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FREE Classroom Fake Money Printable For Kids to Practice Money

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Let’s face it, learning how to count money is hard. But it’s an essential life skill that all kids need to learn. A great way to help them practice is with this classroom fake money printable. This way, they can get all the practice they need without having to worry about losing real money. So if you want to help your kids learn how to count money, be sure to print out this printable play money for them to use!

free classroom fake money printable

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Free printable fake money is such a helpful tool for kids because it allows them to practice counting without the risk of losing real money. This classroom fake money printable is perfect for that! Just print it out and let your kids loose with it. They can use it to practice counting, adding, and subtracting money. And when they’re done, you can just print out another one!

How To Use This Printable Play Money

To use this free printable fake money, simply print it out and cut out the individual bills. You might need to start with the small bills if your child is just beginning to be introduced to money counting.

Then, let your kids loose with it! When they’re done, you can just print out another one.

It’s a great way to practice addition and decimals too, or to be introduced to decimals. I know when my daughter started to learn how to count money, it was a little confusing for her at first. But we used the fake cash – dollar bills, specifically!

Fake dollar bills and real coins, since we have plenty of coins lying around.

First, I introduced her to each dollar bill and told her the value of each. Along with that, we acted out a bunch of scenarios, like I’m buying something and she’s a clerk or she’s buying something and I’m the clerk.


We did that for a little while just so she got used to cash transactions and got a real idea about the value of each dollar bill. The printable play money was perfect for her to learn!

We started with the dollar bills first, though. I made sure she was comfortable with adding and subtracting dollar bills ways before I introduced the coins. Because, you know, coins can just wipe away all that progress and get them all confused again.

So do it in increments.

Teach your child about the dollars first. Then once they’re comfortable with the dollar bills and can add and subtract with them, then add coins in the mix. When you do add coins in the mix, perhaps start with the pennies, then the dimes, then the nickels, and then the quarters.

Or you may want to start with only quarters at first so she can memorize 4 quarters equals one dollar. That kind of thing.

Maybe give your child the value of $1 with each type of coin. Like:

  • 10 dimes is $1
  • 20 nickels is $1
  • 4 quartes is $1
  • 100 pennies is $1

This classroom fake money printable is a great way to help your kids learn how to count cash. So be sure to print it out below and play those fun scenario skits with them using it. They’ll have a blast while they’re learning an essential life skill!

Free Download of Free Printable Fake Money: Realistic-Looking Money Printables!

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about money. And what better way to do it than with our free printable fake money? This printable is perfect for classroom math lessons or for playing store at home. Just print out the pages, cut out the bills, and you’re ready to go.

Your kid will love counting and spending their fake money. Maybe set up a fun storefront for them! They’ll be learning valuable math skills at the same time. I only added the fake dollar bills and NOT the fake coins in the download. Only because it’s difficult enough to print a coin in the front and back side and lining it up right. Plus, you can easily just get the real thing if you look under your couch cushion!

Grab the printable play money below! And these are REALISTIC-looking money printables too!

Download the free printable play money now!

    Free Classroom Fake Money Printable To Help Kids Learn Counting Money

    As any homeschool mom knows, teaching your kids how to count money can be a tad bit challenging. But with this free printable fake money, counting bills will be a breeze! Just print out the printable and you’ll have plenty of play mulah to help your kiddos learn. And if you’re a teacher, this is perfect for your classroom too! The best part is that they won’t even realize they’re learning – they’ll just think they’re playing a game!

    Download the free printable play money now – your kids will be counting like pros in no time!

    Kids need to learn how to count money and what better way than with this free download of printable play money for kids! Use this printable play money template in your homeschool for all ages. Just print the printable play money template free, cut, and go! | printable play money for kids free | Homeschool Math | Preschool Math |

    Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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