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50 States Course

Check out the 50 States Unit Study Course!

Teach your kids all 50 states with this massive unit study with tons of resources, games, puzzles, and video playlist! Practicing the 50 states inside the course edition gives you 500 pages you’ll love!

Get completely set up to teach the states with a ton of resources! Here's everything you get inside the Course:

  • 50 States Focus Pages – one for each state
  • 3 Sets of Flashcards
    1. State-Capital City Flashcards
    2. State-Abbreviation Flashcards
    3. World Landmarks
  • 50 Dot-to-Dot Puzzles – 1 for each state
  • Additional practice for spelling the state name
  • Word Search puzzles
  • 50 State Motto Copywork pages + Motto Comprehension Drawing Exercises
  • Video Playlist for every state – 1 video for each state already previewed and pre-approved!
  • Alphabet-Order Game
  • Alphabet-Order Puzzle
  • State Flags In Color
  • Answer Keys for the State Fun Facts
50 states unit study

Video PlayList

Get a video for each of the 50 States previewed and pre-approved! Goes great with each page of the 50 State Focus Pages!

50 State Motto Copwork Pages

50 pages worth of state motto copywork pages and motto comprehension drawing fun! Have kids write down the short state mottos and then draw what they think the motto means!

50 states motto copywork

3 Sets of Flashcards

Kids will have fun practicing their knowledge of the states with these flashcards!
1. State-Capital City Flashcards
2. State-Abbreviation Flashcards
3. World Landmarks (for fun!)

If you're going to learn the 50 states, then LEARN the 50 states!

And you can do all that with the 50 States Course

What others are saying...

I'm really looking forward to this unit study with my kids! We're about to take a road trip to New Hampshire so this is PERFECT timing!
Amanda N.
Extremely Satisfied! Great addition to our study of the States! My child enjoys it. Just print as we go through each one! Thanks!!
Tracy D.
Had a lot of fun learning the States! This is all I need!
Madisynn N.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course?

You will be immediately taken to the sign up page on the course platform. Once you purchase, you’ll have access immediately right then and there. Of course, your login credentials will be emailed to you.

How Long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound? You have access to the course for as long as it exists.

Will i be able to get future updates?

Because this course is fairly new, an update won’t be necessary for a long while. However, should more resources be added or any other updates occur, you will have access to all future updates!

Help your kiddos successfully learn all 50 states with the 50 States Course!


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