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Looking for the MEGA giveaway? You’re in the right place! Enter the giveaway below. All entrants will automatically win FOUR homeschool curriculums! Be sure to confirm your email and pick your curriculum choices in the entry form to receive these bad boys and to be notified if you are 1 of the 20 winners. Then check out all the homeschool products that could be yours! And remember, be sure to select the curriculum you wish to win in one of the entries below! 

GIVEAWAY RULES: When you enter this giveaway you will automatically win 4 homeschool products. You must confirm your email and also select which curriculum you wish to win, which can be found as one of the entries. You will not receive the 4 homeschool product freebies if you do not choose the curriculum you wish to win in the giveaway. When the giveaway is over, on October 3rd, 20 winners will be randomly selected to win 1 of the 20 homeschool products within the giveaway. You may add multiple entries to the giveaway. You may come back every day to add in more entries. Winners will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. If a winner does not claim their prize after 48 hours, another winner will be selected at random to replace them. All giveaway entries will add up, giving each entrant a higher chance of being selected. Share this giveaway, follow each entry, and come back daily to collect entries. Must be 18 years or older. Must have a valid email address to receive homeschool curriculum product freebies and possibly giveaway prize.

Share this giveaway, follow each entry, and come back daily to rack up your entries! The more entries you have, the higher chance you have to be 1 of the 20 winners!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #1: Home School in the Woods

U.S. Elections Lap-Pak by Home School in the Woods ($18.95 value)

Introduce your child to the United States presidential elections process through hands-on activities! This Lap-Pak will take your child briefly through the establishment of the country’s government, and through the various aspects of a presidential campaign and how a U.S. president is chosen. Suggested grades: 3-8 Learn more about the U.S. Elections Lap-Pack here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #2: Rebecca Locklear

The Mayflower at Cape Cod by Rebecca Locklear
($20 value)

The Mayflower at Cape Cod – Stories, activities, and research that connects 1620 with life today: This history study walks you through the Native Indian’s perspectives of the First Encounter with the Pilgrims, along with facts of the true events around the First Encounter between the Pilgrims and Indians. Your kids will learn a lot about this time period and do several hands-on history activities. You can read The Mayflower at Cape Cod review here. Learn more about the Mayflower at Cape Cod here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #3: Timberdoodle

Farmland Math Mat Bundle by Timberdoodle
($43.50 value)

What do you get when you mix a bold, bright farm-themed play mat with 72 vibrant farm animals? A crazy-smart curriculum for introducing toddlers to the wonders of math and thinking skills! Farmland Math is 36 weeks of straightforward problems to build your toddler’s skills to think math. Concepts spiral gradually so that children do not forget as they go and include grouping by color, counting, and patterns, plus rudimentary addition and subtraction skills. Farmland Math includes a large, durable, wipe-clean foldable farmyard mat; 72 barnyard buddies in six shapes, six colors, and two sizes; and the 36-week Farmland Math guide. You can learn more about the Farmland Math Mat Bundle here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #4: Pilgrim's Rock

Pilgrim's Rock: The Unbreakable Faith Course + Credits/Test Modules
($74 value)

This Christian apologetics course is for high schoolers and counts as a high school credit. It teaches your high schoolers how to respond to nonbelievers that they will surely cross paths with in their lifetime as well as all the questions even believers may have. Pilgrim’s Rock has generously partnered with us to giveaway The Unbreakable Faith Course, plus the optional Credits/Test Modules. There are two books you may want to get that goes with this course. I lay it all out for you in this reviewLearn more about Pilgrim’s Rock here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #5: Let's Go Geography

Let's Go Geography - Year 2 (with 2-Year Access)
($27.99 value)

Let’s Go Geography brings together geography lessons in a fun, hands-on way for your children, and also provides a scope and sequence for you. Your kids will travel around the world and learn about different countries and continents! You can read the review hereLearn more about Let’s Go Geography here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #6: Beyond the Stick Figure

