best gifts for 7 year old girls

Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

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What is the best gift for 7 year old girls? If you’re like a lot of parents, you’ve probably wondered if she will feign excitement or show genuine love to your present that you have obviously put a lot of thought into (I mean, you’re reading this, aren’t you). Let’s be transparent here: girls are fickle little things.

Truth is, there’s a lot of end-all-be-all products out there that lay claim to being the most useful toy or even the most appreciated. That’s why I rolled up my sleeves and uncovered a handful of the latest and most coveted products for gift ideas for girls, whether it be for the holidays or for birthdays (or even “just because” gifts that girls love to get).


Then you will be even more surprised when you find out that not all toys that little girls of this day and age are wanting are your classic Barbie dolls. Read on to find out just how thoughtful and creative our young daughters are today and how best to meet her needs and supply her interests.

best gifts 7 year old girls

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L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprises with 14 Dolls, 70+ Surprises & 2 Play Sets 

One toy that will get your girl giggling this holiday season is via L.O.L. dolls. Have you ever heard of LOL Surprise Balls? Well, these L.O.L. dolls have quickly become the number one obsessed toy doll of all toy dolls, especially as the “it” toy for girls between 7 to 10 years old. My daughter asks for these every chance she gets. I know you won’t go wrong here!

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

With so many L.O.L. dolls available, half the fun is not knowing which dolls you’re going to get – hence the “surprise!” Yet purchasing them by themselves is a money sucker; they’re quite expensive. But get them as a gift set? Now we’re talking! 

Enter: L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprises Kit (with 14 Dolls, 70+ Surprises & 2 Play Sets!).

LOL Surprise Dolls

With L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise kit (shown above) you’ll get 14 exclusive never been seen before fashion dolls, which includes 2 fashion dolls, 3 boys, 3 L.O.L. Surprise dolls, 4 pets, and 2 lils, along with fashions and accessories, as well as the 2 store playsets and maze boxes to create a cityscape.

LOL Dolls

If you’re looking to wow the little girl in your life, this will do just that. There are over 70 surprises! Even unpacking this gift set is going to be such a fun experience for her. With each L.O.L. Surprise doll, she’ll need to unwrap each one to see which dolls are inside and, for a young girl, this is really exciting. 

This gift has the ultimate surprise factor that will keep her entertained for hours. Considering how much comes with the whole package, it offsets the price!

Lil’ Gleemerz Rainbow Figure

Have you ever heard of the sweet looking Lil’ Gleemerz doll? I’m shocked if you haven’t because they’ve been named one of the top 100 toys and games on Amazon. It features large shiny puppy dog eyes and a long bushy tail and is a plush interactive toy (not your standard plushy stuffed animal).

The Lil’ Gleemerz dolls have over 100 reactions to touch and sound – it can purr, growl, fart, say funny phrases, flash brilliant light shows, and even plays games with you! Even the furry tail light up! 

Lil Gleemerz Dolls

Controlling it is pretty easy too. Press its nose to pick between 3 different modes to play – in hangout, light party or game mode! It’s not too big nor is it too small; it fits in the palm of your hand perfectly!

Every little girl will love playing with the Lil’ Gleemerz toys. It’s a companion that talks and knows how to have a great time!

Fingerlings HUGS – Bella (Pink) – Advanced Interactive Plush Baby Monkey Pet – By WowWee

A plushy doll to snuggle with is always a winner for little girls, however, the best one on the market comes highly recommended as this Fingerlings HUGS Bella toy.

Fingerlings HUGS - Bella

It’s great to hug a soft, cozy stuffed animal, but this one comes with giant reactions! This interactive plushy HUGS character is made with entertainment in mind, creating a fun experience every single minute. It can burp, toot and laugh wildly

The hugs coming from this animal are no small feat, either. Its arms are crazy long, so it can wrap itself around your baby girl’s neck with the best hugs ever! Not only does it give the best hugs, but it also has a mimicking feature by pressing its ear as you talk and, when you let go, Bella will repeat what you just said in a mixture of playful ways. 

Cool MAKER 2-in-1 KumiKreator Necklace & Friendship Bracelet Maker Activity Kit for Kids Ages 8 & Up

All girls love jewelry and 7-year-olds are no exception. In fact, for them, what’s even better than receiving jewelry is making it and this Cool Maker KumiKreator necklace & friendship bracelet maker is a fantastic choice.

Cool Maker Necklace Bracelet Maker

This Cool Maker KumiKreator guarantees that its stylish necklaces and friendship bracelets are easy to create and weave in their machine in a matter of minutes. Each kit has 60 spools of string in 5 colors with 2 design booklets, clasps and more. Just choose a design, load up, spin and create!

