How To Teach Math To Multiple Children With CTCMath {Review}

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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Need to figure out how to teach math to multiple children? Math fills many homeschool moms and dads with trepidation. Either it’s the concern of going through the teaching of it properly or perhaps not knowing what to do if the child still doesn’t understand. One way to break free of these concerns is handing over your math teaching to an experienced, award-winning math program called CTCMath through its 12-month Family Membership.

CTCMath contains all of the math lessons your child will need to succeed in mastering math concepts. All children from kindergarten through high school can take this online math program and learn through the online instructional lessons, just like we did at home.

How We Used CTCMath

Usually, for math, it’s a picture of me teaching each elementary-aged child at separate times. Although both of my children are in the same grade (just about), they’re both at different skill levels when it comes to math. Therefore, I have to sit with each one individually.

Usually I have them swap reading time – such as, one kid reads a book or does one of our reading apps while I’m sitting with the other teaching them one-on-one math.

I think it’s incredibly important to give math time your undivided attention. I don’t want to rush things with them because I know we’re building solid foundations for future math concepts. So math is a high priority in our household.

Here Comes Trouble: Teaching Math With a Toddler Around

We have two elementary-aged kiddos in our homeschool and one tornado – I mean, toddler. He’s let loose most of the time and, on the days he actually catches nap Z’s, we fit the highest-priority subjects straight in that time frame. And math is in that high-priority list.

But there’s still several days where he just doesn’t nap, and I still need to give focused attention to each child at different times for math time, delivering my best practiced math teaching capabilities ever. So not only do I want my older child literally learning math during his or her math time, but I also want to be able to deliver my best teaching of the concepts without distraction.

Well, that just rarely happens.

As you can imagine, it takes a few extra grey hairs and brain sparkle energy to divert the little tot’s attention during each math session. And as a homeschool mom of three with Dad traveling 100% of the time, that can get rough real quick.

Gotta keep your wits about ya.

Which is seriously why I fell in love with CTCMath.

How CTCMath Works: An Online Math Program

We received CTCMath’s 12-Month Family Membership in exchange for a review. To be quite honest, I’ve never been entirely too convinced of online math programs. Either they’re difficult to get into or they’re boring or I could have just read the information from a textbook and saved myself some WiFi. But CTCMath changed my stereotype of online math programs. Here’s why:

  • We received two student accounts so that I could assign tasks and assignments to each child on their own math level – an excellent feature for me, so win #1.
  • Each lesson comes with video lessons that are short and concise, and very real and down-to-earth. It’s not a robot teaching to your kids or a decrepit 1982 film footage. It’s legit a person (a British-sounding person, but I’m no accent-identifier expert) showing the students how to solve problems, like, in real life. #check (And in exactly the same tone and manner that I would.) #checkcheck
  • My kids know exactly what to do from my dated assignments. They aren’t asking me “what are we doing today?” and having me fumble around for my Homeschool Mommy Binder, flipping through to our math lesson planner, with a baby on my hip. Instead…well, they don’t even ask me that anymore because they know that when they log in, the assignments will be straight up in their faces. #boom
  • I can actually schedule multiple assignments for various date ranges. So for example, I can say they can get through all their fractions lessons that I’ve assigned between July 1 and July 31, yet I still want them to do this triple addition practice for this week only. So it’s a perfect (1) math warm-up-er and (2) math reviewer, in addition to a complete math curriculum program.

In summary, I can totally teach them math at the same time but, like, not at all! Of course, I still go back and review what they’ve learned but it is in no way such a stressful state as it is without it. And that’s the thing – I didn’t even realize my psyche was mentally spazzing out during math time; I had been juggling this circus act of math/tot, tot, math/tot, tot, math, tot, tot for…at least two years. 😉

As a side note: As we used the CTCMath program, I noticed that my toddler is actually in a better groove during Math Time than I gave him credit for. Apparently, when Mommy is in a much low-key state of being, he’s low-key too. I can help my child with math as he or she is doing their lesson in a calm manner and my tot continues playing nice with his puzzles, all calm-like too. Maybe CTCMath can offer you a breakthrough ah-ha moment too!

How I Teach Math To Multiple Children

When we first received the 12-month Family Membership, we went through a lesson together, as we were all curious to see how CTCMath worked. Granted, I have always only heard positive things about CTCMath so I didn’t have any serious reservations about the program.

After that first lesson, we were all pretty ecstatic about is. The lesson wasn’t long or boring. It wasn’t delivered dry or dull. The lesson itself showed easy-to-follow steps on how to solve the math concept being taught for that lesson. And it didn’t teach like a ton of lessons all in one lesson. It properly taught at a step by step basis, which is how we roll too. So I appreciated that.

Here’s a funny story.

Because of our excitement with this amazing program, both from the kids’ perspective because the lesson itself felt very natural to them and for me because it teaches in the same manner as I teach math, we continued on to another lesson.

This next lesson was about place value into the thousandths place. I wasn’t sure if the CTCMath video lesson would properly explain it the way I would explain it, especially since place value is a concept that my daughter continues to slowly grasp, not quite struggling but not quite competent either. So I wanted to be sure to explain this particular lesson in a way that she could understand.

After I explained it to the kids, we went on to watch the video lesson.

Here’s the funny part: he explained it just as I did but even better because he said it with better words, in a simple manner, and in half the time that it took me.

We all had a good laugh about them enduring a replica lesson on the thousandths place value. And from that moment on, you could say my trust in the CTCMath 12-Month Family Membership was born. I don’t think there could have been a better way to prove to me just how well this program does the actual teaching of the math concepts to kids.

How To Use CTCMath for Kinesthetic Learners

Daniel loves math. I think you can give him anything in the form of a math problem and he’ll run with it. He truly is a math superstar and I am so thankful about that! He loves and enjoys math. We’ve even talked about what he could do for a living as an adult involving math.

It’s Zoey that I make sure to look at every angle to prepare myself if attempt #1 didn’t work, I have backup plans. She’s a big math manipulatives student, so I wasn’t quite sure that a digital math program would work for her.

This was my primary concern: how is my totally hands-on-math learner going to excel in math through a digital math program, that’s 100% online?

Sure, the tracking of the grades and the digital reports for how the kids are doing on both assignments and tests are great. CTCMath has quite a number of attractive features that I, as a homeschool-organizer-aholic, loved at first sight.

Here’s how I solved it: We just continued using her math manipulates as we did the lessons, just like we would with any other math curriculum. Just because we’re using a different math curriculum does not mean that her natural learning style alters due to the new program.

That’s what I realized and so it wasn’t a hiccup at all. We just moved from paper worksheets and me at the whiteboard to digital ‘worksheets’ and CTCMath at the digital whiteboard.

Saves a ton of trees, and I’m happy about that!

So, as far as their learning went, Daniel continued to fly through whatever I gave him. And Zoey continued using her math manipulatives as needed for each lesson. Nothing changed when it came to the manner of how they learned.

But CTCMath, the instrument of teaching them these math concepts, has blessed me with calmer days and less paperwork along with organized lessons and total confidence in their teaching style and method.

How To Teach Math To Multiple Children With CTCMath {Review}

It is through the CTCMath 12-Month Family Membership that I can teach both of my children with confidence, regardless of their learning styles. In fact, our story is a fine example of how to teach math to multiple children with CTCMath, an unexpected blessing.

If you want to read more first-hand experiences of other families using CTCMath and its 12-Month Family Membership, go to the Homeschool Review Crew blog or click on the banner below!

Have happy math days ahead!

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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