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Homeschooling Just Got Easier – Homeschool Easy All In One Homeschool Curriculum {Review}

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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I
compensated in any other way.

If you need to simplify your homeschool and have everything all in one place, I have a solution for you. Because to have all of your child’s curriculum in one place is a goal that most homeschoolers wish to achieve. With 4th Grade Entire School Year Curriculum by Homeschool Easy, we were able to go through all the subjects needed for homeschool at an open and go pace!

About Homeschool Easy: All In One Homeschool Curriculum

As an open and go homeschool curriculum, Homeschool Easy is an 8-month, 32-week program that provides materials for the core subjects each day. The program focuses on simple, basic concepts in each subject, the traditional American educational systems before state standards were created.

It uses an online cloud storage to house all of the curriculum files, so anyone can access their curriculum from anywhere once they receive their download link.

Because Homeschool Easy is a full, complete curriculum, with intentions to making your homeschool life easy by accessing all material in one place, purchasers will need to select which grade level they need per child. Each curriculum grade level is one purchase. So for example, if you are purchasing two grade levels, like 1st grade and 2nd grade, then you will make two purchases from Homeschool Easy.

We received the 4th grade curriculum. Both of my kids are at the end of 3rd grade so this should be an easy enough transition into grade 4. The core subjects included in Homeschool Easy 4th Grade Curriculum are:

  • Writing
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • History
  • Math
  • 4th Grade Overview
  • How To Use Homeschool Easy

My First Impression

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this particular curriculum (in exchange for a review) because I was absolutely intrigued by how a company with downloadable files would touch on all of the core subjects needed in a homeschool.

Once I received the downloadable link, it took me directly to a page to download every folder named by the subject. Most of the files were even less than 5 GB to download so it didn’t impact my computer storage space.

Of course, another option would be to save it in your Google Drive or Dropbox. Or to just leave it in the Homeschool Easy story and grab what you need on a weekly or monthly basis.

The file folders even included a “How To Use Homeschool Easy” file which I absolutely appreciate. Is it just me or are a lot of curriulums these days not adding in their simple instructions of use? Because when I get my hands on a new curriculum I expect them to walk me through it, like a tour, and recommend how to use it from its orginal design.

But most curriculums don’t even include these instructions. So I’m left frustrated to have to then go through everything myself and make a linear map in my head on how to go about the curriculum. But Homeschool Easy includes instructions to use in these file folders! Bless them!

So, naturally, that’s the first folder I downloaded and opened up.

How To Use Homeschool Easy

Th instructions to use Homeschool Easy are, well, easy! Just simply follow the instructions for each subjects and you’re good to go! No reading a 20 page ebook on instructions; it’s merely a page and a half.

The curriculum has videos, links, worksheets, and activities for your kids to do. You will need to obtain the chapter books yourself with their Chapter Book Reading, but they do have vocabulary and worksheets for each chapter book, which I think is my favorite part.

Reading: Chapter Books

Because the curriculum is 9 months long, there are 9 folders of reading chapter book worksheets, one for each month.

9 months of chapter books in homeschool easy reading subject

It’s great that they don’t label the months, which makes it great for flexible homeschooling. All homeschoolers start their new school year at different times. For example, my month 1 could be October and your month 1 could be June.

Each month houses chapter books to read for that month.

month 1 homeschool easy reading subject chapter books

And inside Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are worksheets and vocabulary.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factor worksheets and vocabulary for homeschool easy chapter book reading subject

As you can see, they’ve covered just about anything for chapter books lessons.


Their math subject has 32 weeks of lessons and the title of each file tells you the concept you’ll be focusing on at a glance. The answer guide provided not only gives you the answers, but also gives you the links to videos and any other activities to do for the week.

And one file of math is one week of math, so you will find multiple pages in one file, usually only about two pages to do per day. The have it organized in “abcde” format, so week one is 1a (for week 1 day 1), 1b (for week 1 day 2), and so on.


The focus for 4th grade is place value, 5-digit add/subtract, multiplication, division, median, and so on. I thought maybe the 5-digit add/subtract would be a bit too difficult for my 4th grader who’s used to using 3-digits operations, not four or five-digits.

But going through the lesson, it’s more like an introduction to 5-digits so I loved how that was set up! 5-digit plus 1-or-2-digit equals the answer.


The grammar subject also has 32 weeks laid out. Just like math, the file names give you what the lesson is about at a glance and is set up similarly. It includes the answer guide as well.

The worksheets are simple worksheet activities. The lessons are indicated at the top of the week page and then activities for the next five days practicing the topic. The activities were on par with topics such as compound sentences, subject and predicate, and so on.



The writing subject is divided by months instead of by weeks. Each month focuses on a particular writing concept.

I actually really liked how they set up their writing. They tell you what the month’s focus will be and also provide you with helpful video suggestions with the video links. The focus for the month is divided by week, which makes it easy to do writing just one or two days a week.

For example, month one is writing about a future goal and explains how many words in sentences, how many sentences ini paragraphs, and so on. Then they tell you to write paragraph one in week one, write paragraph two in week two, and so on.

writing subject with homeschool easy

Of course, there are still other subjects I could dive into, but you see the overall gist of how Homeschool Easy works. Most of the subjects are set up for 32 weeks, with one file being one week.

You might curious about how they set up spelling, though, because each curriculum does it differently when it comes to spelling. For spelling, each week provides 20 spelling words along with flashcards.

I thought twenty spelling words were a big stretch, so are taking the spelling subject a little slower. However, some weeks they already know many of the spelling words while other weeks they don’t know many. We did our own spelling activities to practice the spelling words, but I did like the spelling words they provided.

Homeschooling Just Got Easier – Homeschool Easy All In One Homeschool Curriculum {Review}

Overall, we very much enjoyed Homeschool Easy and the simplicity it gave us to homeschool Everything is open and go! The only drawback of purchasing an entire curriculum is the level of your child should match the level in the curriculum. If my child were a powerful reader for a fourth-grader but was on a second-grade math level, then the math included in the fourth-grade curriculum would not work for him.

The curriculum map and the lessons themselves were clear to understand and worked well with our homeschool family. I quite enjoyed not having to remember or notate complex instructions with multiple variables in this curriculum! It really is “homeschool easy.”

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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