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You get 51 products with the Homeschool Bundle:

💥 13 eBooks, 9 eCourses, 22 printables/workbooks, 3 summit/memberships, 5 curricula 💥

💛 9 PreK & Kinder products (worth $222.49)
❤️ 11 Elementary products (worth $197.89)
🧡 9 Middle School products (worth ($264.54)
💚 7 High School products (worth $166.94)
💙 6 Organization products (worth $111.95)
💜 9 Support products/Homeschool Tips (worth $314.98)


Teaching Self Government – The Home School Helper & Starting Your Homeschool Right classes  Worth $23.92
Bookroo – FREE book box for any club  for new customers or, FREE download of 3 minimalist posters for existing customers – Worth $19.95-24.95
MadeOn Skin Care – Beesilk Family Size Hard Lotion Bar – Worth $15 
Orglamix – Glow Oil Serum Roller – Worth $18
Musik At Home – 2 Month’s FREE Subscription- Worth $31.98
Love From Mim – Printable Planner Sticker Set – Worth $16.25
Puro Co. – Focus Aromatherapy Blend for Kids- Worth $18.00

⭐️ EARLY BIRD BONUS: Wild Happy Family Media Membership (worth $27.00) JUST FOR 7/27 & 7/28 only!
The Wild Happy Family Media Membership is an all-in-one, instant adventure library, ready for you and your family to explore at the click of a button.   

If you get the Bundle on July 27 or July 28, you'll get the Early Bird Bonus!

And when you purchase the Bundle through my link, you'll my 50 States Unit Study for free, as a bonus!

Learn the 50 states of America with this 50 States Unit Study pack with over 75 pages. Great American History and geography curriculum all in one.

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So, with Homeschool & Humor, you get all the following for just $29.50:

PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN (9 products worth $222.49)

  • Alphabet Mini Booklets by Jolanthe Erb (Printable) $4.00 Booklets for each letter of the alphabet to help as your child learns upper and lower case letters and sounds.
  • Creative Littles No Prep Preschool by Laurie Shaw (Workbook) $8.00 A multi-sensory curriculum that will teach your child through drawing, tracing, cutting and gluing, games, and crafts.
  • Growing Tenderly by Holly Chubb (Curriculum) $75.00 A kindergarten curriculum inspired by Charlotte Mason and Ruldolf Steiner.
  • Phonics with Penmanship: A Full Year Preschool Age Curriculum by Misty Leask (Curriculum) $29.99 A full year preschool age phonics program designed to help homeschool moms teach their children to read while having fun!
  • Scissor Skills and Cutting Template Bundle: Help Your Child Master Scissor Cutting Skills by Tracey le Roux (eBook) $7.50. Photographed instructions, fun cutting templates and all the tips you need to help your child master scissor skills at any age
  • Spain and France Busy Book Bundle by Catherine Wilkinson (Printable) $31.00 A fun and engaging busy book for preschoolers and kindergartens introducing French and Spanish along with other activities covering ABCs and 1-20.
  • Teach Your Preschooler at Home by Tanja Mcilroy (eBooks) $47.00 Teach your preschooler important pre-reading and school readiness skills with simple, play-based activities.
  • The Peaceful Preschool Farm Guide by Jennifer Pepito (Workbook) $12.00 This will prepare your child for formal learning through engaging hands on phonics and counting activities, classic children’s literature, and delightful arts and crafts.
  • Year-Round Count and Graph Bundle by Tara Holtz (Printable) $8.00 Build visual discrimination skills while counting to 10!

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (11 products worth $197.89)

  • Adventure Homeschooling: Emotional Intelligence for Ages 4-8 by Amanda Stockdale (Curriculum) $19.95. Teaches your child how to use mindfulness to change their thoughts.
  • Aesop Fables & Copywork by Bethany L Ishee (Workbook) $14.95 Simplify elementary language arts in your homeschool.
  • An Introduction to Logic and Philosophy by Fay Murray (Workbook) $12.00 This complete, no prep study pack introduces elementary students to basic philosophy concepts, logic skills, and prominent historical figures.
  • Animal Life Cycle Bundle by Stacey Jones (Printable) $16.00 Learn about the life cycle of the bat, butterfly, platypus, silkworm and polar bear.
  • European Adventure: 10 Audio Stories by Tania Landin (Audio) $37.00 Original audio stories for kids that make learning about the world an unforgettable adventure!
  • Lifestyle Homeschooling by Elizabeth Kidd (eBook) $10.00 How to fit 180 days of school into 365 days of round-the-clock learning.
  • Light and Optics Science Activities by Carolyn Balch (Workbook) $16.00 Investigate light and vision experimentally with minimal materials.
  • North America: Country by Country Bundle by Carisa Hinson (Printable) $12.00 Explore North America one country at a time!
  • Remember the Word: Training Up a Child Bible Memory Verse Bundle by Forget Him Knot (eCourse) $30.00 Bible verse memory bundles to help your family remember the Word.
  • Sunflower School by Cathy James (eBook) $19.99 A full programme of lessons, activities, and printables, in rhythm with the natural growing cycle of sunflowers.
  • Weather Bundle for Young Learners by Dana Vanderburg (Printable) $10.00 Packed full of engaging activities that will make learning about letters and numbers fun for your child!

