An Open And Go Homeschool Math Curriculum {ThemeVille Math Review}

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If you’re looking for a math curriculum that has warms-ups to each lesson, ThemeVille Math is open and go homeschool math curriculum with these warm-up pre-lessons and lessons that will help your child master one concept at a time. My daughter has been working through Grade 2 of ThemeVille Math and I am pleased with how steadily she is able to learn new math skills.

About ThemeVille Math: Homeschool Math Curriculum

Created by Dr. Avi Patil, ThemeVille Math is a structured math program that focuses on primary math skills, along with pre-lessons to every lesson for review of concepts already learned. ThemeVille is a physical program with two required textbooks: a Student Worktext and a Solutions Guide.

As a crew, we received grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 of ThemeVille Math to review, though there is a fifth-grade level also available. All grade levels are aligned with the Common Core Standards. The worktext is structured with a review of pre-lessons first, followed by a lesson. For instance, after Lesson 11 you will come to Pre-Lesson 12, which is then followed by Lesson 12.

The daily pre-lessons become a warm-up to the Lessons as children move through the Student Worktext. They warm up to the new homeschool day by reviewing math concepts already learned in order to practice their skills and to warm-up to the new Lesson of math concepts.

The daily lessons is where the parent will take time to teach the new concept to their children, and then then the children will apply their newly learned math concepts in the Student Worktext.

The concepts learned in each grade level (1-4) are arranged in the following:

Level 1

Level 1 is Common Core aligned and includes 120 pre-lessons (review of the previous lessons) and 120 lessons, with 10 tests included to text mastery of the concepts, and teacher instruction included in the worktext. This book also describes optional activities to use manipulatives. The solutions guide includes all of the solutions to the problems inside the student worktext. Level 1 includes the following math topics:

  • Counting in the groups of 10s, 5s and 1s
  • Place values of 10s and 1s
  • Place values of 10s and 1s
  • Addition/Subtraction within 20
  • Measurement of length
  • Operations with number line, colored rods
  • Partitioning/Comparison of numbers
  • Money
  • Hundreds Chart
  • Numerals – Words
  • Skip counting, Counting forward/backward
  • Word problems
  • Ordinal numbers

Level 2

This is the level we received in order to use and review ThemeVille Math. Level 2 – Common Core aligned – is similar to the structure of Level 1, with 120 pre-lessons for review of previous lessons learned, 120 lessons, 10 tests, and teacher instruction included in the worktext. The solutions guide includes all of the solutions to the problems inside the student worktext. The solutions guide includes all of the solutions to the problems inside the student worktext. Level 2 includes the following math topics:

  • Review of the Level 1 (first ten lessons)
  • Place values of 100s,10s and 1s
  • Multiplication/Division within 100
  • Even – Odd numbers
  • Long addition/subtraction
  • Operations with arrays, number line, money
  • Numerals – Words
  • Comparison/Rounding of numbers
  • Plane/Solid figures, Perimeter
  • Clock reading, Calendar
  • Graph reading/plotting
  • Word problems

Level 3

Also Common Core aligned, Level 3 is similar to the structure of Level 1 and Level 2: it includes 120 pre-lessons (for review), 120 lessons (new concepts), teacher instructions in the worktext, and 10 tests to test mastery (assigned throughout the year). The solutions guide includes all of the solutions for the student worktext problems. Optional activities are included for manipulative-directed learning. The topics in Level 3 include:

  • Review of the Levels 1-2 (first ten lessons)
  • Long addition/subtraction
  • Long multiplication/division
  • Area and Perimeter, Symmetry
  •  Combined operations
  • Number composition/decomposition with place values
  •  Words – Numerals
  •  Comparison/Rounding of numbers
  • Clock/calendar reading and working with durations
  • Data analysis and histogram
  • Measurement units (kg – gm, lit – ml)
  • Word problems      

Level 4

Common Core aligned, Level 4 includes 126 pre-lessons to review previous lessons, 126 lessons to learn new math concepts, teacher instruction inside the worktext, and 10 tests to be taken throughout the year. The solutions guide includes all the solutions to the problems in the student worktext. Manipulative activities are included if the family wishes to include manipulatives, though these are optional activities. Level 4 includes the following math concepts:

  • Review of the Levels 1-3 (first ten lessons)
  • Fractions, Mixed numbers
  • Addition/Subtraction of fractions
  • Factors, Prime numbers
  • Comparison/Rounding of numbers
  • Long division
  • Decimals – Tenths, Hundredths
  • Addition/Subtraction of decimals
  • Big numbers
  • Multiplication/Division by 10 or 100
  • Time calculations
  • Word problems
  • Area/Perimeter

If you wish to check out Level 5 of ThemeVille Math, click here.

