Looking for a printable christmas countdown calendar? Why not grab this free printable advent calendar numbers countdown to christmas for your kids to have fun each day leading up to Christmas! You'll find quick and easy things to do in this free printable christmas countdown calendar while having a blast this season!

Free Crafty Printable Christmas Countdown Calendars For Kids

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Are you ready to sprinkle some magic dust on your holiday season the easy way and explore creative Christmas countdown crafts via calendar style? One way to make this holiday season super special is by doing something fun each day leading up to Christmas. These ‘events’ don’t have to be anything fancy or time-consuming – just a little something extra each day to make it a special countdown. And what better way to do this than with these printable Christmas countdown calendars here for you! Let’s bring the Christmas fun right into your home!

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Download The Christmas Countdown Calendars with Countdown Numbers

Let’s face it, the month of December can be a whirlwind of excitement and chaos. Between juggling homeschool lessons, decorating your home for Christmas, and prepping for the holidays, it’s easy to lose track of the number of days left until Christmas Day, especially without a Christmas calendar readily available! 

The perfect solution to not losing track is staring you right in the face (see below). It’s a fun Christmas Countdown to Christmas Eve / Christmas Day that’s not just easy and quickly crafty and/or creative, but also a super fun way to engage the whole family!

Grab your cup of cocoa and get ready to rock your holiday decor like the fabulous woman you are! This isn’t just about ticking off days on a calendar, it’s about creating memories, making every day count, and embracing all things Christmas! 

Get Your Free Christmas Countdown Printable

The free Christmas countdown calendar printables have different advent calendars included, so just pick the Christmas printables you love the most. You know, you could even just pick your favourite things inside each calendar and just make your own that way! These calendars come in a pdf file.

Free Crafty Printable Christmas Countdown Calendars For Kids

Print the free printables out on regular printer paper or thicker paper, pop it into a picture frame, and voila! You’ve got an adorable countdown that doubles as holiday decor! Deck it out with washit tape, too, and market pens to make it truly fantastic.

Make sure to place it in one of those perfect spots where the entire family can see it, like on the fireplace mantel or near your family calendar hanging on the wall. Don’t have a family calendar? This one’s my favorite!

Let the countdown begin with creative Christmas countdown crafts!

After you download the christmas countdown printable, it’s preferable to start the printable Christmas countdown calendar beginning on December 1st, but there have been years where I didn’t start until a week before Christmas! Ha! So really, any time is the perfect time. You can just catch up on the other days if you feel like it, or just start on the day you start moving forward. There are no rules here!

One idea for some Christmas countdown printable activities is to use a dry-erase marker or a chalk marker to count down the days until the big day. You could even get creative and have the little ones stick cotton balls or pom poms on each day, imitating Santa’s beard! It’s such a simple way to add a bit of Christmas fun to your daily routine.

Speaking of Christmas crafts, this is a really cute Christmas activity! This snow globe making kit below!

If you’re feeling extra crafty, create a paper chain countdown or a printable Christmas countdown advent calendar lapbook or project with a different Christmas scene created for each day.

One of the activity packs I really like is from Home School In The Woods. They have a History of Holidays activity pack where you get to study the major holidays and where they originated from! We have this pack, and it’s super cool.

VERY insightful! I’ve caught myself reading through the texts and we weren’t even studying those holidays because it’s so interesting. True story.

You can make a run to the dollar store or Dollar Tree, where they have tons of super adorable Christmas decor available! You could even make your own countdown calendar from all the things you gather, turning it into its own little felt project.

There are so many fun things you can do to make the holiday season more exciting! You could totally turn this into a tradition and do it every year. 

Download your Christmas countdown printable calendars before it gets any later into the month, and get ready to make this holiday season extra special! Happy holidays Let’s rock this countdown together

By the way…share the fun!

Feel free to spread the holiday cheer with your family and friends by sharing these simple christmas countdown printable for them to enjoy as well!

I bet your mama friends would love something like this too. (I wish someone would have shared something cute like this to me!) So feel free to share these Christmas fun printables with your social media friend or even via email. Just send them this link (the one you’re reading now) and they’ll be able to download the free christmas countdown printable calendar too! Remember, Christmas isn’t just about the big day, it’s about the entire Christmas season. 

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Free Crafty Printable Christmas Countdown Calendars For Kids

It’s time to put on your boss babe hat, sprinkle some magic dust on your Christmas decor, and make this holiday season sparkle! Gather the whole family, and let’s start counting down to December 25th, making every day a special holiday. 

Are you ready to take charge of your Christmas fun and unleash your inner Crafty Queen of Etsy? Let’s get to crafty counting down!

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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