Summertime is the time to explore new things and new experiences. Here's a list of hundreds of fun summer activities to do at home with your kids from some of your favorite homeschool bloggers! #summerfun #summertime #homeschoolmom #summerkids #summermom

Keep Busy With These Fun Summer Activities for Teens and Kids 2023

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Summer is the perfect time to put your normal, everyday routine on hold and experience new things that you just don’t have time to do in the other seasons. Whether it’s nature studying, exploring animal anatomy, or doing hands-on projects, there’s an endless supply of ideas on what to do.

I’ve gathered a list of some of the most popular summer activities for teens and kids below from some of your most favorite homeschool bloggers! Take a look!

Summertime is the time to explore new things and new experiences. Here's a list of hundreds of fun summer activities to do at home with your kids from some of your favorite homeschool bloggers! #summerfun #summertime #homeschoolmom #summerkids #summermom

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Join the Techin’ Your Summer Challenge!

Join the Techin' Your Summer Challenge

If you’re not opposed to using screens, why not be more intentionally about them then? You can find a lot of summer activities for teens with lots of things for teens to do via an app or downloaded software. A quick google search will get you to find some really great things for kids to do and learn educationally even though it is summertime. Sara, with Techie Homeschool Mom, found that her kids discovered new tech skills and talents via screen usage and is sharing all about it in her Techin’ Your Summer Challenge:

Do you struggle with screen time with your kids?  Here’s a radical idea: instead of figuring out how to keep kids off the computer, why don’t we intentionally put them on electronics?  They love screens; we want them to be productive and creative with screen time.  So why not have a win-win situation?  Join me for the Techin’ Your Summer challenge and help our kids discover some new tech skills and talents this summer.

Sara Radginkski with Techie Homeschool Mom

101 Things For Teens To Do In the Summer Time

101 things to do in the summertime for teens

Here are some great summer activities for teens! You can probably think of a million things to do with little ones and they’ll have a blast! Usually it doesn’t really take too much effort to get a young one to have the best times. But a teenager? It does take a little bit more creative thinking to get them to enjoy themselves, though once they’re “in it” they have a ball. Merle with Funda Funda Academy is giving us mamas with teenagers 101 things to do! Can we all give Merle a rejoicing “Bless you!”

With the summertime months stretching over 3 months, teenagers can sometimes find themselves running out of ideas for activities. This list of 101 things for teens to do in includes ideas that will help them make money, stand out in college applications, prepare them for college – and then also things that are just plain fun!

Merle Van Der Merwe with Funda Funda Academy

Geocaching – A Fun and Free Outdoor Activity for All Ages

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity for all ages

Don’t be stuck inside all day – go out and explore! Your kids will discover some interesting finds out there and they’ll want to do it with more zest when you’re out doing something as a family. In fact, try doing what Merle with Funda Funda Academy suggests that’s fun, free, and great for all your kids:

Geocaching – A fun outdoor activity for teens (and everyone else)!  Geocaching is a fun free activity that gets you outdoors exploring wherever you might be!  It’s a great activity for all ages.

Merle Van Der Merwe with Funda Funda Academy

Simple Scripture Memory Work System to Use During the Summertime

use the simple scripture memory work system

Even though your homeschool may lighten – or completely stop – for summertime, don’t let your Scripture studying or Bible Time fall at the wayside. It’s important, and our primary duty as parents, to teach and instill the Word of God in our kids’ hearts. It doesn’t have to be a long period of time devotion, either; it can be just a few intentional minutes every day. Here’s how Lindsay with A Heart For All Students can help you with your Bible Time and Scripture studying during the summertime:

Summer allows us to capture small pockets of time for intentional family connect. One way to do this is through Scripture memorization. You can easily memorize Scripture with your kids this summer and enjoy every minute of it. Use my simple Scripture memory work system to connect as a family while memorizing Scripture. Seriously, in as little as five minutes a day, you and your kids can memorize huge chunks of Scripture for the long term!

Lindsay Leiviska, MAT, A Heart For All Students

Homeschool Summer Fun Series

If you’re looking for some fun ideas to add to your summer schedule, make sure to check out the posts in the Homeschool Summer Fun Series at Blessed Homeschool. A ton of homeschool bloggers, me included, added to this exciting summer series where you get a whole month’s worth of ideas! See what Sara with Blessed Homeschool says about it:

I teamed up with 20 homeschool bloggers to share their best ideas to make the most of your homeschooling summer season, such as: unique holidays to help you beat summer boredom, ideas for creating lasting memories and beat the “summer slide”, resources for teaching life skills over the summer, summer unit studies, free printables, and more!  Find a list of all of the posts HERE.

Sara Radginski with Blessed Homeschool

Favorite Board Games to Play For Summertime or Family Game Night

Game boards are wonderful any time of year and there super easy to just pull out and have some fun with! Did you know there are literally hundreds of game boards out there? Crazy, I know! So I imagine the selection could be a little daunting, especially if you wanted to grab a few new game boards for the summertime. Richie with Homeschool and Humor (that’s me!) offers the top favorite games to grab and play for summertime or even make a weekly family game night just for the season!

A board game is by far the easiest way to have some fun family time. There’s so many board games available now that not only makes for a fun family night but also educates kids while practicing concepts in an exciting way. Board games are a must-have, especially in the summer months, so check out the 10 Best Board Games To Play for Family Game Night or these hot summer months!

Richie Soares with Homeschool and Humor

Keep Busy With These Fun Summer Activities for Teens 2023

This list of things to do this summer provides hundreds of different activity ideas for you to choose from! With all the ideas available to fill up the days in your summertime calendar, I hope you now have an idea for all the fun things to do this summer with your kiddos.

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What do you love to do during the summertime with your kids?

Summertime is the time to explore new things and new experiences. Here's a list of hundreds of fun summer activities to do at home with your kids from some of your favorite homeschool bloggers! #summerfun #summertime #homeschoolmom #summerkids #summermom

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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