How to Draw A Realistic Eye Course by Beyond the Stick Figure Art School
($25.00 value)

Would you love to be able to draw more realistically? Knowing how to draw a realistic eye is the first step in improving your portraits and drawings. This is something anyone can do, through simple step by step methods. No previous drawing experience needed. Also, this course will help both beginners and accomplished artists enhance their drawing skills. Learn more about Beyond the Stick Figure here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #7: Shiller Learning

Math Bunde: 3 Activity Packs, 4 Packs of Math Flashcards, & 100 Unit Counting Cubes by Shiller Learning ($81.60 value)

Shiller Learning brings you a wonderful bundle of math goodies that includes quite a few of their products: 3 Activity Packs (“Grace and Courtesy”, “Sensory”, and “Around the World in 80 Activities”) along with a 4 pack of math flash cards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and 100 unit cubes. The activity packs are a pdf that the winner will download. The flashcards and unit cubes will be mailed.. You can learn more about Shiller Learning here!


Spelling Shed & Math Shed Combo by EdShed
($100 value)

For ages 5-11Spelling Shed is a complete spelling program that provides parents their spelling curriculum via PowerPoint or PDF activities. The curriculum correlates with their online component too, where parents choose spelling lists and even create their own from various spelling lists (i.e. Dulch, Fry, etc.). From your selected lists, your child plays spelling games, practicing only the words/lists you chose for them. Math Shed, a supplemental math program, like Spelling Shed, offers fun, interactive games to practice math concepts. Parents get to choose which math concepts your child will practice! Read the review. Learn everything you need to know about Spelling Shed and Math Shed here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #9: Music in our Homeschool

Great Hymns of the Faith - A Study For All Ages by Music in our Homeschool ($67.00 value)

Great Hymns of the Faith online music course is perfect for all ages because such a variety of activities are included. Whether your purpose is to study hymns as part of your Charlotte Mason curriculum, morning basket time, to grow in your personal faith, family worship time, or simply as another genre for music appreciation, this is the course for you! You can learn more about the course here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #10: ThemeVille Math

ThemeVille Math Worktext & Solutions Guide for Grades 1-4
($45 value)

ThemeVille Math is giving away one set of your child’s grade level, both the Student Worktext and the Solutions Guide! There are pre-lessons and lessons in every text with daily lessons focusing on one concept at a time. The pre-lessons are review or practice lessons on previous lessons learned for retention and knowledge. The structure of the text is set up for a daily routine, divided equally between the review and the new topic. You’ll find success with your child’s math with ThemeVille Math’s interplay between spiral and mastery formats as well as visual learning with its insightful pictures. Teacher instruction are also included in the Student Worktext. You can read the review here. Learn more about Themeville Math here!

ThemeVille Math (grades 1-4) for Giveaway, Homeschool and Humor homeschool Curriculum Giveaway 2020


Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership
by ($224.97 value) is giving away one full year membership to a winner of our How To Start Homeschooling curriculum giveaway! This membership covers the entire family’s education! That’s right – one membership is all you need for everyone! This membership includes all subjects and all grade levels. With various learning activities, lesson plans, course outlines, and more, your children will be equipped to conquer there education this year! Read the review here. Learn more about here.


Edu Print Profits by Amy Harrop
($27 value)

Edu Print Profits is a wonderful product for this giveaway! It’s a comprehensive training based on proven and fully-tested strategies. Amy teaches you how to create educational resources and where to sell these resources for income! She has done all the market researching for you, and she’s filled this training full of tips and hacks for you! She gives you all the tools and resources you need to succeed! Learn more about Edu Print Profits here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #13: My Teaching Library

One Year Download Club Membership by My Teaching Library
($45 value)

My Teaching Library offers thousands of educational resources ready for download! In all grades, from PreK all the way to 12th grade (and even resources for toddlers!), MTL has so much juicy stuff ready for just about any subject. They offer complete studies and various activities (some hundreds of pages long) for many subject areas, such as math, science, social studies, language arts, skills & concepts, family & home, seasonal, interactive activities, instructional videos, and so, so much more. Review coming soon. Learn more about here!


