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Halloween Activity Pack

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Autumn is one of my favorite time of years, with the colors changing and the cooler weather finally setting in. It’s also the beginning of the seasonal holidays, and my kids love to kick it off with a Halloween activities! I put together this Halloween Activity Pack for them, but I kept adding to it, and before I knew it I had a huge bundle of Halloween activities of over 70 pages thick! It includes mazes, word search puzzles, Halloween coloring pages with Halloween quotes and individual items, copy work practice, and more!

October sets the tone for the last quarter of the year, with wafts of wood-burning scents through the air and families seem to be more attuned to one another. This Halloween fun pack is the perfect opportunity in moving into the direction of contagious childhood excitement. 

October is also a time where your physical bodies are giving a huge siigghhh of relief from the blistering heat…which, blessedly here in Texas, is over now since that storm blew the heat out and the crisper Autumn air in. Thank you, Mother Nature. Love, your appreciative Texans.

Halloween pumpkins

Because of this seemingly culture shock, and the location of our house on the map (in Texas) our family tends to think that if it ain’t hot it’s freezing. So the inclination to run outside during the day has lessened somewhat and the immediate thought enters my brain: winter lazies.

It’s like this time of year gives you permission for extra cuddles, extra calories, and to wear your extra fuzzy [slipper] socks extra long during the day. 

I can’t help it if I don’t like my toes cold.

I created a Halloween activity pack for days like today, and yesterday, and the one before that, and for the next 90 day tomorrows. (Except, I won’t be doing Halloween packs after Halloween, but there’s always Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, etc.). This halloween activities pages package is full of halloween activities for all ages, and has halloween printable sheets of halloween crafts, halloween copy work, halloween puzzles and halloween games, and a halloween mask! 

Halloween activity pack with word search puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and copy work

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In this full Halloween packet I put together more than 70 pages of pure Halloween awesome. That includes the following Halloween Printables:

  • 33 Halloween Coloring Pages
  • 16 Halloween Mazes
  • 2 Halloween Word Searches
  • 10 Halloween Copy-work Practice with Writing Prompts
  • Bonus: Make-A-Mummy Halloween Mask (Halloween Craft Activity)
  • Bonus: Teacher/Parent Halloween Resource Page

Want this activity pack that’s FULLY LOADED?
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But no worries, ya’ll! I know not everyone can afford to buy items for their everyday homeschool needs, so I have condensed this pack into a mini-pack for you guys at the bottom of this page….FO FREE. 

Just go to the bottom of this blog post to get your FREE Halloween Mini-Activity Pack (the mini version of this one, yet still a hefty bundle of 20 pages).

Halloween Coloring Pages

The coloring pages are divided into two different kinds. You have 20 coloring pages of WordArt and 13 pages of individual Halloween items.

The Word Art is pretty cool in which it has a ton of Halloween phrases that my kids can color or cut out and paste onto another project.

The individual pages are your normal, run-of-the-mill Halloween items that you see every year, like a black cat, a haunted house, a witch’s hat, etc.

Free Halloween Mazes Download

 Mazes is one thing that I’ve become kind of addicted to lately. I added 15 Halloween mazes in this halloween fun pack along with 1 bubble maze. I also have the answer keys in the pack to.

I have to put an addendum here…my elementary kids are 9 and 8 years old (then we have Scout, the tot). When they took a look at these mazes I had for them, they both EXCLAIMED their wow’s. I admit it had me puffed up a little bit with pride and accomplishment.

Until my daughter said she was scared to try it! She said it was so full of mazes, she was intimidated by them. Not exactly the encouraging feelers I was hoping to extend my children.

Ya’ll, most of these mazes ARE busy mazes for the child that likes to, well, do mazes. So my son disagreed with my daughter and said it was SO COOL and he couldn’t wait to get started. 

So there you have it. I don’t know if the difference is because one is a boy and one is a girl, or if it’s the 12 months and 13 days apart that’s the difference…. my daughter is a natural extrovert and my son is the opposite, so maybe that’s it. My son loves to figure out problems, especially in math, and my daughter likes to read books…because the only numbers she has to see are the page numbers. haha. I get it, girlie.

Regardless, just know that there is no “one size fits all” to children and homeschooling them, much less making mazes for them! 

Psssttt… my daughter so loved these mazes after all! #MomWin


Halloween Word Searches

I’m not saying I skimped out on the word searches, but yeah, there’s only two included in the activity pack. 

The real reason why? It was the end of creating this pack and I was tired. There, I said it.

Ok. ONLY because you made it this far can you get 3 additional word searches, yes, for free. Instantly download for ya!

Halloween Copywork with Writing Prompts

These are not your regular, everyday copywork sheets! The kiddos won’t use Halloween copywork by tracing, but they will use it by answering different and various questions. This helps them put thought onto paper and gives them plenty of space to do it.  Since 10 copywork sheets are included, that’s 10 days of writing/handwriting accomplished for the day!

copy work practice, halloween activity sheets, homeschool halloween

Halloween Activity Mask

Halloween make-a-mask page, halloween craft project, halloween activities

I create a cool Make-A-Mummy Halloween mask so that the kids can have a cool Halloween mask to play with. 

This is included as a Bonus in the pack. Just cut, glue to a popsicle stick, and you have a mummy mask!

Halloween Resources

In the fun pack of Halloween goodies I made a list of Halloween resources for parents/teachers to have handy for additional Halloween activity opportunities. 

Below are a few more, additional resources to add to that list (that curated resource list is only available in the Halloween Activity Pack):

I hope you enjoy the start of your holiday season and that I was able to bring some value to your time, along with give you some ideas for seasonal activities, namely Halloween, to do with your kiddos. 

What are some of your favorite ways to do Halloween activities with your kids? Leave them in the comments below!

Here's Your FREE Halloween Mini Activity Pack↓

    Halloween Activity Pack

    So, there you have it! A huge 70+ page bundle of pure Halloween bliss – plenty for your kiddos to do for the whole month of October.


    Get my Halloween Activity Pack now!

    Items included in this 70+ page packet: • 20 coloring pages of WoodArt (the best Halloween sayings) • 13 coloring pages of individual Halloween items • 16 mazes halloween-themed • 10 copy work practice pages with idea prompts • 2 word search puzzles • 1 Bonus: make-a-mummy mask • 1 Bonus: Halloween parent/teacher resource page

    Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

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