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How To Make Science Lesson Plans For Preschool With My First Science Book

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Have you ever wanted to make your own science lesson plans for preschool? Some of these preschool science curriculums you get seem like you can just go DIY instead, right? You can! You can use your child’s interests to spur ideas and then find activities to support those ideas.

And it’s not that difficult to make your own lesson plans, ones that young children would love, especially when you have a great way to do it….like using a pretty cool book such as, My First Science Book by Usborne as the spine that I got through Timberdoodle.

My First Science Book - science lesson plans for preschool - cover image

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Timberdoodle in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.

How I Make My Own Science Lesson Plans Using A Simple Yet Fun Preschool Science Book!

Usually, when I’m just starting to pull things together, I like to use a mix of books, websites, activities, and possibly YouTube videos to help me create my science lesson plans. This allows me to work with my son’s learning style and keep him engaged in the material.

But if I know what book I’ll be using, everything is easy breezy from there! And thank goodness I discovered My First Science Book because now it’s totally easy to create lesson plans with this robust preschool science book!

Do you want to know how to make science lesson plans for preschool? Learn how with My First Science Book! You don't have to become a scientist in order to develop exciting and engaging lessons that will help your preschooler learn about the world around them. See how to use this awesome preschool science book to make your plans!

Here is how to use My First Science Book to create a lesson plan for your preschooler:

I started by looking through the table of contents in the book, and I was looking for topics that would be of interest to my son and that would also be appropriate for his age group. Once I found a few potential topics, I looked up each one on the internet (using kid-friendly websites) to see if there were any activities or experiments that we could do related to the topic. 

I also checked YouTube to see if there were any educational videos related to the topic.

science lesson plans for preschool - about Animal life, inside "My First Science Book"

After doing some research, I came up with the following lesson plan process

  1. Spend 30 minutes reading through My First Science Book together on the topic I decided we’ll cover. And as we do, point out key vocabulary words and explain things in simple terms. 
  2. Then we will watch a short youtube video or sing a song about a relevant topic. 
  3. After the video, we will do an activity that ‘s born from the lesson inside its corresponding topic. Like if we’re reading about simple machines inside the book, we’ll do an activity about simple machines!
  4. Once we do the activity or experiment, we’ll spend some time discussing what we learned and how it relates to our everyday lives. 

To take it a step further, you can go on a field trip to reinforce what your child learned, like go to a science center with them or even go with small groups, like in a co-op or with other homeschool families and/or friends. These little scientists will learn so much about the world around them, and all from this awesome book by Usborne!

preschool science book - Our World, about the earth, inside "My First Science Book"

You can learn about science concepts in a fun way through the activities laid out in this book. You’ll find lessons on several concepts that can lead to a fun experiment all throughout this book, like doing physical science activities or life science activities, or learning about rain cloud formation, air pressure, the human body, life cycle of animals, the water cycle, chemical reactions, and your five senses – among many other fun subjects inside this book!

Doing experiments and activities are good for young kids too by providing lots of benefits. This preschool science book will help preschool children not only with fine motor skills but also benefit through sensory play as well!

When making lesson plans, My First Science Book serves as the perfect spine to start building science lesson plans for preschool. Just look through the book then narrow down the topics from inside the book that you’ll want to study. After that, start doing everything to surround the concept. You guys will have so much fun while you learn all about the life around you together!

how to make science lesson plans for preschool with my first science book

And I know this book is for little learners, but really kids of all ages – like bigger brothers and sisters – will have fun partaking in these easy preschool science experiments! So it’s not just for young kids – everyone in the fam will love learning the concepts inside My First Science Book! Especially when you follow the lessons up with a simple experiment about the concepts!

How Do you Write A Science Lesson Plan?

My First Science Book is the perfect first book for little people who are just learning about science. It has simple text and sweet, colorful, fun illustrations to help them get started!

preschool science book My First Science Book

Here’s what you want to do in order to make your own lesson plans:

1. Choose a topic. My First Science Book is a science exploration book divided into subjects like senses, anatomy, botany, and space science (like the solar system). Pick one of these subjects to focus on for your lesson plan for young learners. Each 2-page spread will have a lesson and then you’ll be able to build your activities around these lessons.

2. Gather materials. For each activity in the book, you can make science lesson plans for preschool for the term. You’ll need some basic materials like paper, crayons, and glue. Things for little hands. Additionally, some activities require more specialized, different materials like plastic balls or magnifying glasses. Make a list of the materials you’ll need before beginning the activity. 

3. Do the activity with your child. This is the fun part! My First Science Book has fun topics inside which helps give you an idea of easy science experiments to do to reinforce the concepts. Work together with your child to complete whatever activity that goes along with the 2-page spread. Remember to have a little patience and be flexible; if something doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to, that’s okay!  

4. Talk about what you did afterward. Once you’ve completed the activity, take some time to talk about what you did and what you learned. Ask your child questions like “Why do you think that happened?” and “What would happen if we tried this again?” By doing this, you’re helping your child to solidify their understanding of the concepts they just learned about. 

Weather and seasons inside My First Science Book

What do preschoolers learn from science activities?

Science activities are a great way for preschoolers to learn about the world around them. By doing science experiments, they can learn about topics like cause and effect, forces and motion, and properties of matter.

And, these types of activities help preschoolers to develop important skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and observation. All of which can be found within the pages of My First Science Book by Usborne!

And of course, experiments and activities are just plain fun! Doing these activities with your preschooler is a great way to spend some quality time together while also helping them to learn about the world.

Download this free solar system printable now!

Here’s a free resource for you to do in one of your activities! It’s a solar system freebie printable to help your kiddo learn about the galaxy and planets. Just fill in your info below and it’s yours!

solar system activity

    How To Make Science Lesson Plans For Preschool With My First Science Book

    Science is a great subject to learn about at any age. And it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to get started. With a little planning and some basic materials, you can easily create science lesson plans that are both fun and educational!

    Check out My First Science Book now over on Timberdoodle! You can grab this book by itself, or you can get it included in the whole PreK Curriculum Kit!

    Do you want to know how to make science lesson plans for preschool? Learn how with My First Science Book! You don't have to become a scientist in order to develop exciting and engaging lessons that will help your preschooler learn about the world around them. See how to use this awesome preschool science book to make your plans!
    5/5 (1 Review)
    5/5 (1 Review)

    Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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