new year coloring pages free printables

37 New Year Coloring Pages (Free Printables!) & 10 New Year Activity Ideas

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The new year is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate the ending of a year and the beginning of another one. If you have kids, you may want them to feel the festive spirit with some activity ideas. One of these ideas is using these new year coloring pages free printables!

Some families celebrate with in an annual family tradition for New Year’s, while other families like to learn more about New Year’s traditions all around the world. If you need some ideas for the holiday, keep reading!

Looking for fun things to do with the kids on new year's eve? Here are some ideas, plus over 37 free coloring pages!

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Little kids absolutely love holiday activities because they feel more part of the holidays this way. There’s just something about doing things that are themed with a holiday, isn’t there?

So let’s get some ideas going for the kiddos to do for this very reason!

1. Download these free New Year’s Coloring Pages with 37 pages!

The first step you want to take is downloading these new years coloring pages so your children can have fun while celebrating and learning about this festive holiday. Each coloring sheet celebrates the new year holiday with easy-to-color images! So if you’re in need of a happy new year coloring sheet, grab 37 of them inside this new years free printable coloring pages – a super fun way for young kids to have a fun activity this holiday season.

new year coloring pages free printables

    2. Find and Print out More holiday coloring pages for kids

    I’m always a fan of coloring, and coloring pages are the best way to get kids of all ages involved in some fun stuff! Kids of all ages (mostly) love fun coloring pages for just about anything. That’s why you see so many in your Google searches! They’re in high supply because there’s a high demand for coloring pages.

    And, happily, I’ve provided some new year coloring pages free printables for you to download, too! Print out the coloring pages for kids of all ages. These new year’s themed sheets will help them to learn about the holiday and have some fun while doing it! From younger children who enjoy coloring inside the lines, to older children who might want to color multiple designs – there is something for everyone here.

    But, in addition to my coloring pages you get to download for free, you can also do a quick Google search and find many more where these came from! All different kinds too!

    3. Learn about different cultures around the world with their own New Year traditions.

    There are so many cultures around the world, and with that comes a variety of new year traditions. Wouldn’t it be fascinating for kids to learn about these?

    Many of these traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, some even being thousands of years old! So there is definitely a lot to learn.

    You can find a variety of different holiday traditions here on the internet, but one great website to check out is Holiday Insights. This site has everything from A-Z when it comes to holidays – and that includes New Year’s!

    If you want your kids to learn about Holidays Around the World, grab the Unit Study by Peanut Butter Fish Lessons!

    Another resource about learning about holidays around the world is by Techie Homeschool Mom called Christmas Around the World!

    4. Watch videos on YouTube about New Year’s Eve

    So many people enjoy watching new year celebration clips from around the world through these types of videos. Or perhaps they’re interested in seeing what happens during big time celebrations in other countries.

    Whatever the reason may be, there is definitely some interesting footage out there to watch. Not only will this keep kids entertained for a while, but it’ll also teach them about holiday traditions from all around the world.

    5. Look up printable coloring pages of your favorite characters and TV shows.

    If your kids are fans of certain characters or TV shows, why not print out coloring pages for them that have a holiday theme to them?

    They’ll enjoy coloring in their favorite characters and scenes that involve celebration of New Year’s. Plus, they’ll learn more about the holiday and many others from all these fun pages.

    There are TONS of different printable coloring pages out there on the internet – all you need to do is a quick Google search! Just make sure that when printing them out, the images are high quality, so they turn out great.

    6. Make a list of resolutions you want to keep this year and create a corresponding picture that has meaning behind it (examples could be “I will get more sleep” or “I will eat healthier”)

    Making new year’s resolutions is a great option for thinking about a new beginning come January 1st. This activity is a great one for kids to do, because it’ll teach them about the holiday and what they’re going through as well. Plus, you can help remind them along the way of their goals that were set!

    The best thing about this activity is that there are no limitations – everyone has different resolutions they want to keep, so there is no wrong answer!

    Some examples of new year’s resolutions could be: “I will get more sleep”, “I will read a new book this month” or “I will eat healthier”. Whatever it may be – put it into drawing form and color it in.

    Then, once the new year goals or resolutions are established, have them create a picture that represents their resolution. This picture doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but it should be something that will remind them of their goal throughout the year. Hang these up in a visible spot, so they can see it every day and be reminded of why they’re working towards their resolution!

    7. Draw new year’s pictures!

    You can make them in whatever colors you would like, add some glitter, etc…the sky is the limit! Kids love being creative, so what better way to ring in the year than by having them draw happy new year pictures? Grabbing the new year coloring pages free printables is awesome, but at times drawing your own pictures to color fits the moment better!

    They can be as simple or as intricate as they want. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for kids to use their imagination and come up with fresh, creative ideas.

    8. Look up new year traditions and create a new years craft that goes along with it

    Another fun idea is to look into is the different types of traditions around the world. This can be a great way for kids to learn about the differreent cultures as well as holiday celebrations from all over!

    One example is Chinese New Years – the year of the pig. Find pictures of pigs or print out coloring pages for kids to color in. Then, have them create a new year’s craft that goes along with the Chinese new year. This could be something like making a pig out of paper plates, or even creating a cool banner!

    9. Have each person in the family write down one new year’s resolution.

    You can have a family party and have everyone put their new year’s resolutions into a hat. This activity is great for the entire family, as you can all get involved with putting your goals or resolutions together. Post them in a visible spot

    This is a great way to keep everyone accountable and on track with their goals and resolutions. Plus, it’ll be fun to look back at later on in the year and see how everyone is doing!

    Another way of doing this is by having each person write down their resolutions onto a post-it note. Then, post them all on a wall or refrigerator where everyone can see them. This will help to easily keep everyone accountable and on track.

    10. Make New Year’s cards for family and friends.

    One of the best new year’s traditions is sending out new year’s cards to your friends and family! This is a great way to wish them all a happy new year, as well as let them know what your resolutions are for the upcoming year.

    There are so many different types of cards that you can find – from simple designs to more intricate ones. Plus, you can even put wishes into the card itself!

    Another idea, you can have everyone put their new year’s resolutions on the cards and then mail them off. For example – instead of saying “Happy New Year” on it, have them say something along the lines of “I will try to get better sleep this year”. That way they’ll be reminded from their family and friends and be more likely to get it done!

    37 New Year Coloring Pages (Free Printables!) & 10 New Year Activity Ideas

    So there you have it! Some fun ideas for New Year’s activities that kids can do. From coloring pages free printables to watching videos, there is something for everyone here. And the best part? These are all free ideas, so you don’t need to spend any extra money on materials or supplies.

    Whatever activity you and your kids choose to do this new year, make sure that it’s something that’ll keep them entertained and learning throughout the day. There are so many different things out there to explore – the world is their oyster! Have fun and Happy New Year!

    And don’t forget to download your free coloring pages below!

    Looking for fun things to do with the kids on new year's eve? Here are some ideas, plus over 37 free coloring pages!

      Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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