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Let’s Go Geography Review – Homeschool Geography Curriculum {A SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review}

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When we received Let’s Go Geography as our homeschool geography curriculum, specifically Let’s Go Geography Year 2, andwe were thrilled to have a complete, stand-alone geography curriculum for us to dive into. We heard some great things about it, and after spending a few weeks using it with my children, I have to say it is one of the very few best geography curriculums that I have come across for my elementary-aged kids. Everything you need is in Let’s Go Geography!

Whether you create your own homeschool world geography curriculum, like we were doing, or you purchase one of the few legit ones out there, think about how much time you spend creating and planning activities for multiple students, various ages, and with multiple learning styles…Probably too much time, right?

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Let’s Go Geography Review – Homeschool Geography Curriculum {A SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review}

Curriculum mapping, scheduling activities, creating or finding supplemental resources, researching timelines, gathering book lists for the topics and concepts, and organizing and scheduling your geography homeschool days are a must for any homeschool mom if you want to satisfy your own scope and sequence for your little curious minds of the world.

And by now you are well aware that very few full, stand-alone world geography curriculum products are available for homeschoolers to purchase that aren’t a supplemental add-in to a larger curriculum product, such as a history curriculum for instance. Now granted, you can use geography in just about any subject, but it’s most prominent in history curriculum products or even Bible curricula.

But All Of That, Honestly, Is So Much Work!

It’s no wonder that so many homeschooler moms feel overwhelmed with the process of finding a great world geography curriculum, and why some neglect a geography study for their homeschool altogether. The geography resources available on the internet can be Information Overwhelm since we’re not absolutely certain which resources will best fit into our homeschool geography curriculum vision prior to utilizing.

Now think about how much time you could spend on other aspects of your homeschool (say, on your actual homeschool!) if the task of geography curriculum mapping and creation was taken care of for you.

Enter: Let’s Go Geography

Let’s Go Geography solves homeschool curriculum creation and overwhelm for your geography studies by being a full, stand-alone world geography curriculum. This means that when it’s time for a geography lesson, the lesson is ready for you, forever, every day, without you having to worry about a thing. It also means that this curriculum stands on its own two feet without being part of a larger curriculum, so its sole focus is on just that – world geography!

pacific nw

This geography curriculum has saved me hours of time in planning and creating, but it has also taught us hours of fun, with structured, step-by-step lessons that introduce one country at a time while including reading, music clips, videos, hands-on craft projects, and mapping for each country! This award-winning homeschool geography curriculum serves all learning styles as they learn about the continents and cultures all around them.

Using Let’s Go Geography is straightforward, practical, affordable, and easy to understand. If you’re a homeschool mom with children between the levels of K-5th grade with a desire to implement a world geography curriculum into your homeschool, I can’t swear by Let’s Go Geography enough.

So, What Do You Teach For World Geography Anyway?

Although there is no absolute golden rule on how to approach teaching geography in your homeschool, Let’s Go Geography has a 3-Year World Tour scope and sequence on what they cover:

Let's Go Geography Scope and Sequence 3 year plan

Coming up with that much curriculum to teach, year by year, and organizing it all with activities is no easy task on your own. Fortunately, we have Let’s Go Geography to make teaching geography in our homeschools seamlessly. 

How to Use Let’s Go Geography – An Award-Winning Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Let’s Go Geography is a digital curriculum product that you access online, and then you can download the weekly lessons onto your computer and print as you go.

Course Access Page

I downloaded 5 weeks’ worth (enough to review it consistently in order to write up an honest review on it), which is really 5 lessons’ worth, saving each lesson/file, and then I printed out all the necessary printables at the beginning of each week.

Lets Go Geography Lesson Organization

There is one lesson per week. The Lesson is a study on a new continent and its culture, music, anthem, climate, and so on. Each lesson is divided up into 5 chapters and where your kids’ learning styles really thrive. The chapters have mapping, coloring, music, reading, videos, and hands-on projects!

Although each chapter serves as an activity, you can merge these activities into one day’s lesson. For example, you can group together chapter 2 and chapter 3 into one day, where the kids will do a small 5-minute flag craft activity and then listen to that region’s music clips.

Each Lesson is divided into Chapters (for each activity per chapter):

Chapter 1: Map It! (map the new continent/region/country with discussion questions)
Chapter 2: The Flag (flag activity of the continent/region/country)
Chapter 3: The Music (music clips and songs of the continent/region/country)
Chapter 4: Let’s Explore (reading and videos)
Chapter 5: Create! (hands-on craft project)
Chapter 6: Printables (all the printables in one location needed for the entire lesson)

We received Year 2 so, for instance, Year 2 Lesson 2 (Week 2) looks like this:

Suggested Let’s Go Geography Schedule

We *mostly* followed the suggested schedule laid out in the Classrooms Tips within the program. It is clear to me that the curriculum creator, Carol Henderson, is also a teacher (more specifically, a geography teacher) because she crafted two suggested schedules: one for K-2 Grades and one for 3-5 Grades.

Although there are 5 chapters per weekly lesson, we don’t teach geography every day of the week Monday-Friday. The lessons are short enough to bulk together so I found doing the lessons twice a week sufficient, three times a week tops.

