All About IQ Circuit: A Fun Compact Travel Game for Kids

All About IQ Circuit: A Fun Compact Travel Game for Kids

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Kids are notoriously fickle. One day they’re playing with their favorite toy, the next day it’s outgrown and discarded in favor of the newest trend. That’s why I was so excited about IQ Circuit! It’s a compact travel game for kids that has them thinking creatively while having fun. So, whether you’re on vacation or just looking for something new to keep your kiddo occupied away from home, this game is perfect.

If you want a super fun compact travel game for kids that you can literally take with you anywhere and that sharpens those necessary problem-solving and critical thinking skills, then read how we use IQ Circuit - the PERFECT game that will last you forever! Kids won't get bored with this one!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Timberdoodle in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated any other way. See our disclosure policy.

About IQ Circuit

Created for kids ages 8 and above, IQ Circuit comes with 120 different challenges in 5 levels that will have your child using their brainpower to come up with solutions. The pieces are like one connected puzzle and must be put together properly to make one connected path. You’re trying to prevent short circuits from happening.

The goal of IQ Circuit is to create a circuit connection between all of the dots. Each route must begin and end at a dot, and all of the double-sided puzzle pieces must be placed on the game board. A [pretend] short circuit results if no path connections are made (no worries – there is no actual live circuit!).

compact travel game

You can get IQ Circuit by itself or get the 9th Grade Curriculum Kit by Timberdoodle which includes IQ Circuit along with other awesome resources, games, activities, and curriculum!

How To Play IQ Circuit

We are huge puzzle people in our household so IQ Circuit was a welcomed addition to our puzzle collection. And, yes, it is like one big puzzle that you have to make one connect line all the way across, so essentially, you have to “fit” how the pieces connect to one another.

The game isn’t big at all; it truly is compact – unlike some travel games for kids out there. And you really can travel with it anywhere because it’s small enough to fit inside any bag pocket.

So let’s say you and the kids are traveling somewhere by plane. You need something to do, other than watching the plane’s movies or doing the limited selection of digital games. Your kids can pull out IQ Circuit and start trying to figure out the puzzle right there and even keep the pieces inside the case so they don’t get lost or scattered (in our pretend plane due to the pretend turbulence).

And since there are 120 challenges (a.k.a. puzzles) to choose from in 5 different levels, this isn’t a one-and-done kind of puzzle game.

You know how a jigsaw puzzle is totally finished once you put that final piece in place? Well, that’s where IQ Circuit differs from those puzzles. Once you complete a challenge you have 119 more challenges to do!

Let’s say your kids really get attached to IQ Circuit – which is really easy to do, by the way – and they fly through several challenges. By the time they get to the last challenge, they can start back at challenge #1 because it’s been 120 challenges since they’ve done that challenge. So, really, your kids can keep playing and keeping playing this fun travel game and never put it down!

IQ Circuit

Plus, there are 5 levels in this compact travel game so as your child goes through and masters each level, it gets more difficult the further you get along. So that’s a great way to maintain the challenging aspect of this puzzle-like game.

Puzzles are really good for kids since it helps strengthen their problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. You need these types of skills for just about every area in life, and you and I both know that when your child becomes an adult, he’ll be facing challenges that will be in need of his problem-solving and thinking skills!

Just think, games that stretch a child’s brain and help sharpen these skill, such as IQ Circuit, can help him or her be on the path of being amazing at figuring stuff out and finding the best possible solution to things, for now in childhood as well as in adulthood. This will be extremely beneficial for their career, for livelihood like mortgages and bills, investments, and so many other areas.

Our Experience with IQ Circuit

When we first got IQ Circuit from Timberdoodle in exchange for this review, I actually thought it was some kind of coding thing! I was very wrong, however, as you can now see. Because coding is something that my oldest son, who is 11 years old, is currently interested in, I initially assigned this game to him.

But once I discovered this travel game for kids was really like one big puzzle and PERFECT for problem-solving and critical thinking skills, I also got my 10-year-old daughter involved in playing with this travel game. So it’s great for anyone ages 8 and up, even if it is in the 9th grade curriculum kits for Timberdoodle. (It’s not set in stone to be only for 9th graders or 15-year-olds. It actually fits younger kids’ levels very well.)

IQ Circuit

Just as you would expect a child trying to figure out a new puzzle game challenge, at first, it was kind of difficult for him to get the hang of it. But the more he did the challenges, the more he liked IQ Circuit.

There’s nothing like beating a good challenge to lift up your self-confidence!

My daughter did the same thing with this fun compact travel game just like my son – struggled to get used to the challenges and the puzzles at first. But unlike my son, she literally whizzed right through the first few challenges! I was truly impressed with this because she struggles a bit with math and I chalked that up to her simply needing more practice for developing her problem-solving skills.

But no…she problem-solved alright with IQ Circuit! I loved seeing her self-confidence rise like my son’s did each time they completed a challenge without short circuiting.

The kids love IQ Circuit now. And as a traveling homeschool family, this is one game we’ll be sure to pack in our carry-on and travel bags!

IQ Circuit
IQ Circuit

All About IQ Circuit: A Fun Compact Travel Game for Kids

If you want a super fun compact travel game for kids that you can literally take with you anywhere and that sharpens those necessary problem-solving and critical thinking skills, then check out IQ Circuit right now! It’s very reasonably priced (under-priced, if you ask me, for the value and number of challenges it provides), so it’s not expensive at all, and it’ll last a long time for the kids. And like me, you’ll probably jump in to play a few challenges yourself!

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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