Just A Page A Day of Math Is All You Need

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Math can be a struggle for a few homeschool families. Heck, who am I kidding? Most homeschool families. But you don’t have to be on the struggle bus for long when you use Page a Day Math as a supplement to your homeschool math curriculum! Just one page a day will take the struggles away. Read on to hear how we went from Wild Willy to Peaceful Penny with this math fact fluency system with the multiplication kit.

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Page a Day Math: A Supplemental Math Curriculum

A supplement is something that completes or enhances something else when added to it, and that is exactly what Page A Day Math does. Each of my children uses their own math curriculum because each child has a different learning style when it comes to math. One is a hands-on learner, the other is pretty swift and can go to town on some worksheets.

Both kids, however, benefit from doing math “warm-ups” or math pages every day. And I suspect if not all then most kids would benefit from doing one math page a day that focuses on specific math concepts or operations.

Page a Day Math can be either digital downloads or you can order the physical kits and get the kits mailed to you. It offers different levels of math by providing fun and engaging math sheets. You would give your child just one math sheet a day.

The bright, colorful sheets help excite and motivate kids by tracing problems, looking at the interesting characters around the math sheets, and then work our each math problem with repetitive, mixed problems.

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    There are currently five kits of the Page a Day Math kits, which include:

    1. PreK Math
    2. Addition Math
    3. Subtraction Math
    4. Multiplication Math
    5. Division Math

    Each kit is organized by books and each lesson is equivalent to a day. Therefore, lesson 1 is day 1, lesson 2 is day 2, lesson 3 is day 3, and so on. For instance, the multiplication kit (which is the kit we primarily worked through) has 12 books. Each book focuses on one concept at a time.

    For Book 1, the children learned how to multiply by 1s. On Day 2, the children learned to multiply 1 x 1. On Day 3 they learned 2 x 1. One Day 4, they learned 3 x1. And so on in that order, all through just Book 1. After book 1, you would move on to Book 2, which is learning how to multiply by 2s.

    The colors in the books alone are really catchy! And I love the encouraging and sometimes funny wording that’s within the books, wording that’s there just for fun. The colors make me as the parent pretty excited. I love bright and shiny new books! And from the gleam in my children’s eyes, they did too!

    What’s Included In Each Math Kit

    All kits include ton of bright and shiny goodies! With each kit, you get:

    • Books to walk you through the concepts one at a time
    • Flashcards: Color-coded, easy, and fun to use! Simply print, cut, and fold. Your child can make one flashcard a day as they work through the kit.
    • Progress Tracker: This adorable game-like progress tracker keeps children on track and motivated to reach their goals because they can see their accomplishments.
    • Assessments: to help you determine exactly what your child knows and where additional practice is needed.
    • Fun Handwriting books!
    • If you get the physical kits, you also get access to the digital downloads for free!

    While each kit has its own number of books included, they all bonuses and amazing handwriting books in each kit! The

    PreK Math Kit

    The PreK Math Kit is packed full of amazing material that ensures your child will have fun while being engaged in learning beginner math concepts. And the handwriting books help them with both their print as well as their cursive.

    Addition Math Kit

    The Addition Math Kit is prepared to teach your child all of the addition concepts. Your child will be eager to do their page-a-day for addition with this colorful kit. Not only that, but they’ll love the handwriting books included!

    Subtraction Math Kit

    The Subtraction Math Kit helps your child along with his or her subtraction concepts with flashcards and books! Again, like all of the kits, just one page a day will take the pressure off your child! The handwriting books that come with the subtraction kit are themed cursive books! How fun!

    Multiplication Math Kit

    With the Multiplication Math Kit you get all the tools necessary to move forward in developing your child’s multiplication skills. Along with this, you get themed cursive handwriting books!

    Beginning cursive and beginning multiplication kind of goes hand-in-hand. That’s what we’re doing in our homeschool; we’re starting cursive all the way from A as well as learning multiplication all the way from zero!

    Division Math Kit

    The Division Math Kit also includes themed cursive handwriting books as well as flashcards, progress tracker, and 12 books full of lessons for your child to do in order! After they get through with this division kit, they’ll be to divide like a king – or queen!

    Although the kits include all the additional goodies, you have the option to purchase the flashcards separately. Not only flashcards, you can also purchase separately the assessment books, review books, handwriting books (both print and cursive), and various bundles.

    What is Page a Day Handwriting?

    As I’m sure you’ve gleaned from the math kits above, Page a Day Math also includes handwriting books! They have all sorts of handwriting books, both in cursive and in print, with various themes. You can get these books individually, bundled in a pack, or within the math kits.

    If you have a child that’s been interested in learning cursive (like mine!) then I would highly recommend these cheerful cursive handwriting books – hands down. You can start with the beginning where your child learns how to do each letter in cursive from A to Z. Once they master that, you can move on to one of the fun themes!

