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My toddler and I had a lot of fun going through a very special curriculum by Wisdom Wonder Project. Out of the three curriculums they offer, we selected the Little Wonders Preschool that is geared towards 3 year olds. And even though he’s not quite 3-years-old yet, he did great in many of the activities within this curriculum.

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

About Wisdom Wonder Project: Little Wonders Preschool Curriculum

The Little Wonders Preschool curriculum came with four downloadable PDFs of 3 units within this curriculum. And although you may purchase each one individually without getting the entire curriculum, we did use the entire curriculum.

The units included are:

  1. Literature Unit
  2. Block Play Unit
  3. Little Masters Unit

Each downloadable/printable PDF is a bit lengthy as it took a good while for me to read through. But once I did, I understood their overall mission for the preschool curriculum. I thought it was great to read the author’s excitement about how she discovered block play and learned how it helps with the developmental process. She even recommends some books so you can read more about block play.

There are annual and monthly subscriptions available for the Wisdom Wonder Project. Once you have your subscription of choice, you’re ready to go!

They have three total curriculums to choose from:

  1. Little Wonders Preschool  Junior K – Kindergarten
  2. Young Scholars First/Second Grade   
  3. Kindergarten Singapore Math

Within the Little Wonders Preschool, you can choose between three grade levels: (1) Preschool, (2) Junior Kindergarten, or (3) Kindergarten. We chose Preschool since that was the youngest choice out of the three and best fit with my almost-three-year-old’s age range.

How It Works

For the Little Wonders Preschool curriculum, as well as the other curriculums available, the idea is this:

Each month you will find a new selection of themed curriculum available called bundles. They have bundles for each month of the year and sometimes seasonal bundles available too (such as a summer bundle). And each bundle is themed, including new ideas and activities for each month.

So for this review, we logged into our account and downloaded the September Bundle for Preschool. The September Bundle includes these three themed units of study, as mentioned above: Literature Unit, Block Play Unit, and Little Masters Unit.

Each unit has four weeks of activities to satisfy the entire month. When the month is over, you can log back into your Wisdom Wonder Project account and find the new month’s curriculum available with new, different themes that will differ from last month’s themes. (I previewed the August bundle and loved how they included Fairies and Simple Machines in that bundle, so I can’t wait to see what themed bundle will be available for October!)

Each unit includes activities, books, a suggested schedule, an overview of the unit, required resources and materials, and recommended resources and materials.

How I Used Wisdom Wonder Project: Little Wonders Preschool In Our Homeschool With My Toddler

Because we received three different units, I needed to read through the units to see how this curriculum worked. And although I was overwhelmed with all of the information provided, I understood how they set their curriculum up. I recommend reading all the way through the units first just to get a general idea of how to use each unit and how to incorporate it into your homeschool.

Literature Unit

The Literature Unit introduces four books for each month, which is one new book every week. It is through each book that the activities are based on. Also included are four poems – one poem for each week, which you can find at the end of the unit. You will get a sample schedule to help you plan your month for the literature unit.

As you can see, for every day of the week for the entire month of September the picture book of the week directs the entire curriculum’s activities. September’s selected picture books for each week of are:

  1. Peter’s Chair By Ezra Jack Keats
  2. Rosie’s Walk By Joan L. Nodset
  3. Planting A Rainbow By Lois Ehlert
  4. Swirl By Swirl: Spirals In Nature By Joyce Sidman

For the curriculum, you are required to purchase or borrow each book in the Literature Unit each month. There is a shopping list for the required materials that coordinate with the activities (which activities are influenced by the book). You will find most of the common materials around the house. They also give you a list of recommended books if you wish to further that week’s study.

The total cost of the required material for each week can add up. While this was not a great fit for our family financially, the curriculum states that it is an investment in your child’s education, which I do agree with. And if you are purchasing material all at once for your little one, usually you will see a higher cost of supplies when starting your child out with his or her education.

But most of these items will last a long time. You will have these items on hand for the following months and you will not need to purchase them again until you run out. And the good thing is that they often use many of the same materials for each bundle.

With that said, you will find a few new items required to fulfill the activities within the bundle. But again, I consider this an investment too. For example, one of the items required were pattern blocks and there was a recommended item for wooden blocks. We already had the pattern blocks and we’ve had them for years!

But we didn’t have the wooden blocks, and even though it was just recommended, I liked the idea of learning through play with blocks and I wanted my toddler to do some of the wooden block activities. We bought the wooden blocks and now he’ll have them in his supplies for years to come! We won’t have to ever buy them again. #investment

The collection of books were great, for the most part, and the activities for each were fun to do with my toddler. However, I did not like one of the books for the September collection for the Preschool level. It covered a topic I didn’t want to introduce to my almost-three-year-old son.

