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I can understand why so many homeschool families “drop out” of homeschool during or after their first year homeschooling. The stress and time suck of homeschooling all of your kids at all different levels and ages and grades can no doubt bring mama to her knees. Might as well sleep on the floor!

It is the mindset of fear of failure, as well as the lack of doing your due diligence, that causes these families to kick the bucket.

I hope this message finds you, homeschool mama, if you are also feeling the fear of failure and the overwhelming stress of homeschooling. Consider this your due diligence, however, when it comes to truly understanding the power you now hold as a homeschooling family. An All In One Homeschool Curriculum

I discovered about 2 years ago. At the time, I was questioning if I was the best educator for my children. I didn’t realize how truly flexible homeschooling can be and I failed to take advantage of the limitless freedom it offers.

As I grew in my homeschool, and as I searched and chatted in Facebook groups to like-minded homeschool moms, I began to slowly realize that homeschool should be working with me and not against me.

One night, as I was praying to God to help me understand what I need to do in order to offer my children the best education, I came to a sudden answer. Amen – God told me right then that my problem is not me being their educator; it’s me forcing curriculum on them that doesn’t fit with them.

When I understood that I could actually customize each child’s learning atmosphere to each of their unique learning styles, I felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time. A really long time.

My Search for a Homeschool Solution

I started to do what I do best – I researched everything there was to help me learn how I could fit a curriculum for my kids. Things I came across, though, were so expensive. I couldn’t possibly afford to get every single needed curriculum for each child. Especially for the classes that they don’t do together, such as math and reading, I was dumbstruck with my newfound knowledge of what came with the flexibility of building your own homeschool learning…

Flexibility can also mean expensive.

My daughter is an avid learner – she absolutely loves learning everything there is. But she soars when it’s hands-on crafty stuff. So, I understood that that has a name to it – she’s a kinesthetic learner. And a curriculum that offers hands-on learning would work best for her.

I also understood that my son is actually really, like unbelievably, good in math. Whereas my daughter needs manipulatives to really learn math, all my son needs is a worksheet and he’s got rhythm. He loves all things math-related. I’m the same way, actually, so I’m happy we have a unique commonality between us with our love of math.

Our Homeschool Problem & Solution (Praise God!)

So I know what it means to be stretched out to the max, trying to force curriculum on your kids that are either uninterested in what you have to offer or are just clearly not getting it.

Again, on my knees, I prayed and prayed for an answer. God helped me pinpoint my problem and what I needed in order to fix it. Now I needed guidance on how to deliver the solutions without bankrupting us. Otherwise, I just don’t think homeschool was going to be very affordable for us.

Public schools have all the supplies needed to effectively teach students, supplies that I couldn’t exactly cough up to buying. I mean, sure we can purchase some homeschool supplies. But definitely not every single piece that we would need!

That’s when I came across an all-in-one homeschool solution called

Now, as a side note, our first year we purchased the all-in-one curriculum called K12. And although K12 offers beautiful curriculum books and all of the supplies you’ll need for the courses, it’s also pretty pricey. Plus, there’s a ton to do every day. I didn’t know I could go beyond this type of homeschooling. I thought homeschooling meant K12!

When I learned I could do other things, I decided to branch out. And everytime I came across a curriculum that said “all-in-one” I tucked tail and ran in the opposite direction! I did not want to do “school at home” again!

(Side Note: Nowadays, as an experienced homeschool family, I’ve actually seen where I went wrong when homeschooling with K12. And although I don’t recommend it to a brand new homeschooling family because of its potential to easily overwhelm, I can definitely see the benefits of a one-and-done curriculum. These days, I would absolutely know how to effectively manage our homeschool times. Back when we were using K12, my grade was an F in time management.) is the curriculum division of The Old Schoolhouse®, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and THE source for finding what you need to homeschool your children.

When I realized the is an online all-in-one curriculum, I was intrigued. At least with it being an online solution, I won’t have to juggle a thick teacher’s guide plus a thick student workbook or workbooks for every single subject!

I looked around the website and was blown away with everything they have to offer. They have multiple courses available for one subject, depending on what direction you want to go with. They offer all grade levels, all subjects, even electives!! They even offer unit studies and teaching aides and beautiful planners.

They even offer help with detecting your child’s correct reading level!

There really is so much more about, I could go on and on. The really good thing about them is that you can look at everything they have to offer without signing up. I loved this. I could look at a course outline and see what the course is about.

If you are in the spot where you want a solution to your homeschool, I highly recommend They are not a “Christian curriculum”, but they are a Christ-centered company. They work well for all families.

And the ability to add courses to your planner for each child of each grade level? Priceless. You can even use the very cool planner they have for members. May 2020 Promo

My favorite part about, which is the homeschool curriculum division of The Old Schoolhouse, is their willingness to offer affordable education for all families. All, or most, of the workers are homeschool families themselves, so they totally get what you need to make your homeschool successful. And everyone I’ve spoken with there are just so darn pleasant and kind!

Since many conventions canceled their events, want to extend a helping hand for all families. The annual membership gives your entire family access to a complete PreK-12 curriculum with over 400+ courses, videos, World Book content, TOS Print subscription, and so much more.

