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BUNDLE#6: Black Friday Bargain Book

Get a mix of 20 FREE homeschool resources & deeply discounted exclusive resources for only $9!

Together, these resource add up to be over $1,200.
But for TODAY only you get FREE and super affordable resources at 99% off! 


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Access a mix of 20 additional FREE homeschool products and deeply discounted exclusive resources inside ($1200 value) for just $9! 

EACH resource inside is worth a minimum value of $15! You get things like…

*Click on each resource below to expand it and read its details!*

Did you love this past summer’s homeschool mom summit? But did you miss out on getting the Lifetime VIP Pass? Now’s your chance! Get 50% off the VIP pass now and get over 120 workshops on sooo many good topics of homeschooling! ($97 value)

Learn exactly how to how homeschool year and get MORE time in your homeschool life with this popular homeschool ebook – now yours free inside the Bargain Book! Plus, you get 7 different types of homeschool year round schedules you can apply to your life right now and a bonus Year Round Attendance Tracker to make it all easy to keep up with! ($17 value)

Grow closer with God as you work your way through gorgeous pages of this color journal. With scripture quotes included on just about every page, you’ll love how you will be able to merge the peace and joy of coloring with studying God’s Word. ($17 value)

The Mommy & Me Bible Study Journal is here to nurture that bond between mother and daughter. Our day-to-day lives are crazy busy and we need to be more intentional with our quality time with our children. 

This Bible Study Journal introduces important conversations with your daughter by studying God’s Word together. The pages are purposefully setup for Bible studying side-by-side, with mommy on the left side and daughter on the right side. ($27 value)

Whether you’re a first time homeschooling parent or you’ve been at this for a decade, finding focus and organization for your homeschool makes the year go so much smoother!

Design Your Homeschool is an easy-to-follow online course that walks you through taking a step back to see the big picture of your family priorities and goals, then zooming into the nitty gritty details of every day homeschooling.

Through this course you’ll investigate and refresh yourself on what methods, style, and strategies work best for you and your children and become better equipped to make use of them in your homeschool.

You’ll also learn use Trello boards to plan your curriculum and schedule, plus track your students’ progress through the year. Getting and staying organized in you homeschool just got easier! ($37 value)

This coloring book set includes more than 20 stories from the Old & New Testaments with traceable print copywork sentences that are perfect for young writers. They include Scripture that can be read aloud to bring each story to life, 235 individual coloring pages, and 250+ bonus reading comprehension questions with an answer key. PLUS bonus versions for younger children with simpler copywork and no reading comprehension questions are also included. ($19.96 value)

Take care of your house with this eBook. Ten pages that contain recipes for cleaning your house without chemicals! Safe for the littles and the pets in your home. Cleaning recipes for every room in your house. ($15.97 value)

So, if you are new to homeschooling and want to know where to start, if you’ve been homeschooling but it’s not going the way you would like, or if you’re a veteran homeschooler who is feeling burnt out and looking for support, check out our free webinar to learn how the Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling can help. ($599 value)

Enjoy 30 weeks of done-for-you music appreciation that the whole family will love! You’ll get to know major composers from Vivaldi to Beethoven, along with some additional lesser-known composers, all in a wonderful array of weekday videos that comes straight to your inbox. ($30 value)

You will recognize elements of Thanksgiving, harvest festivals, and Sabbath all rolled into one. Make this Sukkot one worth remembering by participating fully in the Feast of Tabernacles! ($14.99 value)

Send your high school student on a critical-thinking adventure with a Thanksgiving message. Join David Nekrutman for a multi-sensory mini-course designed for all learning styles that will engage your high schooler and get them excited about Scripture. Learn the Thanksgiving message that is truly for everyone. ($19.99 value)

Learn Spanish One day at a time, and Count down to Christmas at the same time! Already got this last year? We’ve added a higher level Advent Calendar to it, as well as a Christmas Spanish Bingo game, complete with a video and audio! Enjoy the all new content, and add it to your file folder of Spanish Fun. ($15 value)

This 47-page unit study planner will help you plan and execute a wonderfully made unit study! It’s not just a planner…it’s a whole system that helps you create the unit study too! ($17 value)