We did activities that went with each book, so all month long we were reading the book of the week throughout the week while doing the coinciding activities. In Swirl By Swirl: Spirals In Nature By Joyce Sidman, we created swirly snails with playdough. The curriculum provided an interesting recipe for homemade playdough, but I just purchased a small box of playdough instead.

Swirl By Swirl Activity - Snail

Block Play Unit

The Block Play Unit introduces the importance of block play in the development process of our kids. The September Bundle included two PDF downloads for the Block Play Unit: One for an overview and the other for activities. It also included a suggested schedule for how to use this unit for the month of September.

The curriculum explains how to set up your workstations for organizing your blocks and to store them each day. Each block play activity is related to the book that is required for the month, called Changes, Changes by Pat Hutchins. You have one required book that you will use for the entire month of the Block Play Unit.

Because this unit requires the use of blocks, you will need to obtain the necessary items (such as the pattern blocks) listed in the unit’s shopping list in order to do the activities inside the unit. Each month will have a couple of items necessary to have on hand in order to complete the curriculum and these materials are specific to each month.

block play
block play

We had a great time doing the block activities. My son learned a lot about shapes and building tall towers, which was one of the activities listed in the unit. It was interesting to see how he would stack them properly without them toppling over!

Little Masters Unit

The Little Masters Unit is a unit where your child gets to paint! Painting is always fun in our house so we were happy to do these painting activities. And we got to paint a lot throughout the month using their suggested schedule included in the Little Masters Unit.

Just like the Block Play Unit, the Little Masters Unit requires you to purchase or borrow just one book specific to the month’s bundle. For the September Bundle, the required book (that we borrowed from the library instead of purchasing) is called The Line by Paula Bossio.

The Line

The Line is a book that has no words in it. It’s just a book with a little girl drawing a line within each page. Each page she uses her imagination and creativity to create something with her line.

All units in the Little Wonders curriculum have a list of required material, including the Little Masters Unit. But again, the required material is an investment that can be used more than just in this month’s bundle, especially if your family likes to paint too! You might even already have the required material for this painting unit around your house.

Many of their painting activities explore color and one of the supplies needed is a color wheel. My toddler just learned his colors so it was fun making various colors, such as purple and green, through one of their activities in the unit.

For another activity, Scout and I did the Line Matching activity. This activity is where I paint a line and then he paints a line. Then we compare the two lines and talk about the differences and the uniqueness of each line. We also applied different pressures to our paint brush bristles, creating light strokes and then hard strokes.

Hands-On Toddler Homeschool Curriculum: Overall Conclusion and Thoughts

I am actually very happy to see that none of the Little Wonders Preschool activities included writing or using worksheets. As my toddler’s development requires more learning through play than writing on a worksheet, I see that the Wisdom Wonder Project understands this too. All of the activities included were perfect for us to do and were especially fit for my toddler’s age and for any child between ages 2-3 and even 4.

Each suggested schedule for all three units (Literature Unit, Block Play Unit, and Little Masters Unit) is nicely organized throughout the month with plenty of days to fit in other units or activities. And if you put all the suggested schedules together you will have a full month of toddler activities! Even so, you can choose to purchase each unit separately or you can get the whole bundle like I did for a “full curriculum”!

If you prefer a literature-based classical style of education and you want and are able to invest in materials that will benefit your children throughout their homeschool career, Wisdom Wonder Project is a great option! Be sure to download a sample which you can find here to see if this curriculum could be a great fit for you. There is also a FAQ page!

If you are drawn to the classical education method and you have a 3-year-old too, you’ll want to check out Little Wonders Preschool curriculum from Wisdom Wonder Project. We enjoyed many of the activities this curriculum had to offer and, overall, it recommended many activities for different developmental learning.

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0/5 (0 Reviews)

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

2 thoughts on “Hands-On Toddler Homeschool Curriculum”

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful review. After hearing your feedback about our pricing, and out of a desire to ensure that our curriculum is easily accessible to all, we have drastically reduced the pricing on all of our literature-based curriculum. We hope you continue to enjoy using our Wisdom Wonder Project curriculum. ☺️

    1. I’m so happy you liked the review on the Wisdom Wonder Project. We still use and love it and I’ve discovered impressive milestones with my little one from using it. You are so thoughtful to modify the price for all to access this wonderful preschool curriculum! Thank you for your comment and we look forward to each month for a new Wisdom Wonder Project literature-based curriculum to dive into!

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