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Building Life Castles for 4th Graders – 4th Grade Bible Curriculum Review

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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I
compensated in any other way.

Being a Christian family, we include a Bible study in our homeschool. I learned a long time ago that since we’re already learning during homeschool time, that adding a study of Jesus into our homeschool routine is the best thing for us. We received one of the Positive Action Bible Curriculum for our study, specifically, the one that is for fourth graders, 4th Grade – Building Life Castles.

About Positive Actions for Christ

The Positive Action Bible Curriculum is a wonderful Bible curriculum that focuses on different aspects of God throughout the entire year. This program is not a digital program – they mail you all the supplies needed to study their Bible program. And it’s a beautiful curriculum set.

We received the following items in the mail:

  1. Binder with a colored binder cover
  2. Teacher worksheets for the entire year
  3. Dividers
  4. Student Workbook

About 4th Grade Bible Curriculum

The curriculum helps students understand God’s grace. It teaches kids that through everything, they can rely and trust in God through any and all circumstances. God is their one stronghold, and He can withstand anything you give Him. The curriculum teaches the kids about building their life on top of God’s Word, hence the curriculum name “Building Life Castles.”

When you start with Jesus, you are starting on the right track. As kids learn about God’s goodness throughout the curriculum, they’re learning detailed aspects of the New Testament that shows how God is a mighty fortress, one who is always there.

The study breaks down into these four sections:

  • Lessons 1–13: The life and ministry of Jesus Christ, with a special emphasis on His teaching and atonement for us
  • Lessons 14–17: The work of the Holy Spirit in believers
  • Lessons 18–28: Explanations and examples of godly character from both Old and New Testaments
  • Lessons 29–35: The life and ministry of the Apostle Paul

You can take a closer look on everything they teach through the preview of their Scope and Sequence here.


To be honest, I was impressed with everything that came in the 4th Grade Bible Curriculum. Everything was provided for me and I really loved how organized it came. Through this, I didn’t have to guess how to proceed with the curriculum at all, and I love an open-and-go curriculum.

The curriculum comes with 35 lessons, scripture memorization, weekly quizzes, and additional resources. Everything is 100% God-focused!

The worksheets go into their own dividers. Each divider is for:

  • Teaching Material
  • Testing Material
  • Answer Keys

As you correctly place the teacher manual into its appropriate dividers, you’ll want to look over the lessons. The lessons are split up in to A-B-C order. For example, Lesson-1A is for one day, Lesson-1B, is for another day, and Lesson-1C is for another day.

Positive Actions for Christ - Lesson 26, Patience to Endure

Even though the lessons are set up like this, you don’t have to just teach a lesson a week. They also provide you with a suggested lesson plan and schedule. They give you different variations on how to work this curriculum into your homeschool schedule, whether you want to study it 3 days a week, 4 days a week, or 5 days a week. They give you ideas on how to go about using the curriculum however you want to set up your weekly schedule with it. That’s pretty cool.

The teacher manual has a ton of juicy things in it, such as:

  • lesson objectives
  • weekly schedule
  • learning objectives
  • target truths
  • character trait activities
  • weekly quizzes
  • scripture memory
  • music curriculum
  • student manual pages

Each lesson, whether you’re on A, B, or C, will include all of these juicy things. I loved the discussions that this curriculum brought about, and through the activities in the student workbook, my kids really enjoyed learning about God in wonderful creative ways.

Music Curriculum

They even included additional worksheets for a music curriculum in order to study hymns. I added my own divider into the binder and separated the music curriculum. I did this so I would remember it’s there and can turn right to it.

The music curriculum studies different lovely hymns for those who like singing or listening to Christian music in their homeschool. You have hymns such as Be Thou My Vision, Man of Sorrows, and For the Beauty of the Earth.

Video Book Flip/Curriculum Flip-Through of the 4th Grade Bible Curriculum by Positive Actions of Christ

How We Use Positive Actions for Christ in Our Homeschool

We usually add our Bible study curriculum in the beginning of our homeschool time, usually in our Morning Time Routine (or as some may call it, Morning Basket). We did this with the 4th Grade Bible Curriculum a few times, but our lessons got longer and longer. Not because of the length of the lesson provided by Positive Actions for Christ, but because of our discussions influenced by Positive Actions!

See, my kids have curious minds about Jesus. Their hearts are hungry for the Lord. So even if I’m tired just knowing they [literally] live on God’s Word everyday motivates me enough to add it in every day. And without fail, every day I do, we have the best conversations.

Take one of their lessons for example. One of their lessons was about all the different names of God. I mean, I knew God does have a lot of names, but my kids didn’t really know that, and I didn’t really think to make a lesson about it. Thank Goodness for Positive Actions for Christ Bible Curriculum – they had the lessons ready to go for me.

Positive Actions for Christ - 4th Grade Bible Curriculum - The Names of Jesus

So anyway, because they were learning about the different names of God, the curriculum actually had them hunt through the Bible and had them do a crossword puzzle about all the names of God. The puzzle was like a fill-in-the-blank kind of puzzle as they gave the hints of what the scripture says.

I was floored with how eager my kids were to take their 8 and 9 year old hearts and look through the Bible, verse by verse, to answer the crossword puzzle hints of the different names of God. Not only did I not realize how many names of God there were, but my kids learned how they could refer to God in many different deferential ways too. They can understand what others mean when they say “Lamb of God” or “Bread of Life”.

I ______ it! (Can you fill in the blank on what I said?)

I totally loved it – it reinforced the skills of looking through the Bible to the kids! I helped them along with the hints, but they knew exactly where to find the hints. I was pretty proud. Through this activity, I learned right alongside my kids.

Building Life Castles for 4th Graders – 4th Grade Bible Curriculum Review

I recommend the 4th Grade – Building Life Castles by Positive Action Bible Curriculum to everyone who wants to truly teach their kids the details of God’s design. Because they do it. Everything they teach through their Bible curriculum stands on scripture, so no worries fellow Christian mamas – no false prophets here. I can definitely attest to the fact that their motivation is really and truly to teach the kids more about Christ.

If you want to read more reviews from other families that used the 4th Grade Building Life Castles Bible curriculum, visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog or click on the banner below.

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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