best toddlers halloween costumes

20 Best Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes for 2021

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Halloween is always best when you’re a kid! Whether it’s dressing up in your best costume or getting to enjoy the candy, there are so many ways Halloween can be tons of fun for kids. And whether you’re looking for easy costumes, an adorable costume, or fun costumes, you’ll find a sweet array of the best toddlers halloween costumes in this list.

I’m sharing 20 best toddler boy halloween costumes that will have him looking spook-tacular and ready for trick-or-treating this year!

toddler halloween costumes

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20 Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Your tot might want to dress up as his favorite character, so I put some ideas below that I know are my toddler’s faves! A halloween trend going on now are cute toddler halloween costumes that are non-spooky, so no scary stuff is found in this list (just some of our favorite halloween costume ideas!).

  1. Thomas the Train (I found it a lot cheaper at Amazon!)
  2. Percy from Thomas the Train
  3. Woody or Buzz from Toy Story
  4. Chase or Marshall from Paw Patrol
  5. Mickey Mouse
  6. Minecraft
  7. Link from Zelda
  8. Spiderman
  9. Tigger from Winnie the Pooh
  10. Aladdin
  11. Moana’s Maui character or the cute pet chicken character named Hei Hei
  12. Peter Pan
  13. The Little Prince
  14. Fireman
  15. Construction Worker
  16. Cowboy
  17. Astronaut
  18. Lion (think Simba from the Lion King)
  19. Ninja Turtle
  20. Captain America or other superhero costumes

This is one of the cutest Thomas the Train costumes I’ve found for tots! I found it cheaper on Amazon this time. Make sure when you shop, you price compare. Even so, however, I’ve seen even Amazon lacking in some creative halloween costumes or they are out of stock at the moment. My favorite list of places to get halloween costumes are below!

    Where to get non-spooky best toddlers halloween costumes

    A great place to find non-spooky toddler halloween costumes is Target. Target has a lot of kids’ costumes, but more specifically, they have classic looks for kids’ halloween costumes with a brand called Cat & Jack. They have a few of what I would call “less spooky” costumes . They have the best toddler boy halloween costumes for 2021 as well as baby halloween costumes and toddler girl costumes.

    I also recommend checking out Walmart. Wal-Mart is actually coming out with some pretty cool costumes that aren’t evil-looking but super cute. And it’s likely you have one right there in your town. One of their most cutest toddler outfits  is actually a pumpkin outfit!

    Another good place, and it’s kind of strange actually how they seem to pop up around the corner out of the blue, is Halloween Spirit (or They have some of the best costumes I’ve seen, but you gotta get in there a little bit earlier than the last minute!

    Halloween Spirit has a huge selection of toddler halloween costumes and it’s where I even got the full costume for my son, Daniel, for Link (from Zelda) one year. It came with a sword, a shield, elf-like ears, and of course the green costume! It was awesome! And he wants it again this year!

    Zoey was a goddess, Scout was a firefighter (like his retired Poppy), and Daniel was Link from Zelda

    Don’t forget you about Halloween accessories too! You can get these at Halloween Spirit but you can also get them from or Amazon. Amazon will send it to you in 2 days with Amazon Prime! You should really get Amazon Prime for so many reasons but most definitely because of their awesome shipping times – 2 days, really!!

    Places to check out to find cute halloween costumes:

    Don’t Forget about the Halloween Accessories, Decor, and Makup!

    Last but not least, among the best toddler boy costumes for halloween night, I think Thomas the Train is a clear winner and a classic costume, especially if you have a little guy that adores Thomas like mine does. These wholesome, non-spooky costumes are the cutest way to celebrate Halloween! And in my opinion, the best way to celebrate the holiday tradition.


    With a little bit of face paint to make it extra fun, he’ll be ready for trick-or-treating in no time. He can even carry around his pumpkin bucket while wearing this best toddler boy halloween costumes – it’s so easy to coordinate with his favorite candy! So don’t forget the halloween buckets, Dollar Tree halloween decorations, and halloween costume accessories!

    By the way, did you know you can rent toddler halloween costumes? You can even rent a costume for the holiday – or any holiday – at Halloween Costumes!

    In need of a rental costume for your next holiday? Shop Now!

    And if you want to do some fun halloween crafts, the Dollar Tree has the cutest crafts ever and cute halloween and fall decorations to boot!

    20 Best Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes

    These are the best toddler halloween costumes and will be perfect for Halloween. He can wear his halloween costumes while trick-or-treating, and he’ll look like the cutest character around town. I love all of these toddler boy halloween costumes because they are so easy to get on and off of your little one, which makes it extra convenience when they pass out in the car after a night of funnin’ and runnin’ and you’ll have to change him when you get home while he’s a limp noodle.

    Really, you can make just about anything costume by just adding a black shirt or black dress. Get crafty with a hot glue glue, a stocking cap, an old sheet, and they’ll have a great costume right there and still have so much fun and still get halloween candy for looking adorable!

    Do you have any best toddler boy halloween costumes ideas that are non-spooky and wholesome? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you and I’ll include your ideas in the article.

    Be sure to to grab your halloween pack below!

      Little boys love to dress up in costumes, so this year, get him a costume from our list of the best toddler boy halloween costumes that are UN-SPOOKY! He might even wear them all year long!

      Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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