Lesson #2: Homeschool Vision Statement

How To Craft The Perfect Homeschool Vision Statement (With Examples)

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Having a homeschool vision is important for your school year and there’s a lot of benefits for having one. Of all the tasks and preparation you do for your homeschool, year after year, the one thing that ought to be non-negotiable is a homeschool vision and that starts by constructing yourself a homeschool vision statement.

Your homeschool vision should lead you through your entire homeschool year by keeping important goals in priority and helps you structure your entire year. You’re able to keep a focus with goals in mind, allowing you to wisely select curriculum, plan out your day to day, and end your year accomplishing it all.

This is Lesson #2 in our How To Start Homeschooling Series! To see the full list of lessons, go here.

Craft your perfect homeschool vision statement every year as you prep for your new upcoming homeschool year! Your homeschool mission statement will lead the way towards the best year yet! #homeschool #homeschoolmom #homeschoolvision

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Each homeschool year I review and reflect where we’re at as a family in this exact season of our lives and where we’re going. I think about where we’ve been and how much progress we all made not just last year but also year after year.

Doing this helps me see any patterns that may be working best with our family and helps me see what was a waste of time. For example, if my kids absolutely loved a certain way we studied history one year but then the following year they weren’t so excited, I can think back and analyze what were the differences between the two years. It may not only be the approach of how we studied history either; it could be a number of other things that I wouldn’t have noticed had I not taken the time to review and reflect.

We’re going to learn exactly what a homeschool vision statement is, why you need one, and how to create a unique homeschool vision that fits with you and your family. Take note that a homeschool vision statement is the same thing as a homeschool mission statement.

By the time you get to the end, you will have established your very own homeschool mission statement or vision statement – a statement that will drive ambition and motivation throughout the year!

So, you want a successful year of homeschooling? You start with a homeschool mission statement (or, like I said, a vision statement!)!

What Is A Homeschool Mission Statement?

A homeschool mission statement is a homeschool vision statement.

Not that we got that out of the way, really, a homeschool vision statement or mission statement is a unique way to measure the success in your homeschool. Although saying that is kind of weird, right? Because everyone’s homeschool is or can be successful even though everyone’s homeschool looks different. That term in itself is subjective because your homeschool success just depends on what success means to you. It depends on your beliefs, your mindset, your opinions.

When I’m talking about a vision statement I’m not talk about educating for the future. I’m not talking about these expectations and ideas that we’re setting up for our kids. There’s a special place for what you expect of each child, and that certainly counts within the vision, but the homeschool vision is much greater than that.

A homeschool vision is about what is happening in our homeschool every day. The vision is not about the outcome; it’s about the atmosphere that we’re living in and what is happening in the day-to-day.

A mission statement is not just a picture of what could be it’s an appeal to our better selves, a call to be something more. So when we’re creating our vision or mission statement, we need to be thinking about what it is that we want to do in our homeschool each day.

It is a call to ourselves as mothers to create this kind of atmosphere in our home.

Yes…it is an atmosphere.

You want to think about what kind of atmosphere you are wanting to create. It’s about knowing what kind of practices we are wanting to do with our kids and what we want our kids to do every single day.

It’s the beliefs you want to instill within them every day that they can carry with them throughout all the days.

I hope you understand by now what I mean when I say homeschool vision or mission. It’s how you want your homeschool to look like. How you want your day to day flow to be. How you want to start the day every day and end every day.

It is your family’s natural rhythm, an organic cadence that you, as homeschool mom, have unknowingly already set for them and which you herd them through in the every day life. You’re simply invoking this rhythm and replicating it in a way to cover your homeschool year, earmarking it with a brief but powerful statement.

Why You Need A Homeschool Vision For Purposeful Homeschooling

Your homeschool vision can physically push your year off in the right direction because you’ve literally SEEN what your homeschool year could – and will! – look like, therefore, you make it happen by writing it down and putting truth to those words. Here’s what I mean…

Words are powerful. Your mind is also powerful. When you take the time think things through and think about how you want your homeschool to be like, yuo start to imagine your ideal setting.

