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The Longterm Benefits of Homeschooling [With Research] + Free Workbook

Are you thinking about the benefits of homeschooling but unsure if it is the right direction for you and your family? I have done the homeschooling research for you in this thorough article. You will be shocked at the overwhelming evidence that proves how your child will be very much so benefited from homeschooling, including homeschool benefits in socialization, anti-bullying, love of learning, higher test scores, character development, and more! Read on for this intensive scope into the longterm benefits of homeschooling your child.

17 Fun & Free Thanksgiving Activities + Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Undecided on what to do after Thanksgiving dinner? Have Thanksgiving with a twist with these free resources of family fun Thanksgiving activities! From puzzles to the turkey trot and Thanksgiving trivia, you’re bound to find some brilliant activities to play with your family on Thanksgiving – after the turkey is gone!



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