Favorite Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

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It’s a mother’s pure adoration to see her little child enjoy reading books. From newborn through adulthood, I can only hope that my children grow a deep-rooted love of reading as I have throughout my own life. In order to make this hope bloom to reality, precious moments must be spent on reading books – books of all kinds – on a consistent basis. And it starts with your favorite board books for babies and toddlers!

Through Timberdoodle’s Usborne Baby Books Set of 6, it was a new sight for me to see how actively involved he was while reading these amazing board books! Scout loves books, but seriously…this is a first for him to be genuinely excited about what was in each book, every one of the six board books.

Timberdoodle's Usborne Baby Books Set of 6 - Favorite board books for babies and toddlers
favorite board books for babies and toddlers - watch your toddler read right before your eyes!

Benefits of Reading Baby Books With Your Baby or Toddler

It’s no secret that reading books to your little ones strengthens their cognizant capabilities by identifying the world around them, develops their vocabulary, and helps little ones in their understanding and comprehension skills. In fact, reading to your child at such a tender age will only benefit him or her!

Favorite board books for babies and toddlers

I couldn’t help by pull out my camera phone to snap pictures and take videos of Scout’s enthusiasm at reading his Usborne Baby Books. He loved pointing at the pictures and testing his knowledge with me, asking, “What’s that?” and also telling me what ‘that’ is. He’s 2 years and 5 months old, and I can honestly say that ever since he was an infant we’ve been reading books together.

Books have made a significant impact on his developmental skills. He’s been able to string words together in the correct grammatical format, say sentences of 5 words and sometimes 6 words in proper ordering, identifies items that I just didn’t realize he knew, and even uses exclamations on things that ‘wow’ him, such as “Oh gosh!” or “Wow!” or “Mama, I did it!” Reading the books with colorful illustrations and fun stories and story structures have taught him just as many cognizant skills as I have!

About Usborne’s Baby Books Set of 6 – What All Is Included?

The Usborne set of baby books are board books designed for babies and toddlers to start off their reading adventures through simple rhymes. This set is also part of the part of the Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit! Mom asks them the single-line question per board-page and toddler or baby will answer the question by pointing it out on the board-page.

My toddler is a little “extra” – in a good way! – and he went beyond the answering to asking me the question of “What’s that?” He did this for two reasons: either to (1) test his own knowledge as he already knew the answer or (2) he was curious, intrigued, and really did want to know ‘what is that’!

The books are glossy and extremely inviting. With colors all over, the pictures within each book are high quality and really cute! It’s easy to see why both toddlers and mommies love these award-winning books so much!

Book 1: Who’s Wearing a Hat? …is it the orange cat?

Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies: Who's wearing a hat?

Book 2: Who’s up in the Air? …is it the little brown bear?

Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies: Who's up in the air?

Book 3: Who’s Fallen Asleep? …is it the fluffy sheep?

Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies: Who's fallen asleep?

Book 4: Where’s the Busy Bee? …is it in the tree?

Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies: Where's the busy bee?

Book 5: Where’s the Little Mouse? …is it in the house?

Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies: Where's the little mouse?

Book 6: Where’s the Butterfly? …is it in the sky?

Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies: Where's the butterfly?

Quick Flip Through Of One of Our Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies

I loaded up a quick and short video flip through of one of the books mentioned, “Who’s wearing a hat? … is it the orange cat?”

Favorite Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

We love these Usborne Baby Books Set of 6 and my toddler (and I) read these all the time. We read them during quiet time mid-day when the older kids are reading their independent readers and we also read them at night time. I’m always reading a book before bedtime to Scout, his choice though! He’s been selecting one of these board books now for weeks and he seems he can’t get enough of them.

Favorite Board Books for Toddlers & Babies - Usborne baby books set of 6

Because of how often we read, I’m so happy we received these books through Timberdoodle. I believe all toddlers and babies (and moms!) who receive these books will instantly love them. They have been quite a hit in our house!

The rhymes make it fun to interact with my toddler throughout all of the books. I’ve even gone so far as created my own silly little rhymes – but hey, it works! Having a toddler or baby is like having a free pass to be silly ALL THE TIME!

And because I’m such a goof troop (hence the name Homeschool and Humor) my toddler’s taken it upon himself to also be originally silly! I love it! So while reading these wonderful books he’ll even play with me by naming an animal the wrong name – he gets this look on his face like he’s doing something super funny! Of course, I have to laugh because of his overall actions and just how adorable he is.

If you have a toddler or a baby in the house, read to him or her! And let them learn their linguistics through the Usborne Baby Books Set of 6!

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Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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