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Why I Use The App Reading Eggs Homeschool Curriculum For All My Kids

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My children have the best success with reading through a super fabulous reading program. It’s no wonder several homeschoolers rave about this program – it literally delivers what it claims: reading success for your children! I am so excited to tell you all about Reading Eggs!

Over 10 million users have had success with this multiple award-winning reading program by Blake eLearning Inc. You can count our family as one of those too because we’ve been using Reading Eggs for going on three years now. And since this program is for ages 2-13, it teaches essential reading, reading comprehension, and phonics concepts with a whole host of interactive activities to encourage a successful reader in your homeschool.

Use The App Reading Eggs: A Successful Reading Program

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to write a post about Reading Eggs, just to gush about how much this reading program has helped develop my children’s reading skills. My older two children, Daniel and Zoey, have actually completed the entire program of Reading Eggs and are on to the next phase called Reading Eggspress.

The first program is Reading Eggs Junior for 2-4-year-olds that my toddler uses all the time. Seriously, Scout requests to do Reading Eggs every single day. He likes the use of an iPad with educationally entertaining, quirky activities, and he loves getting the ebooks read aloud to him. He also has a fabulous time watching the enriching videos that teaches him certain concepts like building character, colors, numbers, shapes, and more.

About the App, Reading Eggs

app Reading Eggs

If you’re wondering what makes Reading Eggs different from other online reading programs and reading apps, you’ll be pleased to know the program is based on solid scientific research developed by experts with over 30 years of experience.

They have online reading games and interactive games, which are fun for all kids, especially mine, and are easy to follow.

  1. Animated lessons with cute characters, catchy songs, and fun rewards!
  2. Completely interactive programs that your kids will love doing.
  3. Placement Quizzes to start at the correct program levels.
  4. Detailed progress reports accessible for parents for all programs.
  5. Downloadable activity sheets that go with each lesson in the program.
  6. Digital book library with over 2,500 online books available! Each book has a comprehension quiz to go with it.

As the kids progress through the program they will learn to read by earning egg rewards. And each level has the children complete a quiz before they move on to the next level.

Another fun fact is that when the kids read the online books, they’ll only be reading books that contain the words they’ve already studied in the program! How cool is that?

Reading Eggs has supported my children’s learning with their individual, one on one lessons! The program is perfect for kids who are preparing for school or struggling with reading. And these self-paced online lessons lets kids progress at their own rate, which definitely builds their confidence while rewarding them throughout the entire program!

Reading Eggs Homeschool FAQs

Here are a few question and answers to some of the most popular questions about Reading Eggs:

You can access these wonderful Reading Eggs programs through any device that connects to the internet, so tablets, Kindles, iPads, desktops, laptops, and phones are all accessible, especially if they have a search engine like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. You can find all the technical requirements for Reading Eggs here.

Access Reading Eggs Online and the Reading Eggs App, Along With Several Other Educational Apps By Reading Eggs

In addition to online accessibility, Reading Eggs has several apps available with the primary app as Reading Eggs itself. They also have additional apps to help with other areas, like sight words, spelling, adding numbers, telling time, nursery rhymes, and many more. We’ve downloaded several of them ourselves!

Click on the image below to see demos of all the apps they have, which are roughly 20 (more or less) but they do have several, all targeted for specific concepts!

app Reading Eggs

Detailed Reports of Your Child’s Progress Through All Programs

You get very detailed reports for each child for all the programs inside Reading Eggs through the Family Dashboard, letting you know where they are currently at in the levels, the average grade of all quizzes combines (and grades of individual quizzes), and also all the concepts they’ve learned, struggled with, and haven’t learned yet, and a few other overviews.

They’ll even give you the Lexile reading placement for your kids along with their Lexile growth, which is determined by their answers and progress throughout the lessons. This has been extremely helpful for me since as a homeschool mom I don’t have a school telling me where they are at in their reading levels. By having this given to me in real-time I know which books to get at the library for independent and chapter reading, along with reading books together.

All The Programs Inside Reading Eggs

If you’re wondering how to differentiate the programs inside Reading Eggs, say, from a 2-year-old to a 13-year-old, you can through the progressive programs inside of Reading Eggs. Here are all the programs you will love, starting at age 2 and progressing through to age 13:

Reading Eggs Junior – Ages 2-4

Use Reading Eggs for preschool kids too! Scout loves Reading Eggs Junior! They have activities for all the skills needed at this age level, such as numbers, shapes, colors, matching, what’s the difference, and so on.

app Reading Eggs

In the Family Dashboard, you can see the progress of your little tot, too! See Scout’s progress below!

So from the detailed report above, when I look at Scout’s progress, I see he has read 5 books, watched 14 videos, completed 357 learning levels, and earned 376 reward stickers. The report also tell you his favorites, which are the activities he keeps going back to again and again!

The report will also show you his most recent activity and which ones he’s completed. By knowing this now, I can see his educational development through his completed activities and work with him on those mastered concepts in various areas throughout his little day! This program, Reading Eggs Junior, has been huge in his development!

Reading Eggs Homeschool for Ages 3-8

Reading Eggs teaches your child reading skills, grammar, and spelling. So after Scout finishes reading Eggs Junior, or outgrows it, he will move on to Reading Eggs. The digital library also gives kids math, science, and social studies skills.