Sample of our Let’s Go Geography Homeschool Schedule

Tuesday: Chapter 1 Mapping, Chapter 2 The flag activity, Chapter 3 The Music

Friday: Chapter 4 Let’s Explore (Reading & Videos), Chapter 5 Create! (the craft)

The reading in chapter 4 brought us some great in-depth discussions about the topic at hand. For instance, watching videos of the Pacific NW, especially the clip about the eruption of Mount St. Helen’s in Washington state, lead to deeper discussions about our recent family trip to Hawaii and the active volcano on the Big Island. Then that discussion lead to a few searches on volcano eruptions on both Google and YouTube! Then we looked up the before and after pictures of the destruction of Mt. St. Helen’s eruption!

Sometimes if we discussed chapter 4 for a longer period of time, or rewatched the videos (my kids LOVED them!), we would opt to color the page for Chapter 5 instead of doing the hands-on crafts project. However, because my children were loving learning about the Pacific NW region of the USA, we added a third day to our weekly homeschool calendar for our geography lesson in order to do the Create! lesson for Chapter 5:

Let’s Go Geography is a simple homeschool geography curriculum to get the hang of, and once you begin your lessons you will soon feel the rhythm of the curriculum unfold naturally into your homeschool days each week. We all began looking forward to geography class and started referring to it not as “school time” but instead as “Are you ready to learn more about the world today?” My children always gave a resounding “Yes!” as their answer, without fail! My mommy heart would skip a beat each tim in excitement, anticipation, and pride! What more could you ask for?

More Awesome Things About Let’s Go Geography

One category that is a must for me is curriculum organization and Let’s Go Geography invited a cool tool to organizing our World Tour through a Travel Journal! 

At the very beginning of the curriculum, Lesson 1, our first craft was to create and color or customize our Travel Journals. The curriculum provided outlined cover sheets to choose from and color. The kids picked which one they wanted and that act itself gave them a sense of ownership and fulfillment, along with anticipation for filling their journals up with the upcoming activities they were to complete. 

Having our activities divided by continent kept my visual learners engaged the entire time. Once they completed their mapping, coloring, flag activity and/or craft project, my kids were excited to hole-punch this part of the world and put it neatly behind the continent divider that it belonged to. 

Additionally, each lesson has a flag activity to coincide with the country or region of the lesson. Found in the Chapter 6 Printables section is a page of flags for multiple children to cut, color, and glue onto the page where indicated. This is a great way for visual learners to see just how different and unique each country is!

flag activity

As an added bonus, I proudly saw them learning the basics and importance of organization and structure through the simple act of making a travel journal and keeping the completed activities organized within. They are proud of their ongoing accomplishments and love looking back to revisit what they have already learned!

My Opinion: Let’s Go Geography Review – Homeschool Geography Curriculum

I found the entire curriculum laid out and structured as simple as it could be, with classroom tips in the login portal (where you can access and download the lessons) and simple step by step “what to expect in this lesson” previews at the beginning of every lesson. This curriculum literally walks you through exactly what to do and, with the suggested schedule, when to do it.

If I had to pick a con or dislike about the product, it would be that some of the video clips were styled in a more mature documentary style, which made my children’s eyes glaze over during these videos. However, the curriculum clearly states that not all activities have to be completed, so don’t feel pressured to do it all. Merely pick and choose what fits with your children during that time. We simply skipped over these dull video clips and chose to either forfeit that learning opportunity altogether or hunt for more similar like-minded clips that my children were interested in.

Even though our review time to use the curriculum was 4-5 weeks, we are excited to continue this Year 2 geography curriculum until it’s completed. In fact, there are a few lessons in Year 1 I would like to visit as well as continue our geography studies with Year 3 next year! (Hopefully, this will be a curriculum review option for next year!)

With Year 2 Let’s Go Geography set up like a World Tour, my children were able to visually see the world, learn its many components, and gain a better understanding of how the United States is broken up and what makes each region special. With a stronger grasp on how vast our world really is, my kids appreciate how many countries really are out there, along with all the different cultures that make them unique.

If my children were younger elementary level (K-2), this would be a wonderful curriculum to introduce to them the different continents, oceans, and the world overall. With my children being upper elementary (3rd and 4th-grade levels), this curriculum built upon the basic understanding that they already had of the world through its structured and organized chapters, successfully adding to that foundation with richer studies, projects, activities, and interesting details provided throughout each lesson. 

Want free samples of Let’s Go Geography Year 1 and Year 2? It contains 33 pages of what you’ll receive in the curriculum course! Check out the samples here.

Practical Product Details

Let’s Go Geography offers Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 to learn countries and regions on all 7 continents, although as of the time of this writing only Year 1 and Year 2 are available. Each year is a separate digital purchase and includes 32 downloadable PDF files to print within a 2-year membership. There is an option for a Lifetime Membership as well as for Classroom use. Samples of Year 1 and Year 2 are available.

Let’s Go Geography Review – Homeschool Geography Curriculum {A SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review}

Wrapping up this Let’s Go Geography review, I love how simple and effective this geography curriculum is. After downloading your PDF files for the week or month (or entire year), you have a fun curriculum that will take your children on a world tour of continents and countries!

Now that you’re aware of some of the awesome highlights, you are now fully-equipped and ready to try Let’s Go Geography! Your kids will love learning about their world with Let’s Go Geography.com!

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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  1. We really enjoyed this program, too.! My son wants to continue using it. I agree that some of the videos, though interesting to me, weren’t as engaging for my son. For the most part, they were pretty good.

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