What I think is cool about this kit is the fact that it uses the traditional Japanese technique of braiding cords and beads. Not only will your little girl have fun making these bracelets and necklaces, but she will also find beauty in other cultures of jewelry weaving.

Cool Maker Necklace Bracelet Makera

Plus, she’ll find it super cool to give her best friend a Japanese-created friendship bracelet that she made herself.

Pikmi Pops Giant Flips – Cinnabun The Bunny

Another cuddly plushy makes the list with this popular Pikmi Pops Giant Flips Cinnabun the Bunny collection. The giant reversible plushy floppy bunny ears are so soft and cuddly, and you know girls love all things cute and cuddly!

Pikmi Pops

Cuddly plushies are great for little girls, along with surprises. What girl doesn’t like surprises? She’ll find 8 surprises items hidden inside this bunny, along with 1 or 2 exclusive reversible scented medium Pikmi Flips. Unlike the larger toys, these regular sized Pikmi Flips can be toted everywhere – on keychains or phones or tablets.

Little girls from age 5 and up can enjoy this super softer, cuddly bunny. While the larger bunny has no scent, the smaller ones tend to smell like cotton candy.

Pikmi Pops

And even though there are a few different Giant Flips to choose from, Cinnabun is the most favorable.

A Sometimes Opposing View and Often Internal Mama Battle

Throughout this gift guide, you’ve been learning about what products that our little girls are wanting today. Specifically, you’ve learned that creativity and robotic (or interactive) companions are on the top list of ideal gifts for girls!

However, the one thing I didn’t mention is a gift with a screen. Usually, people buy iPads and Kindle Fires, or some other sort of screen, as a gift for their children and may not think about alternate ways to stimulate the mind. 

The reason for this is because technological advancements have skyrocketed during our generation and it is especially pronounced in our younger generations. This advancement introduced more learning capabilities for our babies than we could have ever known back in the day, along with a lot more time-suck and wasteful opportunities. 

Not to mention the correlation of addictive behavior between too much and unregulated screen time and cocaine use.

That’s not to say that screen time is without merit. Indeed, some people, myself included, prefer handing over a tablet because of its educational value, digital libraries, and limitless opportunities to learning. And, yeah, I can become a selfish homeschool mom at times and need a quiet moment.

A quiet measured moment.

Nonetheless, I suggest going with Amazon on this one. My children use a tablet or lay their eyes on an HD screen pretty much daily, so it would only prove beneficial to substitute screen time for hands-on time, unleashing your possibly quiet little beauty to a whole new way to use her left or right brain.

Try it this year and you’ll see what I mean. 

Disclaimer: I, myself, will be buying new tablets for our children this year that will serve several purposes, both for our homeschool educational endeavors as well as for their personal enjoyment. I just wanted to point out that, although screens are lovely and useful, please ensure that their screen time usage is monitored pretty regularly. And also, I’m just going to put out that even though our household absolutely loves us some screens like your average family household, no screen products made my particular list of best gifts for 7 year old girls.

That’s A Wrap

A little girl possesses so many qualities and these toys will enhance them. From getting creative to cuddling her soft, interactive companion, your little lady will sure to love something – or all things – on this list. 

If you need or want to learn more about Amazon’s Top 100 Toy List, here’s the best place to learn it: Amazon’s Top 100 Toy List.

If you have similar gift ideas for your little girls, leave them in the comments below to inspire us all!

If you’re curious about homeschooling, you should check out my post “Am I Qualified to Homeschool My Child?” to help you along the decision-making process.

And if you’re curious about the best gift guides for girls that do involve screens, this post I found pretty interesting.

Happy gift giving!

Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls [From Amazon’s Top 100 Toy List]

best gifts 7 year old girls

Want to read this later? Download as a PDF!

4 thoughts on “Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls”

  1. i go through your list and unfortunately the biggest thought in my head is … I AM SO GLAD I had a son and therefore didn’t have to look for gifts like this. 🙂 though admittedly the braids thing sorta looked cool. 🙂

  2. None of these gifts would work for mine (8, now actually) but my kiddos aren’t the average I suppose. We went with a Bayala unicorn, Superhero Girls action figure, night gowns, and a chocolate orange as well as a spare curriculum needed book or two. Oh! And Kindle and Audibke books.

    1. My daughter loved the Lil’ Gleemerz toy, and I ended up getting her a slime kit she’s been begging me for. I, too, got her a Kindle – for personal as well as for Reading Eggs, digital library, and a few other homeschool-related uses. Hope you have a great 2020!

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