When you take the time to write it down, your words put your vision into motion! And it’s much more likely to happen!

Because after you create this vision in your mind, and then write this vision down on paper, you’ll start to think about the different things that need to happen to make that vision a reality. Like a mind map!

woman, thoughts, girl-1169316.jpg

Developing Your Homeschool Vision

There’s a few things I want you to consider when creating your homeschool vision. Now even though you can up and do it, I urge you to look a little bit deeper into your desires for your homeschool this year.

I know you may be new to homeschooling, so you don’t exactly know what to really desire for, but you can do this. In fact, it is because you are new to homeschooling that you should do this!

You will have a much smoother homeschool year because you will have something to keep your eyes focused on. Rather than a moving target and getting scatter brained, all your homeschool actions and tasks will be evolved around your homeschool vision.

Set Your Homeschool Goals

And through day to day, atmospheric homeschool vision thinking, do think about your end goal. Each day should be leading up to the end of the year’s big homeschool goal.

For each new homeschool year, think about ONE primary goal that you want your homeschool to meet by the end of the year. It can be any goal, such as focusing on a certain subject in deeper study, reading a certain amount of books for the entire year, building character into your children, developing and sticking to better habits, doing everything all year purposefully for the glory of God, and so on.

The First Step: Create Homeschool Goals

What is the one primary focus you want for your kids this year? Let that be the main influences for your homeschool goals. These goals are what fleshes out your overall homeschool vision.

Write your goals down:

  1. Child #1 needs this
  2. Child #2 needs this
  3. Child #3 needs this

It can be being better writers, increasing in their reading levels, learning character traits, or consistency in Bible study, for example.

I think about the one wish that I want my kids to know or do or learn more than any other thing for this year and that becomes my homeschool goal for that child.

This year our homeschool goal is Reading and Writing. Adding more books to our days and implementing more writing opportunities.

So, for example, how we get to this homeschool goal is by implementing a lot of writing practice into our homeschool days, reading read alouds and independent readers, and more books on different subjects, being more literary-focused in all subjects, and being consistent and creative in our spelling.

My wish for the kids? To learn how to spell and write better. Their penmanship needs a lot of work and I imagine it has something to do with their screens. So no online language arts programs this year. Also, their spelling (for my son) is struggling big time. So this year I plan on adding in a lot more spelling activities into our day, such as adding more spelling slots of activities into our Morning Time loop schedule, focusing on spelling in all subjects, doing weekly vocabulary through learning root words.

It’s how you get to that goal that will determine your homeschool vision.

The Second Step: Create a Homeschool Word of the Year

I really like having a “word” for the year that ties into our goal. Remember, I said words are powerful!

The Word of the Year is not the same thing as your goal. It’s not the same thing as your vision. It is like its own homeschool goal but without necessarily the daily homeschool action towards it.

To me, a homeschool Word of the Year is a positive word. It is either something that we already are or something that I would like to see more of in a given year. It is usually a character trait that I want to see more of. But it can also be the tone that you want your year to dance to. In fact, it can be anything you want it to be!

It’s a descriptive word that focuses on one important aspect of your upcoming or current year. Some Words of the Year to consider can be:

  • Creative
  • Adventurous
  • Honesty
  • Godliness
  • Reading
  • Story Time (2 words but it can still count)
  • Or Storytime
  • Unity
  • Respect
  • Hygiene
  • Cleanliness
  • Humble
  • Grace
  • Perseverance

Craft your perfect homeschool vision statement, starting with picking your Homeschool Word of the Year!

Write this word at the top of any or several pages in your homeschool mom binder to remember it. Keep it front and center, the focal point. Print it out, laminate it, and tac it to the wall to see every single day!

Grab the Homeschool Vision worksheets and your list of 200 positive words here!

    The Formula to Creating Your Homeschool Vision

    You have your main goal for the year and you have your word for the year. Now let’s flesh it all out and make the homeschool vision.