A Math Curriculum With Both A Spiral Approach and a Mastery Approach

At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the structure of the program with seemingly 2 lessons per chapter. But as we progressed through the text, I realized that these pre-lessons are a cumulative spiral review of lessons already learned. So even though the text lessons themselves are set up as a mastery-approach concept by concept, the pre-lessons include a spiral-approach for students to review concepts to keep them fresh in their minds.

Because of the set up of daily pre-lessons (review) plus daily lessons, I fell in love with this math curriculum.

I found that having both types of approaches, spiral and mastery, makes this homeschool math curriculum the best of both worlds. As children grow through life they will be faced with countless situations that all differ. Without a doubt, children will need to harness their ability to solve certain obstacles, some requiring all types of skills in order to do so.

With ThemeVille Math teaching them in both approaches, children will grow accustomed to overcoming future problems that may require only one set of skills to solve. And by going through this math curriculum, ThemeVille Math helps them develop these skills for life-long learning.

With pre-lessons focused on spiral review and lessons focused on mastery of concepts, children receive just enough of both approaches. For pre-lessons, the review of concepts already learned is not an overwhelming number of problems and doesn’t exhaust or bore the child. The number of pre-lessons are just enough for children to retain math concepts.

For lessons, the introduction of new concepts is laid out in an understandable, easy-to-grasp structure for these elementary-aged children. Dr. Patil did a fantastic job of creating the curriculum with young children in mind as she walks them through how to learn and apply new math concepts with corresponding problems. Children will learn math in a way they can comprehend their level of development and problem-solving.

How We Use ThemeVille Math As Our Homeschool Math Curriculum

We include math in our homeschool schedule as a daily subject. Even though some homeschool subjects can be done once or twice a week, I really like math and I selfishly want my children to really like it too! So I provide math lessons every day, with some activities switched up a bit, but always learning or reviewing a math concept.

In fact, I include a daily 5-minute math warm-up to the very beginning of our homeschool day, after morning time, and before our official first subject of the day. I assign a worksheet similar to math drills, but with whatever concept I know that my child is struggling with and needs more review on.

With the daily pre-lessons included in ThemeVille Math, we worked through Level 2 student worktext every day, using the pre-lessons are our daily math warm up for the day. I really liked how it reviews the concepts that my child recently learned, which makes reviewing any weak areas so much easier. Because we used the pre-lessons as daily warm up lessons, I didn’t have to search for or create anything for warm up lessons, which is what I usually do. This saves me a ton of time since it’s already done for me!

If you can see at the bottom of the back of the pre-lesson page, it talks about reviewing money. We used real coins and my daughter followed the instructions. I also added a few different extra questions myself, like make $.50 with the least amount of coins, the most amount of coins, make $0.67, etc.

The daily lessons themselves aren’t difficult to understand nor to teach my child. The layout is straightforward to grasp, and with its open-and-go format, all I literally had to do was open the student worktext to the lesson of the day and teach it. That’s it!

The table of contents of the math concepts in Grade 4:

I always wished a math curriculum included both spiral and mastery approaches. I prefer to study math through a concept-by-concept basis. With a mastery approach, I know which concepts my child is struggling with and which ones she flies through through the daily lessons.

With a spiral approach, I like how my daughter will review what she’s already learned not only to review the concepts she needs more practice on but to also ensure she doesn’t forget the math concepts and retains the information better. This makes it more likely for the math concepts to become second-nature for her through the daily pre-lessons.

I really liked the set up of ThemeVille Math. It’s actually going to be pretty difficult for me to review any other math curriculum because I don’t want us to pause using ThemeVille Math! We started using ThemeVille Math in the very beginning of our new homeschool year and we hadn’t really selected a math curriculum yet to apply to our new homeschool year. Now, with ThemeVille Math Level 2, we have want I believe will turn out to be a successful math year.

An Open And Go Homeschool Math Curriculum {ThemeVille Math Review}

ThemeVille Math continues to be our go-to math curriculum since it includes both daily pre-lessons (review) as well as daily lessons. Because this curriculum includes a way to have a mastery approach through the daily lessons and a spiral approach through the daily pre-lessons, I know my child has a sufficient amount of math applications for her to learn this year to set her up to be a math superstar (like her mama and her brother!)!

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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  2. Hi, I stumbled onto your site by accident a few minutes ago. I’m looking for a basic, straightforward math curriculum. It doesn’t have to be overly entertaining. I just want to sit down with my daughter for 10-30 drama-free minutes nearly everyday and get math take care of. Do you think that’s what we’d be getting if we used ThemeVille Math?

    1. Yes. Absolutely. You have a pre-lesson page, which reviews what the child has already learned. And then the lesson page introduces the new concept to the child.

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