May 2020

SchoolhouseTeachers May 2020 Promo {Discount & 19 Free Gifts!} is running a great promotion for the month of May 2020 only! Even at a huge discount, is also offering over $500 worth of 19 gifts – totally free! They partnered with family-friendly curriculum to bring you these wonderful gifts, from learning how to take notes and learning Spanish or French to structuring your writing style! And, of course, you get the all in one curriculum of – for every grade and every subject, a brilliant HUGE curriculum for the whole family! Read on to learn more about the membership as well as about the 19 gifts!

Memoria Press Prima Latina Review

Best Homeschool Latin Curriculum – Latin for Beginners

Prima Latina by Memoria Press is the absolute perfect Latin course to teach to absolute beginner learners, especially if you are also an absolute beginner teacher in Latin with no experience of this foreign language. This course is for the absolute basic beginners for both children and parents/teachers, and will walk you through the entire course step by step. It also includes 4 complete prayers that you’ll be able to pray in Latin! How beautiful is that? Read on for the full review.

Handwriting Curriculum: Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting

How To Make Your Handwriting Beautiful

Learn how to write in beautiful italic handwriting with this unique handwriting curriculum called Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting by Everyday Education, LLC. Not only will new readers learn how to read but they’ll also learn how to write! People of all ages can use this program – I found myself practicing my italic handwriting right alongside my kiddos. Read on to learn more about writing in beautiful handwriting.



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