different things: fluid intelligence, working memory and long-term memory.

So you can see how this memory card game for kids gives your child super brain powers, right?!

What is included in the box?

The Astute Goose brainwaves game includes all the materials you need to play in one convenient package, for up to 5 players ages 8 and up. You can even play solo and there are instructions in the booklet telling you how to play by yourself.

The game includes two dice and suspects cards that have different attributes on them, and an instruction booklet.

One die has a number while the other shows an attribute like scarf or animal. Players take turns trying to guess which combination of dice matches that card by rolling the dice and trying to make the remember the attribute.

The brainwaves memory card game includes:

  • Two dice – one with numbers and one with different attributes on each side
  • Suspect cards
  • Notebook to write points on
  • Feature cards to help your memory along for each attribute
  • Instruction booklet
  • Six numbered cards 1-6

The brainwaves box is perfect for travel too! It measures at only four inches wide by six inches long so it won’t take up much room in your bag or suitcase. Which means we’ll be bringing this game with us during our homeschool travels!

How to set up the game 

Before you start brainwaves, separate the cards by taking all the suspect cards out and shuffle those suspect cards. Then place all six numbered cards in a row next to each other.

The way you would set up the numbered cards depends on the difficulty level you’re playing. The image below shows the level 1, the “easiest” level.

The put the suspect cards in a row under the numbered cards, again, depending on the difficulty level. For the easy level, for example, you would place the numbered cards in two rows, with just 3 suspect cards (see image below).

The next level up would be 4 suspect card with the number cards rearranged, the next level would be 5 suspect cards, and then the last level would be 6 suspect cards with one row of numbered cards with one suspect card under each number.

The Astute Goose - the set up

How To Play

I played with my kids a few times and it was really fun! You start by giving each player a feature card, which is like a hint card just to keep.

Then you decide the difficulty level. We started with level 1 just to see how it ggoes at first, but then we skipped to the hardest level (and it really was challenging!).

The image above shows the easiest level. And the image below shows the most difficult level.

After you decide which level you’ll do, then it’s time to play! Set up the cards according to the difficulty level you choose.

The youngest player starts. The first player rolls both of the dice. Dice 1 will have numbers 1-6 and Dice 2 will have a different feature on each side (like animal, clothing accessory, color).

So, say you’re playing the most difficult level with the numbered cards in one row from 1-6 with one suspect card under each numbered card. You roll the dice and you get a #2 on one dice and an animal on the other dice. That means you need to go to the Suspect card under card #2 and you need to remember what animal was in the picture.

How This Memory Card Game can improve your brain

Brainwaves is one of many brain games that’s designed to exercise different parts of the brain and increase overall cognitive function. It helps activate two major players in memory formation: working memory and long-term memory, which are both part of our short-term or “working” memory.

The Astute Goose Brainwaves game will help you improve your brain in several different ways: working memory, fluid intelligence and long-term memory. If you play brainwaves before taking a test or quiz it will help you retain the information.

the astute goose - memory card games for kids

Skills that The Astute Goose Brainwaves game will teach your child

This brain game teaches tons of skills to your child to grow his or her learning power. I thought about all the different skills it touches on and was blown away!

The Astute Goose Brainwaves memory card game can be used as an educational tool that will help your child learn about:

  • math skills such as counting, adding, subtracting, multiplication, division and rounding numbers
  • reading comprehension skills such as understanding vocabulary words and phrases
  • social-emotional skills such as taking turns and following rules
  • visual discrimination skills by recognizing colors on cards
  • problem solving skills by figuring out what number comes next when given a series of numbers from 1-10 (counting)
  • static memory skills for retaining information for each suspect card

Help Improve Your Kids memory with the Astute Goose

The Astute Goose Brainwaves game from Timberdoodle is the perfect brain game to improve memory. It’s a great way to test your brain power, improve memory and even take on challenges with friends! It includes all you need for this exciting card-based brain training in one convenient travel-size package. To check it out, go to Timberdoodle here or you can also see the 4th Grade Curriculum Kit that includes The Astute Goose Brainwaves game along with other amazing curriculum resources!

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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  1. I don’t understand why I need two rows of numbers in the beginner level, what do I do with the second row?
    And what is the purpose of the feature cards, how do they factor in?

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