This Dr. Seuss Activity Pack has 13 different activities with over 45 pages! Your kids will love all the fun activities with all the Dr. Seuss characters and famous Dr. Seuss quotes. #drseuss #thecatinthehat #readacrossamerica #reading #drseussbooks #preschool

13 Fun Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities & Printables You’ll Love

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Everyone loves Dr. Seuss. In fact, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss. One of the great things about him is his extremely positive messages delivered in just about every one of his wonderful books and in just about every famous quote of his. You can make a lot of fun activities with a Dr. Seuss theme and many of your favorite Dr. Seuss books.

I created a Dr. Seuss Activity Pack full of our favorite Dr. Seuss activities for young children that include 13 puzzles with over 45 pages of super Dr. Seuss fun that’s perfect Doctor Seuss activities for preschoolers! Dr. Seuss Week is always a fun week, kicking off on March 2nd as Dr. Seuss Day (aka Dr. Seuss’s birthday), but there are so many different ways and fun ideas in honor of Dr. Seuss and his fun books every other day of the year to grow the love of reading and learning fun!

Build several skill areas with this Dr. Seuss Activity Pack! Your kids will love these Dr. Seuss preschool activities and printables pack! With 13 activities and over 45 pages of Dr Seuss fun! #drseuss #readacrossamerica #thecatinthehat

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Doctor Seuss Activities for Preschoolers, First Grade, And Beyond!

These Doctor Seuss activities for preschoolers and older are so great for kiddos and they’ll love all these printables, adding fun ways to dig into lessons during the day! (Even you, mom!) The following activities are inside the Dr. Seuss Activity Pack (all with the Dr Seuss Theme):

  • Dr. Seuss Word Search Puzzle – Find Dr. Seuss words, places, themes, and primary characters that you know and love
  • Dr. Seuss Character Analysis Worksheet – Use this sheet after reading your favorite Dr. Seuss books or for any great book!
  • Dr. Seuss Story Summary – Have your kiddo dig a little bit further into the story. Many times you’ll find positive underlying messages inside the Dr. Seuss books that leave a wonderful impression and can provoke thoughtful conversations!
  • Dr. Seuss Jigsaw Puzzles – Cut along the dotted lines, mix up the pieces, and then arrange them back in order!
  • Make Dr. Seuss Faces – Complete the face of the Dr. Seuss character by drawing it in!
  • Learn to Draw in 3 Steps – Draw fun characters with easy-to-understand 3-step drawing instruction!
  • Trace and Color – Trace over the fun Dr. Seuss characters to perfection!
  • Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages – Color these Dr. Seuss coloring pages from your beloved Dr. Seuss books!
  • Story Scene Cut-Outs – Cut these super cute scenes along the dotted lines, glue to a popsicle stick, and then create the scene from the Dr. Seuss book as you read along!
  • Copywork Famous Dr. Seuss Quotes – Dr. Seuss has some of the best positive messages for kids out there. Your kiddo will learn these positive messages as they copy and write the famous Dr. Seuss quotes from many of his books.
  • Dr. Seuss Writing Prompts – Use the Dr. Seuss-themed writing prompts to start the imagination station and then draw what you wrote about
  • Dr. Seuss Wall Art – Print out these loving Dr. Seuss pictures and word quotes to hang on the wall or to decorate your kid’s bedroom with!
  • Draw Dr. Seuss Characters – Different than the 3-step instruction worksheet, here you will simply mirror the characters you see and draw it freestyle!
  • Match Pictures – with one fish two fish red fish blue fish

With over 45 pages of fun, you will find this super enjoyable Dr. Seuss preschool activities printables kit packed with multiple pages for each activity, for the most part.

Grab the Dr. Seuss Activity Pack right here!

Build several skill areas with this Dr. Seuss Activity Pack! Your kids will love these Dr. Seuss preschool activities and printables pack! With 13 activities and over 45 pages of Dr Seuss fun! #drseuss #readacrossamerica #thecatinthehat

A Few Highlights from the Pack Include:

Dr Seuss Coloring Pages Printable

Everything inside this packet is colorable, but specifically there are coloring sheets for the kids to color with all the popular characters. You’ll find a coloring sheet for Sam I Am and Green Eggs and Ham, among other fun coloring pages.

dr seuss coloring pages printable

Dr Seuss Story Scene Cutouts

Story scene cutouts are a big hit in out home! Have you tried them? You should! Here’s how to use them:

Cut out the different story scenes for the Dr. Seuss Activity Pack. Glue the back of the scenes to popsicle sticks. Then as you read your favorite Dr. Seuss book, reenact the various scenes with the scene cutouts!

To go a step further, video your kiddo acting out the scenes as you’re reading Dr. Seuss’ book and then send it to granda, grampa, and/or Dad – like we do!

Green Eggs and Ham is a fun Dr. Seuss book to do this with, as well as when Horton Hatches or when he hears a Who, but they’re all pretty special to do with the story scene cutouts!

It would be a good idea, too, to make lesson plans out of this activity pack!

Doctor Seuss activities for preschoolers

Copywork from Famous Dr. Seuss Quotes

In his book, I love to read the positive messages that he writes throughout the books and at the end of the books. They’re all pretty great books for kids and these books seem to leave a lasting impression on them.

Inside the activity pack I’ve included famous quotes from Dr. Seuss for the kids to copy. In some copyworks pages, I’ve included an area where they can draw what they think the quote means. This helps with them to retain the positive message and comprehend it more clearly. Plus, it’s a wonderful conversation starter between you and the kiddos.

Dr Seuss activities for preschool pages

Tracing Dr Seuss Characters

There’s a few variations of tracing and drawing inside the pack.

Dr Seuss Activities for Preschool: Benefits of Puzzles for Kids

Kids that oftentimes use puzzles or brain games strengthen certain skill areas more than if they weren’t using puzzles and thinking games. Speaking of which, the activities included in this pack help with several benefits for kids, such as:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Shape recognition
  • Strengthen concentration and patience
  • Helps build problem solving and self-correcting skills
  • Memory and cognitive skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Many other benefits!

Skills, such as the ones listed above, are so good for your kids to continue building and growing as they develop, mentally and physically. Puzzles and brain games are particularly wonderful for kids to do, beginning all the way from toddlerhood!

13 Fun Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities Printables You’ll Love

It’s always fun (and a great idea) to have Dr. Seuss preschool activities printables available as your kids grow older and using this Dr. Seuss Activity Pack is a great way to incorporate it into your every day – and not just for Read Across America Day (or Read Across America Week).

The pack is perfect for any great Dr. Seuss book, and you can do a fun Dr. Seuss craft to coincide with the pack (like a fun craft, such as a hat craft or something to do with truffala trees…really anything to go along with your favorite book by Dr. Seuss!). The books aren’t only wonderful and fun to read, but they’re also on-point with their positive messages.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

From the book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Comment your favorite Dr. Seuss quote below! And be sure you grab the Dr. Seuss Activity Kit while it’s available by clicking here!

Build several skill areas with this Dr. Seuss Activity Pack! Your kids will love these Dr. Seuss preschool activities and printables pack! With 13 activities and over 45 pages of Dr Seuss fun! #drseuss #readacrossamerica #thecatinthehat

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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