The Old Schoolhouse teamed up with over a dozen homeschooling and family-friendly companies to provide a tote bag filled with 18 gifts (see list below) when you sign up for an Ultimate (PreK-12) Annual Membership during May for only $139 (reg. $224.97).

My recommendation is to take advantage of the 19 Gifts Promo and get a mini-convention in a bag ($527.71 value) without leaving your home! (Your bag will contain gift cards providing you with information on how to redeem your complimentary gifts.)

Here’s everything that’s included in your tote bag that you get for free simply for signing up for your annual membership of (which is also on sale now too!!) (and YES you get all of these!):

  • Enrichment Studies: 100 Women Composers Through the Ages course
  • Character Concepts: Profiles of Valor: True Stories from the War of Independence eBook
  • Learn and Color Books: Color Thru History™ The People of Early Civilization AND Color Thru History™ The People of Early Civilization Elementary Supplement digital versions
  • IEW: Structure and Style Overview DVD
  • Travels with Music: One-Year Online Subscription to Travels with Music
  • Writing with Sharon Watson: Teach Your Child to Take Notes eBook
  • Apprentice Art Studio: How to Cultivate a Creative Life Video Lesson w/PDF
  • Spanish Educational Solutions: Online Elementary Program for the Entire Family (2 months)
  • HSLDA: $15 Gift Certificate
  • Everyday Education: Working It Out: Growing Spiritually with the Poetry of George Herbert AND Evaluate Writing the Easy Way eBooks PLUS bonus How to Teach Classic Literature to Teens MP3
  • Step Up Your Performance: Two-month Subscription to either Grammar for Proofreading OR The Simple Essay: Its Organization and Development
  • Nallenart: L’Art de LIRE Level 1 (full French curriculum)
  • Etiquette Lessons Foundation: Etiquette Lessons Student Print Workbook
  • Brinkman Adventures: Brinkman Adventures Audio Download
  • Homeschool Court: Homeschool Court Digital Student Edition
  • Chess House: Pocket Chess Set
  • Grace Works Interactive: 1 Timothy Interactive Bible Game (Windows-Based Download)
  • Learn to Play Music Publishers, Inc.: Learn to Play Music One-month Family Membership
  • The Old Schoolhouse®: Tote Bag (colors vary)

When you sign up for the Ultimate Annual Membership, enter the coupon code: 19GIFTS to lock in your rate and to receive your free gifts. You will receive your bag in the mail shortly after signing up, which you can then peruse your bag and find hidden treasures galore!

Now I can homeschool my kids for just $139 a year! That’s not going to break the bank. Plus I get to homeschool all of my children, all of whom are at different grade levels. How amazing is that? Bye bye, Overwhelm!

Sale ends 6/1/20. and is for new members only. There is no refunds for this sale. The 19 gifts are available to US residents only.

My Favorite Gift of the 19 Gifts

It’s hard to narrow down a number favorite gift in this list! I mean, look at everything a new member gets…a discount on annual membership that covers your entire family with 400+ courses, plus over $500 worth of curriculum/supplemental curriculum for free!

Geez, that’s a no brainer!

I think it’s pretty cool how you’ll get “Learn and Color Books: Color Thru History” The People of Early Civilization AND Color Thru History™ The People of Early Civilization Elementary Supplement digital versions! My kids would love these coloring books while I explain a history lesson to them!

And I would be especially excited about the free French curriculum, called “Nallenart: L’Art de LIRE Level 1“. I always wanted to learn French, and now is the perfect opportunity for the entire family to learn French! Or Spanish! You get 2 months of free access to the Spanich curriculum, “Spanish Educational Solutions: Online Elementary Program for the Entire Family (2 months)“.

But what I’m most excited for, I believe? Is the Note Taking ebook! “Writing with Sharon Watson: Teach Your Child to Take Notes eBook” would GREATLY benefit both my kids and myself from learning how to take notes the right way. You know, I’ve always wondered if my note taking through school was accurate. I also wondered if I was taking too little or too much notes. And no one ever stopped to teach me how to take proper notes.

Well, now I can learn! And, blessedly, my children will never struggle with this note-taking dilemma and waste their time taking too much or too little notes with this ebook! This will definitely build the foundation to many proper note-taking sessions!

Sign Up For Before the Deadline!

The deadline is June 1, 2020! Go here to look at all of the 19 Gifts and to sign up with your discount and free 19 gifts (use code: 19GIFTS): Annual Membership + 19 Gifts (May 2020 only)

After checking out with coupon code: 19GIFTS, you’ll have immediate access to your Ultimate Annual Membership and all that has to offer. Your beautiful, sturdy tote bag from The Old Schoolhouse® filled with gift cards for the additional 18 gifts will arrive in 6-8 weeks. No credit cards or purchases are required to redeem your items. Just follow the instructions on the gift cards. Supplies are limited, so sign up today. Questions? Hit the CHAT box during business hours on the home page of to reach a live rep.

Supplies for the gifts are limited, so be sure to sign up today here or by clicking on the banner!

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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