    With nearly 20 books of handwriting available, you can knock out your homeschool handwriting curriculum for years to come!

    How I Introduced Multiplication To My Kids With Page a Day Math

    We received the digital downloadable kits for review, however, if you go to the bottom and click on the banner, you’ll find some families that did get the physical kit to review.

    I’ve been skirting multiplication for a good while now. Not because my kids are intimidated by multiplication, but because I was intimidated by teaching it. I’m actually one of those annoying people who aced math courses all the way through college. So I’ve been hesitant in pinpointing exactly how to even begin explaining multiplication to my kids and then continuing on from 0.

    True Story.

    But they say success is on the other side of fear so I decided what better time – and way – to teach the very beginning of multiplication concepts to my kids than with one single page of multiplication practice a day. And you know? It worked brilliantly!

    We’re a family that uses one-pagers at the start of our morning time. I usually give my children one sheet of a previously-learned lesson that they can practice on or gradually introduce them to something new. So for their morning time practice sheet, I gave them the multiplication sheets, beginning with Day 1 (lesson 1) since they had no prior practice with multiplication.

    The sheets worked great up until we got to the harder lessons. I can see why this would be a supplement to your math curriculum because, although they provide enough practice in the sheets, they do not necessarily teach how to learn the concepts. But when you do pair this with your math curriculum, these page a day math sheets work like a charm by getting the kids excited to do math!

    My kids loved the multiplication books and daily pages. The colors are extremely inviting, fun, and the characters are easy to fall in love with. This is really the ideal supplement to your math curriculum since it offers daily practice and, as we use them, daily morning warm-up pages.

    For the handwriting pages, they also were never experience

    Digital Downloads

    When saving the kits or individual booklets, it’s pretty easy. You will get the zip files emailed to you and also have the capability to download on the Thank You page immediately after purchasing. Once I unzipped my multiplication kit, I saved the files on my laptop, which looks like this:

    It’s easy to access the files. I print the lessons on a weekly basis and also print them front and back. So, for instance, I printed Days 1 through 5 for the first week. Then on Sunday of the first week, I printed Days 6 through 10 and so on. I’ll continue to do so on a weekly basis until I’ve gone through all of the books.

    As you can see, all the books, the flashcards, progress tracker, assessments, and bonus handwriting books are all in the one zip file. I just love colors! Even the Page a Day icons look radiant!

    Printing Page a Day Worksheets

    I feel this wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t point out the awareness when printing the Page a Day worksheets. Now, this isn’t really something that’s a “big deal” once I did it. However, I was a tiny bit hesitant about printing the worksheets in color.

    I mean, the whole enthusiasm, for my kids at least, was based upon the fantastic, bright colors. Without the colors, I’m afraid these worksheets aren’t much different than other math worksheets. And I so wanted these Page a Day worksheets to stand apart from other math worksheets!

    Once I realized that I may go through more ink that I wanted to, I tested out what the worksheet would look like when printed in both color and just black and white. And they weren’t bad. They were ok. But when given to my son, he wasn’t has thrilled as his sister was, which happened to get the test page printed in color.

    As you can see, it’s not a total difference. But my worry was for nought – because the ink it takes to print thew colors are (1) not that much ink used after all and (2) the colors are light so it doesn’t take too much ink anyway. Also, if you’re a homeschool family with one of those fabulous printers that needs new ink every 2 years, then no worries anyway.

    I may still alternate printing in black and white and printing in color still. Even if a lot of ink isn’t used, I still need my ink for other subjects. So it’s something I wanted you to be aware of if you don’t purchase the physical kits! (Which I recommend because those physical kits look FABULOUS!!)

    Our Handwriting Pages

    My kids were thrilled with the opportunity to learn cursive, and Page a Day offers excellent and cute handwriting books for your children to practice their handwriting, whether in print or cursive.

    I made a mistake and thought they would jump right into writing in cursive, so I gave them a fun page to practice on right off. Big mistake. They were so lost, I felt horrible.

    So we went back to square 1 – or the beginning – and started with cursive A. Once we finish the alphabet, then we’ll move on to the fun practice pages. Sorry kids! #momfail

    Just A Page a Day of Math Is All You Need

    Wrapping up, the Page a Day Math system is a genius way to reinforce math concepts your child is currently learning. Whether your child is learning addition or multiplication, or a beginner in PreK, I wholeheartedly feel that Page a Day Math will reinforce concepts in a fun fashion!

    Sometimes we all need just a little extra practice in an area to sharpen our skills. Page A Day Math offers this skill sharpener in math, from PreK all the way to division. Do a math page a day and your kiddos will be well on their way to math success, all while having fun in the process. #homeschoolmathcurriculum #supplementalmath #hsreviews #pageadaymath #pageadaymathwiththemathsquad #freeproductreceived
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    Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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