Printable Homeschool Worksheets For All Grades {Review}

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When you need a teaching resource to help you teach your homeschoolers, is a great resource to use. With their HelpTeaching Pro Subscription, we have been able to not only pull lessons and worksheets from their massive collections but also generate new worksheets and create customizable tests with their test maker.

What is is a powerful online database of lessons from early education through high school. Through their various concepts, parents can pull lessons by grade level, subject, or Common Core standards-aligned ELA worksheets as well as Common Core standards-aligned Math worksheets. They have a library full of pre-made lessons and worksheets to complement any lesson you have.

Not only do they have a powerhouse of worksheets and pre-made tests available for print, but they also have a Test Maker and Worksheet Generator for you to use for your homeschool. If you need to customize a test or a worksheet to coincide with a lesson, just plug in the information and you print it out – you’ll have a beautiful newly created test or worksheet in no time, especially if you use their built-in image library to fancy up your worksheets.

If you don’t want to print worksheets and tests out, save some ink and do it all online. They have a Test Room available where you create the tests online, then have your students log on and take the test through their various ways of test-taking (multiple-choice, blank, answer choice, essay format, etc.).

They also include a game generator! You can add in your own values for the games, print the sheet out, and have your kids play a game according to their current lessons. Games included are bingo, word search worksheets,

About HelpTeaching Pro Subscription

With the HelpTeaching Pro Subscription, you have a few more bells and whistles than the standard free version. For starters, you can upload your own clipart and images to use on your worksheets. This is handy if you need a specific image to help demonstrate a concept for a lesson.

Here are a few benefits of the Pro subscription:

  • Add up to 100 questions in custom worksheets and tests
  • Add questions with images
  • Save as PDF in tests & worksheets
  • Create your own online lessons with embedded video an unlimited number of times
  • Administer unlimited online tests & lessons through the Test Room
  • Pre-made Common Core ELA & Math lessons and worksheets
  • Browse CCSS-aligned questions by standard

Printable Homeschool Worksheets has a very large selection of worksheets. The subjects included are:

English Language Arts Worksheets: Reading strategies, literature & reading, informational short stories, writing, grammar, handwriting practice, vocabulary, and spelling. Their Game Generator includes games like Bingo and word search. With Common Core Standards Aligned ELA Worksheets.

Math Worksheets and Activities: Elementary math worksheets, Middle School math worksheets, and High School math worksheets. The worksheets include arithmetic and number concepts, function and algebra concepts, geometry and measurement, and statistics and probability. Their Math Worksheet Generator includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With Common Core Standards Aligned Math Worksheets.

Science Worksheets and Activities: Elementary science worksheets, Middle School science worksheets, and High School science worksheets. Subjects include astronomy, biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, science methods and applications.

Social Studies Worksheets and Activities: Ancient World history, US History, and Geography worksheets.

K-6 Seasonal Holiday Worksheets: Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Fall worksheets. Christmas and Winter Holidays. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Spring worksheets. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Summer.

Vocational Education Worksheets: Business Technology, Cosmotology, Culinray Arts, and Carpentry.

Early Education Printables: Help the little ones recognize colors, shapes, numbers, and more with their multitude of printables for the tots and little ones.

Arts and Music Worksheets: This large variety of quizzes, tests, and worksheets cover dance, theatre, music, visual arts, and more. Performing and Visual Arts worksheets. Music History and Theory worksheets.

Other Worksheets: Study Skills & Strategies, Graphic Organizers, Physical Education, and Life Skills Worksheets.

Here’s a brief overview of the login dashboard:

How We Use

Having access to the HelpTeaching Pro Subscription is every homeschool mom’s dream. You can really control the direction of your lessons by creating worksheets that fit just right in with your children. Plus, we were able to test comprehension through their test maker.

What I did was go through Grade 3 Language Arts Worksheets and I saved them to my computer. So now, all I have to do is grab a sheet for morning time. I also have some sheets saved for any upcoming lessons we will be going through so that I already have the sheets ready to go.

Every morning, I printed a worksheet for my kids. For example, they liked reading the stories included in the reading comprehension worksheets. I love the capability to make tests from their spelling lists as well as in any area I felt needed reinforcement. I also liked going through their Language Arts worksheets for comprehension and reading.

With one of the morning time sheets, I was able to effectively explain cause and effect to them. I introduced them to this concept and we had some wonderful discussions about it. Plus the kids liked to give me a lot of different examples.

We went on to do a ton of worksheets then. They understand the differences of Cause and Effect so much better than I did when I was their age!

I also printed the Monthly Book Logs for them.

And because summer is coming up, I printed out the Alphabet Reading Challenge. I started it off for them! Printable Homeschool Worksheets For All Grades {Review}

I enjoyed using HelpTeaching Pro Subscription to utilizein all of the areas of my homeschool. Whether it’s atronomy or math facts, I know I can go to and pull a worksheet that will assist me in reinforcing those concepts.

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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