MIDDLE SCHOOL (9 products worth $264.54)

  • Big Book of Writing Prompts for Kids: 500 Questions, Story Starters, and Ideas to Get Kids Writing by Sophie Agbonkhese (eBook) $9.60
    500 high quality, creativity-inducing writing prompts for kids in grades 3-12.
  • Big Ideas through History: Creating Civilization by Melissa Roy (eCourse) $17.00
    Explore the world from the peopling of the earth through the building of civilizations and how prehistoric and ancient innovations changed the world.
  • Engaging Science Labs Sampler by Carolyn Balch (Workbook) $15.00
    Six hands-on science activities geared to middle school kids.
  • Foraging and Wildcrafting Bundle by Sarita Harbour (Workbook) $29.99
    The newly updated bundle helps homeschool families safely include foraging as a fun, hands-on, practical educational activity with 100+ pages of beautiful printables copywork, journals, worksheets & more!
  • Fruit of the Spirit: Full Curriculum (Homeschool Edition) by BibleBaton (Curriculum) $59.99
    Make the Bible fun, interesting, and meaningful to your kids.
  • Give Your Child the Ancient World: Learning from the Past One Book at a Time by Jamie Martin (eBook) $4.99
    In these pages you’ll discover more than 75 ancient world children’s book recommendations for ages 6-12, personally reviewed and curated, from the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
  • Homeschool Copywork: One Year Membership by Amy Blevins (Membership Site) $49.97
    Offers beautiful and engaging handwriting practice kids love, with meaningful content Moms appreciate too.
  • How to Manage Anxiety as a Homeschooler by Michelle Nietert, M.A., LPC-S (eCourse) $29.00
    This course will empower your kids to slay the anxiety dragon before it overtakes them and will let them know when they need additional help.
  • Mega Art Journal Pack by Kathy Barbro (Workbook) $49.00
    A mega pack of art lesson eBooks that provide a total of over 152 projects, designed to fit in the DIY art journal system.

HIGH SCHOOL (7 products worth $166.94)

  • Color Thru History™: The People of Early Civilization by Faithe Thomas (eBook) $32.95 From Creation to Esther, they can be used as a stand-alone history curriculum or as an addition to what you are already doing.
  • History of Plagues & Pandemics by Rachel Newcomb (Workbook) $7.00 A Unit study that allows your children to learn the impact of pandemics on history.
  • Jane Austen’s Regency England Unit Study by Shannan Swindler (Workbook) $22.00 A stand-alone unit study or companion study for middle school through high school literature or history covering the history, culture, & customs of England in the early 1800s using this British author’s life & literature.
  • Music Appreciation: Middle Ages Thru Classical Era for High School by Gena Mayo (eCourse) $57.00 Get a High School Fine Arts half credit the easy way with this self-paced online course.
  • My Homeschool Reading Journal by Bethany Waugh (Workbook) $9.00 A journaling adventure into your young learner’s world of reading.
  • The College Plan for Christians by Nicholas Charlton (eCourse) $9.99 Learn how to afford college on any budget without drowning in debt.
  • The Ultimate College Survival Guide by Kristan Buck (eBook) $29.00 A guide for soon-to-be college freshmen that explores the realities of college life and prepares them for the next step.

ORGANIZATION (6 products worth $111.95)

  • Autism Mom Planner & Visual Schedule System for Kids by Kori Tomelden (Printable) $35.00 Created for parents of younger children and/or children with special needs
  • Deluxe Homeschool Planner by Jennifer Bly (Printable) $11.00 Homeschool planning is made simple!
  • Flexible Homeschool Planning: A Simpler Method for a Simpler Homeschool by Amy Roberts (eBook) $7.00 Your guide for creating a simple homeschool plan when life feels complicated and messy. With easy, actionable steps, you will create a simple plan that can easily be adjusted to fit your family’s needs.
  • Our Digital Homeschool Planner by Kemi Quinn (Workbook) $27.00 You have enough papers. Plan and organize your homeschool with this digital planner that makes it so easy to keep track of your homeschooling plans.
  • Our Unschooling Year by Julie Polanco (Printable) $24.95 The only unschooling planner out that promotes goal-setting and works with the unschooling lifestyle.
  • Simple Homeschool Planner by Terryn Winfield (Printable) $7.00 Designed for busy homeschool moms, who want a planner that takes the guesswork out of planning!

