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Picture for a moment what it would be like if you had a full curriculum available to you and your children, right at your fingertips, for every grade, including electives. Imagine how you’d feel if there were no more wasting money on curricula that don’t work for your kids. Just picture how much happier your kids would be by being able to connect with their education, their way via their own learning styles, and, yes, from YOUR teaching without breaking the bank. Nor breaking a sweat.

Dreaming about a planned and prepared curriculum that fits both your child and your family isn’t just a fantasy – it CAN happen. Through’s Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership

Can you even imagine? Just one harmonious day after another. No lesson planning. No building curriculum from scratch. And all the capabilities to customize your own curriculum for any child (or every child!) that matches his or her specific need.

Imagine my excitement when I received a free ultimate membership in exchange for using it, reviewing it, and writing about it! Our family has been pumped to use the Elementary Homeschool Courses available with the above mentioned Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership from

I found a ton of information as I searched through the site. If I wrote about everything I loved, I would just be recreating the site itself! So due to time and convenience, I’ve narrowed down a few points to touch on about and my favorite aspects of the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership. review

Customize Your Curriculum

Although my daughter, Zoey, is 8 years old and my son, Daniel, is 9 years old, I chose to teach their social studies, history, and science courses together as a family, at least for now during their elementary/younger years. And while Zoey and Daniel are on different math levels, they do tend to also learn side by side during language arts (handwriting, reading, writing, grammar…basically most of the elements of language arts.). 

Building Our History Curriculum For the First Time

This past year was my first experience of building my own curriculum and, without the membership of, let me tell you – it was HARD! I wasn’t part of Schoolhouse Teachers at the time, or of any homeschool site, and I soon realized that I had to learn the basics of everything. Even by simply following the below “traditional” history schedule, I realized we were missing out on some meaty, and quite important, American History history!

Our Previous History Schedule

  • Year 1: Ancient Civilizations
  • Year 2: Middle Ages
  • Year 3: Renaissance & Reformation
  • Year 4: Explorers, US and World History up to 1775
  • Year 5: US & World History from 1775-1990
  • Year 6: US & World History through Present (1900-present day)

I felt like we fell behind in social studies / American History, even though we had been following the above history schedule. 

Build Your Own Curriculum Through

I could have made it easier on myself by becoming a member of the early on and accessing their Scope and Sequence section. 

Through their Scope & Sequence tools, you can pull what information each child should know by Grade or by Subject. They have a “Courses by Grade Level Chart” that works well for teaching multiple children. This tool makes it so easy and simple for parents to customize their own curriculum, use the courses as a primary homeschool curriculum, or even use courses as a supplement to their children’s education.


Another great thing is that you’re never locked into a class or course. You can switch up and change as often as you see fit that best meets your family’s needs. After all, flexibility is one of the homeschool community’s loudest horns to toot! does not limit this flexibility at all and, in fact, expounds upon it by providing helpful guides and charts. 

They even encourage communication with their customer service team, who are available to help guide parents with curriculum building.

Different Types of Courses

The SchoolhouseTeachers is an online membership with downloadable, printable elements as well as online classes and video components. 

You can print worksheets for your children or do online courses or online electives. Interactive content is being added all the time as just an added bonus for a richer educational experience to existing courses. 

If you would like to focus on a unit more thoroughly, they also have Unit Studies already created and available for deeper enrichment by grade or by subject.

Lesson Plans

If planning is not your thing and something you struggle with from time to time, never fear because has free homeschool lesson plans for most, if not all, of its courses. 

To be able to go through the site, build my curriculum, and then seeing a link to download an optional lesson plan nearly made me cry. The work has already been done for me.

You can create free homeschool lesson plans through the clearly-labeled “Planning” section. You can follow them by the detail (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) or if you’re more spontaneous by the lesson (Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.). They’ve really thought about how homeschool families with different homeschool styles could utilize the free homeschool lesson plans

Feel free to use their Custom Schedule Builder if you want to customize your own lesson plans. It works great for scheduling, period, but I found it amazing for the 9 Week At A Glance Curriculum Map. Even to schedule multiple children.

From detail-oriented to spontaneous folks, you can use them however you choose – or even not at all! The point is that the lesson plans are available for free in order to help simplify the planning process for busy homeschool families. thought of everything!

Video Library

With how popular streaming is these days it’s no surprise to find that a video library is available on! Your kids can check out wholesome entertainment and educational videos at NO ADDITIONAL COST with your Ultimate Annual Membership through their partnership with Rightnow Media.

According to SchoolhouseTeachers Media: “They have over 450+ videos over several academic areas, as well as entertainment for children, parenting and marriage, apologetics, Bible Study, and holidays.” 

After checking out the video library, I’m quite honestly impressed with how vast this scholarly and respectable video library is! But considering how broad and detailed is, I shouldn’t really be surprised.

World Book

 I’m sure you’re familiar with World Book, a treasured set of encyclopedias that perhaps your old school used to have on the shelves? Or you have at home? 

World Book is the same stellar source of intel and MUCH MORE; it has grown exponentially, especially in its online avenues, and now houses a collection of these World Book libraries (ten libraries, to be exact) with varying, and staggering, depths of tens of thousands educational resources, scholarly articles, lesson plans, videos, games, research tools, and so so so much more. 


I don’t really know where to start with what’s included in the “Resources” section of, only that I can say that they’ve covered IT ALL. That’s what it seems like to me, anyway.