    I want you to think about a building. Think about a foundation, the support beams, the roof, and the walls. All of these things are important for the structure of the house, no? But the most important of them all is the foundation. Without a strong foundation, everything else is liable to fall through the cracks.

    Take out your homeschool mom binder (if you don’t have one, get it!). In it, in the first section will be your homeschool vision and goals.

    Your homeschool vision is the foundation of a strong homeschool. Without a vision, it’s like you’re behind the wheel driving blindfolded and you’re surprised when you get into a wreck. You can drive down a path that you clearly see what’s ahead, behind, and around you when you have a homeschool vision crafted.

    Because of this, you will craft a homeschool vision statement by answering a few key questions about homeschooling and your children:

    1. What kind of person do you want your child to be when they’re all grown up, leading their own lives with their own families?
    2. What do you want your kids to say about their homeschooling?
    3. How do you want them to see you as a homeschool mom? As a family as a whole?
    4. How do you want them to feel about homeschooling?

    Take your notebook or mom binder and write out each question. Then write the answer under each question.

    For example, for me, I want my children to be respectful and Christ-honoring as adults. I want my kids to say that they wouldn’t have been able to learn about so many wonderful things, with the family, had they not been homeschooling. I want them to see me as a mom that did everything she could to provide for them the best homeschooling education I could. I want them to think that mom always made sure that I was learning about something everyday and she always made it fun. Because I was able to spend every day with my family while homeschooling, I grew strong relationships and bonds with my whole family that followed me all my life. And I want them to feel that homeschooling was more than nose in books – it was a lifestyle experience that granted unlimited possibilities of learning about the world around me.

    With your questions answered, now I want you to write out your vision statement, much like putting those answers together. Except in this case, you’re going to make a mini-story of your statements, and I want you to include:

    1. What will we work towards in our homeschool? Think of character traits, curiosity development, and traits that you can take with you any part of the day.
    2. What will we absolutely not do in our homeschool? Think of something that you will not do during your homeschool days, like not be involved maybe, or maybe you won’t go a day without stepping outside.

    For example, for me, in our homeschool we will always work towards reading literature-rich books and recognizing the beauty and blessing that God gave us. We will not rush through our days just to finish a textbook and we will make sure each concept is taught to each child’s learning and understanding, regardless of how much time is spent. We will take into consideration the many interests the children have and dive deeper into units that provide greater learning. And we will not be chained to any such state-wide or common standard scope and sequence. We will go in our homeschool and in however order that best serves our family at that present time.

    With these four vision statements, plus those two that you’ll include, you know have your homeschool vision statement set up for the entire year. And every time you feel a little lost or need to plan new curriculum, pull out this vision statement and remember your homeschool goals.

    Homeschool Vision Statement Examples

    Now that you have a good idea on how to construct the best homeschool mission statement or vision statement, let me show you some final examples!

    Of course, just like each family is different and unique in their own homeschool, so is your homeschool mission statement.

    Our purpose in homeschooling is to raise children who are godly and spiritually wise as well as skillful and knowledgeable in every area that will be useful to them as they serve and glorify the Lord in their future lives, families, and ministries to others.


    To provide support to my children throughout their education and allow them to spend additional time on subjects that they are either struggling with or are important to them personally.

    The Happy Homeschool Nest

    To raise children who understand their worth as members of our family and the community.

    Crazy Homeschool Life

    How To Craft The Perfect Homeschool Mission Statement

    If you are planning your home school year, that is where you need to start. It’s not about your outcomes or where you’re going to end up. It’s about what the day to day of your homeschool + lifestyle looks like. If you want help getting there, I can help you do that with the free downloadable homeschool vision worksheets. After all, that’s why this How To Start Homeschooling lesson series exist – to help all new or seasoned homeschoolers master your homeschool year.

    Homeschool Vision Worksheets to master your homeschool year. How To Start Homeschooling Lesson Series, Lesson #2: Homeschool Vision.

      Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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