HOMESCHOOL TIPS & SUPPORT (9 products worth $314.98)

  • 5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years by Ana Willis (eCourse) $77.00 Everything you need to start or to turn your homeschool around, and to experience a more peaceful, joyful, organized, and smooth homeschool journey!
  • Homeschool Help: A Simple Guide To Get You Started by Alison Clark (eBook) $6.99 Your homeschool cheerleader to remind you that you can do this!
  • Homeschooling Through Tough Times by Jean Miller (eCourse) $37.00 If you’re feeling like your world is forever changed and so is your child’s educational journey, get the encouragement and direction you need with this series of 3 masterclasses + 2 bonus videos.
  • I Can Teach My Child: Benchmarks for K-5 by Rebekah Sayler (eBook) $25.00 Teaching your child doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming, or mysterious.
  • Start Homeschooling Summit by Kelly George (Summit) $61.00 33 homeschooling workshops & bonus resources.
  • Teaching Your Dyslexic Child by Christine Mooney (eBook) $8.99 Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience this learning difference? A few topics within: identifying dyslexia, instructional methods and strategies, resources, accommodations.
  • Techie Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Digital Student Projects by Beth Napoli (eCourse) $24.00 Learn to create digital projects that fit with any homeschool lesson plan.
  • The Clever Kid Curriculum: 3 Month Membership by Stephanie Johnsen (Membership) $60.00 For struggling parents who want to improve their children’s lives through their academics and beyond.
  • Using Google Classroom in the Homeschool: How This Free Learning Management System Can Simplify Your Homeschool by Kelly Mantoan (eCourse) $15.00 This will help parents take their favorite curriculum and move it online to simplify planning, help their students to work independently, and making grading super easy!


The 50 States Unit Study is a 75+ page bundle that includes all of the fun facts for all the 50 states of America. Each page is its wown state and each page is filled with:

  • Fun Facts: motto, nickname, flower, bird, song, acronym
  • Penmanship practicing the spelling of the name of the state
  • Coloring the state flag
  • Learning the state shape
  • Locating the state on the USA map
  • State-Capital City Flashcards
  • Answer keys for the state fun fact answers
  • Full color pages for the state flags.


EARLY BIRD BONUS: Available only on July 27 & 28! Wild Happy Family Media Membership worth $27.00. The Wild Happy Family Media Membership is an all-in-one, instant adventure library, ready for you and your family to explore a the click of a button.

Teaching Self Government – The Home School Helper & Starting Your Homeschool Right classes Worth $23.92
Teaching Self-Government frees families from emotional bondage by inspiring parents to create family environments centered around calm, self-governed and unified relationships; thereby empowering these families to be a great impact for good in the world. Through courses, trainings, mentoring, workshops and materials, Teaching Self-Government helps parents analyze family relationships and problem solve difficult situations by teaching principles of self-government, the structure of a unified family atmosphere, and the tools and skills needed for self-mastery, personal freedom, and family unity.

Bookroo – FREE book box for any club for new customers or, FREE download of 3 minimalist posters for existing customers – Worth $19.95-24.95
Bookroo is an award-winning monthly subscription for your kids ages 0-10 that helps them fall in love with reading by combining the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of new treasured books. We send hidden gems your kids will LOVE, so you can build a home library of quality books stress-free! One of Parent Magazine’s Top 10 Subscription Services 2017!

MadeOn Skin Care – Beesilk Family Size Hard Lotion Bar – Worth $15
MadeOn Skin Care is a family-run company that specializes in simple, effective, safe skincare. Their flagship product, the Beesilk Hard Lotion Bar, has brought relief to dry, cracked skin to tens of thousands of men, women and children.

Orglamix – Glow Oil Serum Roller – Worth $18
Consciously Crafted Color Cosmetics + Organic Skincare For Busy Moms

Musik At Home – 2 Month’s FREE Subscription- Worth $31.98
Musik at Home is an online music studio created by a super busy homeschooling Mom for super busy homeschooling Moms. No more worrying about time, cost, or travel to give your child all of the body-mind benefits of music education! Musik at Home meets and exceeds school standards for a music education program with affordable developmental classes in the comfort of your own home on your own homeschool schedule. A Musik at Home membership offers unlimited access to over 400 musical activities in 4 class series along with a quick-start guide for parents — no musical background required. Your child, infant to age seven, will naturally develop musical skills while you bond through interactive, sequential video classes. Because a child’s potential for learning music is at its height from birth to age seven, there’s no better time to invest in music education than in the early years.

Love From Mim – Printable Planner Sticker Set – Worth $16.25
Mim Jenkinson helps overwhelmed women get creative and have fun with planning and organization.

Puro Co. – Focus Aromatherapy Blend for Kids- Worth $18.00
Puro Co. is a Pennsylvania based, small-batch aromatherapy soap and skincare company established in 2007 by Kristyn Bango, a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Dietary Supplement Specialist. Puro Co. specializes in creating handcrafted soap and skincare products with unique aromatherapy blends for therapeutic holistic skincare purposes.

WHOA! That's a TON of stuff!

As you get see you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. Your homeschool is going to rock this school year! You’ll be set for years to come!

But I need to tell you – when you do purchase the bundle, there will be an additional offer to add Cheat Sheets to your purchase. The Cheat Sheets are exactly what they sound like. Each product will have their own cheat sheet which will outline and summarize you all the major points and highlights of the product! It’s a pretty amazing add-on, one in which I’ve purchased before and LOVED it. When there’s so many products, you can get easily overwhelmed. That’s where the Cheat Sheets come into play. You can see which products you’d like to jump into first by checking out those cheat sheets! And they’re just $10!

Just to recap, you're getting:

You get all this for just $29.50! (a $1,300 value were to you buy all of this individually)

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