From Help Charts to a Physical Education Center to Homeschool Parent Support to a Monthly Menu that you can click EACH DAY to access a pdf recipe, this membership gives you every tool for your arsenal in conquering the day.

I’m a bit shell-shocked with the Monthly Menu though. They have an entire year’s worth of daily recipes. Just click on the Month, the day of the month, and BAM! – a PDF of a printable or downloadable recipe is available. Like this Slow Cooker BBQ Recipe I found:

They seriously have so much good stuff in the Resources section alone, I want to go over EVERYTHING to you, but I know I can’t! I’ve outlined a few of my top faves.

Literacy Center

From looking over the Literacy available, it’s impressive to see how detailed the center is on learning to read. And a relief. 

The literacy center helps with new readers, from Pre-Reader level to 4th grade Reader level, with online books as well as downloadable books. There are early reader book collections available, along with printable, foldable books, vocabulary helpfuls, and additional teaching guides to assist your little reader along. 

Schoolhouse Teachers also includes a collection of stories, nursery rhymes, and little songs for emerging readers to enjoy.

What I gathered, the literacy center matches where your child’s reading skills are in by listing out all the literacy skills available. Once you see where your child’s literacy skills need improvement, you will find a list of links, instructions, and activities to help guide your teaching instruction for your child’s literacy improvement. It’s Homeschool Parent Support at its finest.

Another great thing about the literacy center is how it can also improve your child’s comprehension skills. You’ll find activities provided to help aid your instruction here as well as inside your free access of the World Book (as mentioned earlier).

Focused Learning Centers

One of my favorite aspects of the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership is that they have a dedicated place for you to go to in order to focus on certain areas within your homeschool.

For example, if your homeschool style is focused steadily on a Charlotte Mason approach, you can access all of the available courses they have that closely mirror her teaching method via the Focused Learning Center resource: the Charlotte Mason Learning Center.

You can get extra help in additional areas for extra focus. So if your child was struggling with some math concepts (or reading, science, etc.), there’s a Focus Resource that helps face that challenge head on.

If you want to do seasonal focuses throughout the year to liven things up a bit or celebrate a certain holiday, they have Seasonal Focuses, like Christmas, Summer, Easter, Fall, and other holiday-related classes and activities. 

These are just a few examples of the focused learning centers that are available. You can see a complete list here.

Full Resources List

Those are just a few of my favorite resources available. Here’s a larger list:

  • Members Forum
  • Focused Learning Centers
  • High School Help
  • Special Needs
  • Literacy Center
  • Holiday and Seasonal Content
  • Physical Education Center
  • Just For Parents
  • Parent eBook Library
  • Schoolhouse Expos
  • Monthly Menu
  • Trade Magazine
  • Certificate Library
  • Help Charts

The Pursuit of Happiness: Our Personal Experience

One elementary course we chose to dive further into specifically for this review is the Rights of Citizens for Third Graders social studies course. This is a 9-week course with 3 days each week that includes various hands-on activities to demonstrate what they’ve learned, such as making posters, designing flags, writing letters, drawing their own cartoons, and so on. 

This course utilizes World Book libraries and makes each lesson just enough to consume in small chunks. For example, lesson 1 does an overview of what democracy means and goes over with the student on what type of government the United States has, how long it’s had its type of government, and how it compares to differing governments elsewhere.

Then, we were directed to go to an online website resource called “Congress for Kids” and followed the lesson instructions on which sections of that website to read for now.

We followed up the reading with discussion questions and talked about what they learned.

The lesson was completed with activities to finish: 

1. Choose a flag design from history that the USA has used. Then draw and color it.

2. Create a scene with gummy bears of 3 different types of government.

3. Because voting is a special right, design a button or poster encouraging people to vote.

Here’s a short 1-minute video overview of the Social Studies page:

As we went through the lessons, mostly the children read from World Book or were directed to an online resource, but the majority of the time we had hands-on activities and lively discussions! 

My Final Thoughts

Before I checked out the website, I already knew that was expansive. But when I decided to get a free membership in exchange for an honest review, I literally clicked everywhere with my new access and I am seriously blown away with how much this membership offers.

Everything is all-inclusive too. Amazing.

I sit here wondering…wishing…I had come across an article like the one I’m currently writing to have informed me of such an amazing, enriching, educational, all-inclusive and Christian-minded homeschool solution a long time ago. 

This is my forevermore one-stop shop for homeschool. 

I am also tickled pink with how excited my kids were with the interactive content and video library. They really enjoyed the learning process that has to offer. 

I just wish I had fancier words to describe how perfect this ultimate resource is for every single area of our homeschool lifestyle. All I can say is…

I wish I found this sooner!

Thank you,, for providing such a feast of homeschool solutions to ALL of our homeschool problems – and then some! I can’t wait to dive into the apologetics and homeschool parenting resources next!

Be sure to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of’s Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership!

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  1. Wow, firstly what a great review. No stone left unturned. It also seems like you get soooo much with your membership here. Everything I would need! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jon! I wish I could say I listed absolutely everything but I didn’t – there’s just so much included in this membership that I was only able to write my favorites about it and highlights without recreating the entire program! Ha!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! And, several digital and printable home learning options closely follow the Common Core standards. Those that do not will usually specify; it doesn’t make them unacceptable though! On the contrary, I think it’s our family’s best choice because we can customize our curriculum according to our family’s needs and the strengths & weaknesses of our kids! They fly through some subjects super fast and then, on other subjects, they need more focused time. We are all differently learners. 🙂

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