The Family Dashboard tells you a detailed report in where your child is at in his or her levels and progress:

Fast Phonics – Ages 5-10

This program is brand new to Reading eggs, and I love how they’ve included it. My kids still need phonics review and to be able to have them get on their Kindle Fire and log into Reading Eggs to do it is such a blessing! The lessons are super fun and 100% interactive!

In Fast Phonics, your child gets to be a Yeti and lives on top of a snow-covered mountain as he or she travels through 20 lessons. This is where your child can watch videos, play through activities, read books, and earn rewards!

A detailed report for your child’s progress will also be included in the Family Dashboard, however, at this time they are currently working on it so it’s not available yet (but it says coming soon!).

Reading Eggspress – Ages 7-13

The Reading Eggs homeschool app has Reading Eggspress in it for older readers! It is the natural next step once they finish Reading Eggs. And just like with Reading Eggs, you can levels to go through for more concepts. You also get reports for this to see how your child is doing while they’re going through Reading Eggspress.

Reading Eggs Homeschool Curriculum

Math Seeds – Ages 3-9

Math Seeds is awesome and part of the app Reading Eggs along with the other apps you’ll find within. Math Seeds helps your child go through math concepts at a level they are at! Once you complete the placement test (or manually select where your child’s math level is at based on the lesson plans overview given in the Bonus Material), your child will be having fun with these interactive math lessons.

Digital Library of over 2,600 books!

The digital library is full of books in so many areas such as fantasy, myth, nonfiction, ocean, space, science, animals, adventure, and book of the day! Your child will have no shortages on book selection and many of the books are already added into your homeschool lesson plans given by Reading Eggs in the Homeschool tab! You can also Find A Book and go through the library that way by searching a book title or grabbing a book by genre.

The interactive digital library is so cool! All over the library are items that also represent a genre. So if you put your cursor on a certain part of the library, it’ll pop up what genre that is. See what I mean in the images below!

Our Reading Eggs Homeschool Curriculum

Reading Eggs has worksheets you can print out that correlate with the lessons your kids are on. So, for example, if they’re on lesson 52 in their reading eggs online program, you can go to Worksheets and print out lesson 52! The lessons usually come with 5 days’ worth and it reviews the concepts your kids are learning in the program.

Speaking of concepts, they’ll provide you with a reading eggs scope and sequence on all the concepts your child will learn for their grade level. I love this! This makes it fantastic if I wanted to add in other activities on certain concepts, so I can schedule ahead if I wanted to. It also gives me plenty of information on the concepts they’re learning as well as all the activities and books planned for all lessons.

Books go with all concepts, games are available to drive home the concepts, placement tests help determine where they’re at, and quizzes are there for all levels when they transition from one level to the next.

Here’s an example of the Grade 2 Program. They have lesson plans worked out for homeschoolers organized by quarters (weeks 1-9) for each area inside Reading Eggs:

Reading Eggs Homeschool Curriculum

Placement Tests

The way they’ve structured their plcement tests can’t be beat. Really! I’ve used all the ways to place the kids, depending the season they’re at in their homeschool. Sometimes we’ll also need to look at a certain concept, which may be in future lessons, so I’ll plug them into that lesson! Once they learn it, I can return them to the concept they were on manually.

Here’s a couple ways to place your child:

  1. You can have them take the placement test provided by Reading Eggs.
  2. You can manually put them into the level yourself, if you know which level they should start at.

Placement tests are available for all the programs inside of Reading Eggs, so you’ll know where to start your child easy peasy. They offer placement tests for:

  • Mathseeds
  • Reading Eggs
  • Read Eggspress
  • Reading Eggs Spelling

Once your child goes through the online test, the program will correctly place your child at the level he or she is at.

Bonus Material Included in App Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is great with their app or online access, but what makes it even greater is the bonus material!

  • Activity Sheets for the current level your kiddo is on
  • Activity Sheets in Spanish
  • Rewards Maps for Reading Eggs
  • Parent User Guide
  • Homeschool Programs for Kindergarten Program, Grade 1 Program, Grade 2 Program
  • Lesson Overviews
  • The Eggsperts
  • Placement Test Overviews for Reading Eggs, Reading Eggs Spelling, Reading Eggspress, and Mathseeds
Reading Eggs Homeschool Curriculum

When I click on Activity Sheets, I can an overview of all the levels and maps along with coloring pages for each level. I love the overview of the Activity Sheets! They give you activity sheets for all the programs!

learn to read online (ages 2-13)

They have a new program now called Fast Phonics, and I really liked the worksheets that go along with the program:

App Reading Eggs Homeschool Review: Is It Worth It?

As you can see, there’s a lot going on inside of Reading Eggs. I captured as much as I could for you, but since everything is interactive, you’ll have to check it out for yourself! These lessons captured my kids’ attention so great, and it’s been fun to include in their daily lessons.

I’ve used it for all 3 kids for the past 7 years, and I wouldn’t trade it for ABC Mouse any day of the week, not even on Sunday!

To learn more about Reading Eggs to see if it’ll be a good fit for your family, click here to get your free 30-day trial to try it out or click on the image below!

app Reading Eggs
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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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