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How To Make Bookmarks For Free (Free Bookmarks Included!)

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Life can really be something, can't it? It seems like, as homeschool moms, we never have enough time for ourselves or for special little spontaneous projects. Although we're with our favorite little people all day every day, we usually have to pencil into our calendars for family time or family outings.

I know I'm not the only want who marks down on the calendar “family time.” or “movie with the kids 7pm-9pm”.

Because of how busy we are, I just want to urge you to try to find moments of spontaneity that you could do with your favorite little people. These moments oftentimes turn into the best memories to look back on.

I say all that to say all this:

As I was beginning to write my review the other night on Prima Latina by Memoria Press, I do what I often do – I switched gears to another project on the laptop. By the way, Prima Latina is the first step to learning how to speak Latin by Memoria Press, and we love it!

For some reason, I totally have to have like a million tabs on my computer. It's like I'm going to forget the projects I'm currently working on or something, or maybe I get bored too easily focusing on just one project at a time. Who knows? Either way, I like dabbling in a little bit of everything.

I know this is a huge no-no. I know that it's best to do one thing at a time, that multi-tasking isn't truly real, and that if I spend half of my time on one thing while spending half of my time on something else then the results will be halfway great.

Learn how to make bookmarks for free! With this simple and quick guide, I show how I quickly create 4 bookmarks with my daughter. Plus, grab these bookmarks for free! #howtomakebookmarks #howtomakebookmarksforfree

How to Use Canva

So in the midst of changing gears yet again, I found myself on my favorite online graphics program, Canva! Canva has the capabilites to create all kinds of things, from lesson plans, to calendars, to bookmarks, and much more! Pretty much anything you need to create, you can create in Canva.

Canva offers templates for social media, banners, checklists, ebook templates, and more! In fact, I use Canva to create all of the images I use on this blog, such as my blog post banners, Pinterest pins, and varying graphic images. I even use Canva to create animated graphics.

And Canva couldn't be easier to use; it's super user-friendly. You can find elements to add into your images, and it was with this feature that I decided to look for unicorns.

Create Bookmarks With Canva

Since I was looking for unicorns, I asked my daughter if she wanted me to create some bookmarks for her. She loves unicorns and she loves to read, so this is a great little project to do together.

All I did was look for unicorns. I typed “unicorns” in the Elements section and it brought up countless unicorns of all kinds and characters. They were so lovely!

The outlined ones gave me an idea to create a coloring book for my daughter, too! So I saved a few unicorns into another design sized 8.5″ by 11″ for printing out on a piece of paper.

After we found all the unicorns we wanted to add to her bookmarks, we then looked for other kinds of elements to add, like flowers, stars, clouds, hearts and cute little designs to make her bookmarks pop.

After that, we simply created a sort of slogan or quote to add to her bookmarks, which she thought of herself. On one bookmark it says “Shoot your heart happy” because of the unicorn element holding a gun and shooting hearts out of the gun. So cute!

Free Canva Account and Free 30-day Trial for Canva Pro

After we create these bookmarks and downloaded them, I arranged them on a PowerPoint slide. Then I printed them out on cardstock. Then we laminated them, and then cut them out! And VOILA – really cute and sturdy unicorn bookmarks we made for free using Canva!

As a side note, Canva also offers a Pro version, which I am signed up for. At the time of this writing it's about $12/month, but since I use it so much it's well worth the price. The pro version gives you access to more elements, additional royalty-free images that the free version doesn't have access to, and more templates, again, not included in the free version and only included in the pro version.

Of course you can get all these items for free using the free version, but a lot of the templates I really like are in the Pro version, only accessible through the pro version.

Fortunately, Canva offers a 30-day free trial period to use the Pro version! I started off using the trial version to see if I would really use the pro elements included or not. I do! Now I don't worry about if I see a perfect element to use if I have to pay $1 to add it to my image or if I cannot use it because it's Pro. I get to use every single thing in Canva, and Canva offers thousands upon thousands of different elements and such to create your own perfect images! You can try out the Canva Pro trial here.

Try Canva Pro Today

Do you want your own unicorn bookmarks? Just fill out this form and I'll send them straight away to your inbox. But remember, if you don't see the unicorn bookmarks in your inbox, please check your spam and promotions folders. Or simply search “unicorn bookmarks” within your email.

unicorn bookmarks

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Each bookmark is on its own PDF page. You can save and print as is or you can save and then arrange them on a PowerPoint slide or Keynote slide, or MS Word or Apple Pages document. Then print out on cardstock so you have sturdy bookmarks. Finish them up by laminating them!

How To Make Bookmarks (Plus Get Free Bookmarks)

You can create virtually anything using Canva. They even have templates for lesson plans and calendars to use in your homeschool. And you can create pages in Canva to create different activities for your kids! You're only limited by your imagination!

I hope you enjoy the bookmarks as much as I did creating them! If you would like more posts on different items to create or that I have created on Canva, leave a comment below!

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Learn how to make bookmarks for free! With this simple and quick guide, I show how I quickly create 4 bookmarks with my daughter. Plus, grab these bookmarks for free! #howtomakebookmarks #howtomakebookmarksforfree
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Want to read this later? Download post as a PDF.

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