$100 Gift Certificate towards any purchase of the PRIDE Reading Program
($100 value)

The PRIDE Reading Program is an easy to use, structure literacy, Orton-Gillingham curriculum for children of all ages. This homeschool curriculum uses engagiing, multisensory methods to teach reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension. It’s easy to follow, 100% scripted and lesson planned, step-by-step Teaching Guide will walk you through each skill and how to teach it, making this curriculum ideal for your homeschool. No developing lesson plans or do any prepping! Everything in this program is laid out for you step by step. Read the review. Learn more here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #15: Byron's Games (1 of 2)

Continent Race Game by Byron's Games
($35 value)

Continent Race features the national flags of countries throughout the world. For 2+ players, ages 7 and up. The first player to collect the required number of country cards from each continent wins the game! Supporting materials such as Maps, Mystery Continent cards, Antarctica wild cards with special privileges, and an option to do a one-on-one challenge between 2 players add to the excitement. Contents include 1 World Map, 5 Continent Lists with Maps, 205 Country Cards, and 3 Antarctica Wild Cards. Learn more here.

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #16: Byron's Games (2 of 2)

Connections Stationery Kit by Byron's Games
($23 value)

Connections stationery kit has everything a young writer needs to create personalized letters & notes. Help children express gratitude and develop their emotional intelligence with this global-themed, fun letter-writing kit that helps kids connect . Encourage your child to explore the art of writing and get creative while showing family and friends that you’re thinking of them. Content includes 25 sheets of stationery paper, 25 envelopes, 36 vintage-style envelope-seal stickers, 2 color ink pads, 1 rubber ‘Thank You’ stamp, and 1 fine line blue pen. Read the review. Learn more here!


Page A Day Math Kit - Your Choice!
($79.95 value)

One lucky winner will win a Page A Day Math Kit of their choice! Choose one of the math systems: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division. Each kit includes: multiple math books for math program, math posters, flashcards, 2 handwriting books, math assessments, and progress tracker. Some of the handwriting books will be for cursive and some will be for print, depending on the math kit you choose. Read the review here. Learn more about Page A Day Math here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #18: Help Teaching

Help Teaching One Year Pro Subscription
($49 value)

Help Teaching has thousands of printable worksheets for teachers and parents and everything is unlocked in this one-year pro subscription membership! This means for an entire year, one lucky winner will have access to everything Help Teaching has to offer. Yet up Test Room for up to 500 students and create and schedule unlimited tests, worksheets, and lessons online. You can also upload images or use their image library and questions with images to enhance the materials you create.  Create or choose tests, worksheets, or lessons for children to complete, and download them as a PDF or assign them to be completed online. Read the review. Learn more here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #19: Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

$30 Gift Certificate towards any purchase of IEW!
($30 value)

One winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to go towards any IEW purchase! Institute of Excellence in Writing is a structured homeschool writing curriculum for all ages. IEW’s unique approach provides the structure that students need to develop confidence in the writing process, while gradually guiding them toward greater independence and creativity. Students will gradually excel from the writing basics into more sophisticated writing with their 9 structural writing models. Read the review. Learn more here!

GIVEAWAY SPONSOR #20: Homeschool and Humor

50 States Unit Study by Homeschool & Humor
($10.00 value)

One lucky winner will win my 50 States Unit Study bundle! With over 75 pages, your child will soon learn all about the states in America as well as the capital city for each states. Each state includes: Fun Facts, find & color on the USA map, state name handwriting practice, color the state flag, and learn the state shape. Also includes state and capital city flash cards as well as an alphabet-order game. The study includes answer keys and the state flags in color. Learn more here!

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