Personal Finance 101 is a 6 week self-paced course designed to teach financial literacy and skills for older teens and young adults. ($47 value) When your teen finishes this course, they will have:

  • Researched the costs of every day living for the location where they want to live
  • Compared the cost of living to the pay of job they want to have
  • Set up their own zero-based budget in YNAB (You Need a Budget)
  • Practiced entering transactions, creating savings goals, and budgeting for non-monthly expenses
  • Assessed what it will take to not live paycheck to paycheck
  • Performed real-life assignments to practice budgeting and making adjustments
  • Taken a quiz to show they understand the various buying methods available
  • Read and taken a test on the basics of banking, interest, and credit scores
  • Created their own real-life budgeting scenario and practiced putting together the skills they’ve learned
  • and more! 

Learning About Science is a way to make science fun and less intimidating for ages 5-13 by breaking it into bite-sized units. Each level explores life science, Earth science, and physical science topics. Various extension resources are available to take learning even deeper. Explore everything from our senses and systems to outer space. You can even pick and choose units from different levels to match your student’s interests and level in each area. ($15 value)

If you are studying the Renaissance, European history, or the Protestant Reformation this year, you will find that this is an excellent additional resource to enhance what you’re learning. Art provides the visual account of a time and place, and gives us imagery to hold onto as we learn and recall the past.

This program helps you and your children get to know some of the greatest artists and most famous art works of all time. ($20 value)

Activities for the kids and a planner for mom! Enjoy the holiday season and make memories to last a lifetime with this holiday bundle. ($15.97 value)

This bundle includes:

  • The Ultimate Christmas Planner: 
    Struggling with feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for the December ahead? If you answered yes, then our printable Christmas planner is going to make your day! Designed with busy moms in mind, it contains all areas of Christmas planning in one spot. This 23-page bundle is perfect for busy women. This Christmas planner is both detailed and fun to ensure that you don’t miss a beat (or gift!) while still enjoying the season, even while planning. (We’ve even included some activities to keep the kids busy!)

  • Holiday Handprints | Craft for Kids: 
    The bundle comes complete with multiple designs for 3 different holidays, including a sample page for each design, as well as a blank template ready for your child’s handprint! Purchase once and use forever.

  • Christmas Coupon Stocking Stuffers: 
    You will love these stocking stuffers for kids that are cheap for you and they’ll love them! Eight coupons are included to choose from. 

In this training we will teach you:

  • The 3 things every homeschooler needs in order to create their perfect homeschool
  • The 3 most common mistakes new homeschoolers make and how you can avoid them
  • We’ll also share the process we’ve used to create successful homeschool programs, that thrive year after year

So, if you are new to homeschooling, or just feeling burnt out this training is for you. ($15 value) 

Do you want to help your child succeed long after their homeschooling career is over? Then you need the Young Professional Series! This ebook series is helpful information about helping your child succeed in their future careers, and we all know, as homeschooling parents, that is one of the end goals. Normally these fantastic ebooks run $3.95 each, but with this bundle, you get all six titles. Your young adult can explore various career options and see what suits their gifts and goals. These ebooks are jam-packed with the information you need to point your child on the path to success. Check them out today! ($21.99 value)

Learn Spanish at the Speed of Life! Not only do they get to learn one word a day, gently see the Spanish months and days of the week, but they’ll color, label, doodle, and have fun activities throughout each week. (My favorite part is that you don’t have to find it. It’s RIGHT THERE ON THE WALL!) You’ll receive the audio and ebook version with your purchase, and who doesn’t need a new calendar? Check it out – it’s the LOWEST cost we’ll ever have… and get this – you can combine this discount with others! GET shopping!

There is not a limit on how many thoughtful gifts you can purchase at this discount, but the discount only works through Dec 6.
This discount is for the PRINTED, shipped to you REAL GIFT! – AND it includes the ebook. Best of Both Worlds! ($16.95 value)

...and all for just $9

The Bargain Book is sponsored from some of your favorite homeschool bloggers!

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Grab this bundle of free homeschool products and deeply discounted homeschool resources that you can get EXCLUSIVELY in this book only!

All kinds of awesome goodies lie within!!!


BUNDLE #6: Black Friday Bargain Book




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